The Angels: Flowing Love

angel messages eraoflightdotcomHi Dear Friends,

As the world continues its stormy rebirthing, the angels thank us and encourage us to keep “flowing love.” Aligned with the Divine you can experience a completely different and kinder reality than the one the external world is creating. I’ll share some more thoughts on calming storms, allowing for help, and tips to stay in a loving vibe.

Love you all!
♥ Ann
Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You have heard and heeded the call. You have been working hard to be agents of peace, love, and hope in a world in need. Many of you have been listening to our recommendations these past few weeks, and practicing a vibration of peace. You have been striving to love whenever and wherever you can. You have been catching yourselves when you focus on what is wrong with the world and shifting – one thought at a time – towards a better and brighter future. You have been, not only willing, but powerfully able to assist the heavens in creating vibrational change.

It will take time to see the phenomenal effects of your work in the outer world. Even with your internet, your news, and your social media, you see such a small portion of what is going on “out there.” You see the news that makes news, rather than witnessing all the good news. You see the turmoil, but rarely do you see the countless souls working in cooperation to uplift and assist other human beings, the animals, and your mother earth. You see the clashes and divisions but you don’t always have access to the beautiful stories of love and cooperation that bridge gender, race, age, and creed. It is true that your world is in a state of chaos and unrest, but it is also in a state of unprecedented growth and expansion.

You get to choose what you focus upon, and in your choosing you shift what you will experience in your own personal life.

Any time you feel upset, sad, angry, or frustrated by the external world, stop and pause. Tell yourself, “I choose to focus on something that feels better.” Think of a person you love. Think of a piece of furniture you love. Think of a place you love, a child you love, or a pet you love. Think of anyone or anything you love at all. Then focus on why you love this thing or being.

Flow love often, dear ones.

When you flow love, you allow the loving Power of the Source to flow through you and into your world. You can love something that exists already, something from your past, or – as a powerful act of creation – you can love something you wish to see in your future.

Flow love as often as you can. Make it a practice. Think of it as a game, for in truth it is the only game that matters. See how often and how powerfully you can flow love towards anyone or anything, simply by choosing to give it loving attention and appreciation, even if only in the privacy of your own heart and your own thoughts. The more love you can flow, the higher a vibe you’ll live within, and the better your personal life will become no matter what the external world is doing. As you practice flowing love, you will feel yourself expanding, feeling happier, healthier, and more abundant – at first on the inside, then reflected in your external world – because these are all by-products of living in a higher, happier, more loving vibration.

You can love a feeling of peace that comes from thinking any peaceful thought. The more you love that feeling of peace, the more the Source flowing through you can amplify peace in your personal life and in your world.

You can love a feeling of well-being that comes from thinking about how wonderful it is to feel strong and vital. The more you love that feeling of well-being, the more the Source flowing through you can amplify well-being in your body, your life, and your world. As the frequency of well-being is amplified, the frequency of dis-ease must diminish.

You can love a feeling of harmony by focusing on how nature works in cooperation, or how the cells in your body or the parts in your car work in cooperation. As you focus on that feeling of harmony, the Source within you can amplify and mirror that vibration of harmony in both your personal life and in your world.

In choosing thoughts that make you feel peaceful, joyful, loving, harmonious, strong and vital, you shift your energy in a powerful way that allows these wonderful qualities of the Divine to flow to you, through you, into your life, and into the world. This is “light work” at its finest, and it benefits both you and your world.

Many will argue with us and say that feeling good is fine, but you need real change in the world. We agree that you need tangible change! We know, however, that lasting transformational change may be catalyzed by, but is never a result of hatred, anger, fear, greed, or any of those lower vibrations. Rather, lasting change is brought about by souls who passionately love their cause. Lasting change occurs when one person decides to love a solution, to love their fellow man, to love the animals, to love the earth, to love, love, love with a passion for creating greater love, peace, harmony, ease, etc., From this LOVE born on the inside of human hearts, inspiration from the Divine comes to souls desiring to create external change.

Keep up the good work dear friends. Love, love, love and flow love when and where you can. Focus on peace within. Focus on harmony. Focus on feeling good and create, create, create the world and the life you wish to see in your inner world.

As you do this you will notice that you feel good even when the world looks scary.

You will feel peace, even when there is turmoil.

You will feel harmony, grace, ease, and flow in your personal lives even when there appears to be so much disruption.

You will experience feelings of security even when the outer world is not offering that reassurance.

You are the light workers dear friends. It is through your loving hearts that the Love of the Divine is allowed to pour into your world. It is through your loving hearts that you choose to live “in the world but not of it” – in a higher vibrational reality that can shift the external world, rather than putting you at the mercy of it.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels
Message from Ann…

Hi Everyone,

Last week some serious storms moved through our area. Of course they were nothing like the hurricanes, typhoons, derechos and tornadoes that other areas have lived through, but nonetheless there were flood, wind, and lightning warnings. I decided to be the peace. I walked outside, looked at the swirling dark clouds and said aloud, “I love you weather! Please be kind to my home and neighborhood, and for that matter, to all of us!” I went inside and focused on peace as the angels have advised us these past few weeks, and emanated it outward. As I watched the storm front approaching on the weather radar, something incredible happened. It split in two, with the intense areas going to either side of my neighborhood. We had gentle rains.

