Achieving Mastery Over Oneself

angelic being eraoflightdotcomThere is much more going on than we’re aware of. We are not just physical beings. We are all interconnected at different levels, spiritually and energetically.

When we’re aligned with our heart and soul, we feel safe, we feel connected, we are guided, we are protected.

Most human beings do not have this experience as they’re not open to the possibility. They continue on, veiled by their fears and the ancient chain of separation and survival that runs through our cells. It’s a programming made of false beliefs that keeps us trapped in damaging emotions and habituated patterns, passed on from generation to generation and embedded in our genetics.

Many of our thoughts are not our own, they have been given to us.

We’ve been taught a great number of things that are not correct.

We’ve have been indoctrinated without being aware of it.

However, we can free ourselves of this if we wish to do so.

The dark grid, the veil of amnesia that was around our earth plane, is being dismantled. This is a complex and tumultuous process. No wonder we’re seeing so much chaos and turmoil outside of ourselves as well as going through so many internal changes.

Many people are not aware that they are anything but an ego. It’s going to take some time for many to perceive the soul and to be aware of themselves at other levels.

We lightworkers have volunteered to be here at this time in order to help others see beyond the physical and the superficial aspects of our earthly life.

We’ve agreed to take on all sorts of roles, but our main mission is to achieve a level of mastery over our own self. All the rest is dependent on this.


Let’s not get distracted or upset with external circumstances that will be showing up in the forthcoming weeks and months.

Let’s focus on moving away from the egocentric matrix that we’ve been living in.

Let’s manifest the Light at the end of the current tunnel.

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