My Hospital Experience and What the Nurses Told Me About COVID-19

justnews eraoflightdotcomJB reports in:

I just got home from back surgery where I spent 4 days in the hospital to start the recovery process. I was able to have some really good conversations with the nurses that were caring for me.

First off, the hospital was empty (in Alaska).

I asked one nurse if I could ask a few questions that I just needed answers for.
First, ‘do masks do anything to stop a virus?’ She looked at me shocked, then said ‘no, they don’t do anything, the N95 does stop a percentage of a virus when you wear one, but overall they don’t do a thing.’

So I asked why are there so many mandates then? We are we being bombarded with wearing a mask to save grandma?

At this time another nurse said, ‘Well, when this all started we were pressured to report everyone who was admitted into the hospital as a covid case. We were also told that we were to report every death as a covid death, and to do our best to get people on a ventilator, even though we knew that it seemed to actually make things worse for the patient.’

Bottom line, most of them refused, and several were fired.

I asked what they suggested was the best way to fight the virus, and was told, the same things you would do to fight the flu.

It was pretty intense, and they were very upset when they started talking about it. Upset as in mad.

I didn’t wear a mask while I was there and was only asked one time if I would put one on when a certain nurse was coming to that section of the hospital to generally check on patients. So, I did, as it seemed important to the people I was working with. No sense in getting them in trouble. When that person left, I took it back off.

There was more conversation, including their thoughts on schools requiring masks, kids committing suicide ‘in one month more than we’ve had in a year.’

They had strong opinions on lockdowns when ‘the very thing we need to fight a virus is fresh air and the vitamin D we get from sunlight.’

One fun thing, when I was being wheeled through the hospital, the nurse stopped a few times to introduce me to other nurses working there, and she would simply say, ‘Hey so and so, I want you to meet Joshua, he thinks like we do.’

So there is a resistance in some of these hospitals!

Reprinted with permission from Target Liberty.

8 Replies to “My Hospital Experience and What the Nurses Told Me About COVID-19”

  1. Akgrrrl

    As a long time Alaskan, this is my 2cents to say that this article is true. To Tom, who takes the taped Trump comment as a lie…can you not deduce that the covid event IS “worse than the flu”? Lockdowns and all the results of, are everywhere.

  2. GESARA111

    No, what he said was not a lie. We ARE fighting an “invisible enemy” worse than the FLU!!! HUMAN TRAFFICKING and THE DEEP STATE. That’s what this is all about! A smokescreen for a covert war were are fighting underground. Rescuing children who have been exploited by “the elite” for HORRIFIC things. Also a smokescreen for a global currency reset and something known as GESARA. Those who are AWAKE knew exactly what he was referring to.
    You need a cure for that bad case of TDS you’ve got going on there.
    Surprising you read this website and know so little about what’s actually going on. Google Images: ‘Adrenochrome’
    , and get back to me.

  3. Jacqueline

    Thank you to Joshua B who shared that account of his hospital visit and to the nurses who spoke about their experiences.

  4. Tom

    That’s funny cause Trump is on tape stating this is worse then the flu
    He also stated he was lieing to the American public about it.
    So now we have this made up story from some nurses and we are to believe it. The person could not even sign their name to the story.
    But as of today the number is over 191000 people died in America due to the virus. Now the number that is reported could be off but the fact is this virus has kill people in the USA
    And our great leader has Lied to us about it many times.

    1. Claudia

      Get your facts straight. Check out the CDC website. This week they have QUIETLY updated the COVID number and admitted that only 6% of the 153,504 deaths recorded actually died from COVID. That’s 9,210 actual COVID deaths. The other 94% had 2-3 other serious illnesses and the overwhelming majority were of very advanced ages. As you can see the truth is that the death counts for the COVID hoax is a fraction of the seasonal flu reports every year. And they don’t close the country down when flu season hits. The virus has killed people in the USA and world but so do other viruses and Influenzas. WAKE UP. It’s a political ploy by the Deep State.

        1. sea

          I prefer to look at it as ‘strategy’. If a criminal wanted to hurt a child and the child ran away, if the criminal then asked you where the child is and you knew, would you tell them or use a ‘strategy’ to save the child?

  5. TeeLight

    Until the pushers and true believers wake up, there is little hope.
    Ive been shown by this time next year, only the very best compensated will still believe.

    Real Science requires no “belief” it proves itself.

    And a 30% “success” rate means a 70% failure rate, and this is the best they have with the flu shot.