Later in the week, my parents who live out of state were in the path of another severe storm, with strong winds and tornado warnings. I looked at the predicted weather radar and saw the hook of the storm aiming straight for their area. Thousands of miles away, I sat, tuned into peace, and imagined emanating that peace over their area. They too were prepared. I watched this storm front on weather radar. A half hour from their area, it just dissipated, split in two and went around their area. They had only soaking rains. I’ll never know for sure if I had anything to do with this, but I do believe that if we calm our internal storms, we certainly can affect the external ones.

The world is in chaos, but we can choose peace.

The world is filled with anger, fear, and pain, but we can choose to emanate love.

The world is divisive but we can choose to focus on the underlying dance of energies that are always seeking harmony and order.

We can choose to focus on all the good people, doing good things, helping others, praying, healing…

It feels better. It feels good to love as God loves and see as God sees. It feels better to know that you have done my part to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

If you can stay in this high vibe, you’ll notice that very frequently odd, wonderful things happen as a result. They’re actually not “odd” if you love and play by “God’s odds!” In a high, loving vibe, I wished for help in carrying 40lb bags of rock salt and flowed love while I was driving to the grocery store as I thought of all the loving, caring people in the world. Five minutes later a wonderful young stranger was lifting the bags into my cart. I flowed love towards my dwindling supply of antiseptic wipes, felt the sudden urge to go to a store, and there were new ones just put out on the shelves. I flowed love towards the first tiny patch of blue sky I’d seen in days last week and the next few days the winds blew away the soot and our sapphire skies returned.

I flow love towards my clients when they’re in pain and it seems to help. I flow love towards friends who are worked up and they calm. I flow love towards people I see on the news who are hateful and hurtful and pray it help. Daily I flow love towards the future where I imagine people unmasked, healthy, happy, holy, hugging, loving, and acknowledging the value in all of life.

No matter what the world does, the angels implore us to remember that we alone are in charge of our inner world. We have no greater power than to align with the only true power – God, the Divine, or whatever you choose to call the Loving Source. In a high loving vibe, we allow incredible miracles into our lives. Aligned with love we are beacons of hope, wisdom, inspiration, and truth for others. Aligned with love, we are the ones ushering in a new age of peace and harmony.

The storms will continue raging upon this earth for awhile, but we can stand in the loving center of our own hearts, aligned with a power that creates worlds and be the change – love for the hurting, peace in the storm, and earth angels ushering in a new reality in our own lives even before it ripples outwards into the world.

Here are a few pointers to stay in a higher loving reality during these challenging times.

1. Keep flowing love

This is a repeat exercise from last week because I love it and it works quickly! The angels have me doing it all the time now. Pick absolutely anything in your sight. Imagine you love it and start to sweet talk to it. Tell it why you love it, how you love it, how wonderful it is. Suddenly you’re flowing love and in a vibration of love! It sounds absurd but it works. I’ve been quietly flowing love to rocks, trees, plants, pens, my dinner, you name it!

It feels amazing. In the deeper mystical understanding, all is One anyway so when you love anything or anyone, you’re loving God. Love is the highest vibe we can be in, and in that vibe we allow miracles to flow to and through us.

2. When you feel fear, soothe yourself

The fear vibe is high. Maybe you just feel it for no good reason other than a passing thought that plugs you into it. Maybe you fear the virus, the election results, the riots, the financial state of the world, etc.

No matter what, you can choose to stop obsessing over things external and soothe yourself the way you would soothe a scared child. Again, this exercise sounds silly but it works. Give yourself a hug. Tell yourself it will all be OK. Tell yourself, “God is still God. There is always a higher power at work. You can relax.” Sweet talk yourself. Hug and rock yourself. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a scared child, until you feel calm and peaceful.

3. Focus on souls, not behaviors

There are some people on earth whose behaviors are so abhorrent we’d be lying to say we love their actions or their personalities. The angels remind us however, that we can love the light within them – the truth of their souls – simply by acknowledging, “God you created them too. Somewhere within them is good. Nurture that light. Help them feel Your Love. Bring it to the surface.” Send love to all souls, but you need not like or dignify bad behaviors.

These are tumultuous times externally, but we can create love, peace, and harmony inside that will be reflected in our lives. One soul at a time, as we pop into a higher and more loving vibe, we do become the change we wish to see in the world. “If God is for you, who can be against.” Happyily God is “for” all who choose to live in and receive love. That means you 🙂

Love you all!

Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,