Ashtara: Lightworkers

galaxy eraoflightdotcomI AM Ashtara of the New Jerusalem starship. What a lovely day it is for those who celebrate ‘Labor Day’ as you call it in the US and Canada. From our ship we see many families and friends gathering together to celebrate life! The joys, the freedoms, the sadness, the laughter and the love. In the near future, many of your days will be like this one; relaxed and joyful. For in the future, many of you will be living in 5D and will have the leisure of your days and nights. You will be inspired to create what you wish as your ‘job’ and have much ‘down time’ to enjoy with family and friends. For this is the way that life was intended.

All your lives you have struggled to fight the good fight, to assist others where needed. You have done this ad nausea until you are exhausted beyond measure. Many Lightworkers are experiencing fatigue and we do encourage you to allow yourselves REST. Do not push yourselves to accomplish something that can be done another day when you have the energy. Give your bodies and minds the gift of rest and relaxation, especially on this day. It is well deserved! When you can’t go on—don’t! Sit, lay, stare at the sky, swim (float in the water) and en-JOY yourselves on this day and whenever you can. For you see, you are working day and night in the other realms or dimensions—working for the light. Even while you may be at your ‘day job’ your other dimensional selves are working somewhere else. This is why on all levels, you are feeling drained of all energy. Make sense? You have been giving of yourselves until you have nothing left to give. We say BRAVO and we are grateful for your Service, but we are concerned for all of you. We are so very close to Ascension now, it’s just a breath away for you. But still, we plead for you to take rest.

On our ship, the New Jerusalem, many of us do not need sleep as your bodies do. However, we do not work ‘24/7’ as you say. We perform our duties in shifts and when we’re not at our posts, we are relaxing with friends or giving ourselves down-time in our cabins. Honestly, we have been at our posts more than usual for many years now, but we still do give ourselves time to recoup our minds and bodies. This is balance and is vital to everyone’s vitality! (smile).

Today, as one of the Blended Children of Gaia (my Mother is Gaian and my Father is Arcturian), I wish to say that I am honored to be a part of this experience here and now. Gaia herself dived into the deepest depths of darkness and over eons, has risen back to the light! You ‘Boots on the Ground Lightworkers’ and us, your Galactic families have been here to assist her; as well as the Company of Heaven (all Angels, Ascended Masters, Your Higher Selves and all your Soul Sparks, your families and friends who have passed on and are yet to be re-born, Your Guides, etc), Gaia herself as well as all of her Kingdoms have been pleased and honored to assist Gaia on this incredible journey.

Gaia is continually rising and being re-born and is taking her children on planet with her to Ascension. Please continue to focus on Gaia and send her your love and support! Feel her return your love deep in your heart! She hears and feels each and every one of you! She is alive, sentient and of the highest Arch Angel Order. Her life as Gaia has been both an amazing sacrifice and a brilliant ascension from the ashes; yes, a phoenix if you will. She has been re-born and is grateful for all the assistance that she has been given. She gave all of us the opportunity to Serve! She sacrificed herself for us! For when she took this assignment she did not know if she would survive. She gave of herself to give all of us this incredible experience. Do you understand? (yes). Gaia suffered incredulous odds and a seemingly eternity of darkness for all of us…not just those of you living on her surface (or inside of her), but ALL of us!!

Our Galactic Family heard her call for assistance and came to help. Our fleets have been by her side for thousands of your years. We have observed and waited and assisted when directly asked. The many, many ways in which ‘mankind’ has polluted and defiled her body have caused both Gaia and us, her family to suffer. For not only has ‘mankind’ done unspeakable things to Gaia, they have done these things to themselves through centuries of wars and other horrors. I do not say these things to make you feel guilty, but to bring memories and awareness to your minds now; so that you may acknowledge just how far your race of ‘hu-mans’ has come and celebrate this fact!

There have been countless rises and falls of humankind civilizations on Gaia; many, many more than you have been taught. That you and we are here now is a miracle and something that should be celebrated! We are here at the end to witness a remarkable birth into the new world! The Golden Age as it has been called.

You have been chosen to be here now! What an honor! Soul picked! Your countless lives upon Gaia where you helped her through this grand experiment has earned you this right. Many others who wanted to be here are sitting on the heavenly sidelines watching with eagerness and cheering us all on!

Now, what are you going to do to make sure you see this through until the end? Keep going until you drop? No. Rest your bodies and minds when you can, love yourselves, take hot salt baths, drink pure water, consume the highest nutritious foods and GIFT yourself some rest! This course of action is highly recommended to ensure that you make it to the finish line, dear Gaians. Others will fill in while you rest. You’re not all resting at the same time, right? (Ashtara showed me a vision of Gaia from space and half of her is dark while the other half is light to illustrate at least half of us are sleeping while the others are awake). Balance.

This is my message for the Lightworkers of Gaia on this “Labor Day” 2020.

I AM Ashtara and I send my love to you all!

» Source » Channel: Dancing Dolphin