Yeshua: Origin & Purpose of Mother Earth: The Great Experiment

yeshua eraoflightdotcomI invite you now to just take a deep breath and be comfortable on the chair. And taking another easy breath, feel yourself relaxing into the Allness that you are. Feel yourself as the breath, coming in and going out. Feel yourself centered in the breath.

Feel the golden white light that is around you and within you. Feel it coming in through the crown chakra and going down to the fingertips and down to the toes, turning on all of the lights of the cells of the body. Feel yourself to be a light, because truly you are. And in that space of light we will invite the one known as Jeshua, Yeshua, Jesus, to be with us in this way.

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means. Child of Light, divine.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing—or morning—and as a great Light, I can see your Light, I can feel your Light, I can feel the joy in your heart as we meet once again. Great joy of reunion.

Allow yourself to take a deep breath. Remember how we spoke last time we met about the energy of the breath, how every time you take the deep breath you allow your Light to shine even more brightly. And as you have been practicing in these past few weeks, your Light is coming up in amplitude. It can be measured. It can be seen. And most of all, it can be felt.

For when you breathe deeply and you hold the breath, you are allowing the Christ of you to be called upon to come forth, to know that truly you are the Christ walking holy Mother Earth as a human being, and yet that is only part of you.

This evening we are going to play with a vast topic. I know that all of you have explored parts of holy Mother Earth. I know that you have traveled, visited many different places upon the surface of holy Mother Earth. You have thought about the core of holy Mother Earth, and you’ve been told that it is a great Light being, quite warm and quite alive.

But have you always been on holy Mother Earth? You’ve probably wondered. You’ve probably thought for a long period in your lifetime that holy Mother Earth and your one lifetime is all there is. But there have been little questions around the edges. You’ve been wondering, “Who am I, and where am I, and have I always been here, and do I get only one chance at life?”

Well, hopefully, no. You get more than one chance. I see some of you smiling and saying, “Yes, I need that. I need to have more than one life,” and you do. Your question in this evening is probably, “Have I always walked the face of our holy Mother Earth?” Not always. Well, if not always, where then? Ah, and that is the topic of this evening.

Allow your mind to expand to take in what could be to others wide open crazy thoughts that, of course, I’ve always been Bill, Roger, all the various names that you have claimed in different lifetimes. “I’ve always been on holy Mother Earth. Where else would I be? I see my feet are planted here; therefore, this is where home is, where I belong.” And yes, it is, meantime.

But the question abides, “Have I always been walking the face of our holy Mother Earth?” and the answer is, “No.” There have been what you would term lifetimes when you have been within holy Mother Earth, within the mountain where you had sacred energy and you went to blend your energy with the energy of the mountain. It was a holy space for you. It was called that, and you knew yourself to be holy, because you were in a holy space.

Have you been anywhere besides Earth? You have now some interest in going to the moon, or you send your spaceships out to various other planets in this solar system. Is this solar system the only system? No, your scientists have told you that there are other solar systems, quite a few that you can see in your heavens on a certain bright evening when the city lights are not too bright, and you can see other constellations. If you have studied them, you can even name them and say, “Oh, that is such and such, because I read that in a book.”

Have you ever been there? A good question to ponder. Have you ever been to another constellation? What is your knowing? What feels true when someone asks that question? Yes, the Pleiades is a very popular one that many of your friends, the ones of like thinking, will claim. “Well, if I did have a lifetime somewhere else besides holy Mother Earth, it could have been the Pleiades. I have at least heard about them.”

So you begin to have a little bit of tickle within the mind that says, “What could be beyond the eight-to-five that I do here and beyond what I call my home?” And that opens the pages of a big, big book; a wondrous book. We have often said to you that you are the expression of the one creative One. You are expressing as certain individuals right now. You have a certain name that you claim for yourself as an individual name.

Have you always been William? No. Quite a few lifetimes, yes, and quite a few times when you’ve been in the history books as William the such and such. Even in this lifetime you are William the such and such with the friends that you have, William the technician who puts together all of the vipers that are on the floor that I do not want to trip over.

But where do you go when you allow the mind to roam free? “Oh, well, I think about what I have to do on the morrow, and about the bed that feels so good.” Where do you go in your thinking? You have questions. You wonder, “Where would I go, where would I express? Would I be in a spaceship?”

Have you been in a spaceship? What is your feeling? What is your knowing? Aha, yes, you have. Each and every one of you…now, this is far out as you begin to think about, but you have not always had this type of lifetime. You have been many projections of the one infinite Source. Now, if the Source is infinite and you have been a projection of it—and I assure you that you have—how many lifetimes have you had?

“Well, let’s see. There was…and there’s this one and this other one. I heard about that; I read about that in a book. Oh, there’s another one, but I don’t have a finger for that one.” You do not have enough fingers and/or toes to count the lifetimes just upon holy Mother Earth. So if you are an extension of the one creative Principle—and I assure you that you are—perhaps you’ve had lifetimes on other planetary bodies.

“Oh, I wonder what they were like.” Well, the next time you have free time, allow the mind to wonder, and see where it goes. See in your mind’s eye as you get quiet…look at yourself in another lifetime. What did you look like? Did you have two arms, two legs, two feet, one head? I share with you, sometimes in this lifetime you have said, “There’s enough that I need to know and understand that I need to have two heads or more for storage, about everything that I am learning. You have thought that, so you have written down in your book of memory questions that you’ve had.

Why do you think there is such popularity for your “science fiction”, your movies that come out, the dramas? There is such a good turnout for ones that are popular.

People go to see if, say, “Ah, I get so caught up in the drama. It’s just really, really great, and I hold my breath to see how Luke Skywalker is going to make out, and is Darth Vader going to win, etc.”

Why do you think there is such a resonance? You have been there. You have played those roles; not just in the imagination when you sit here and say, “Well, this is all that I am.” Now, what we talk about this evening, you may accept or not. If you feel that, “I need to be grounded, I need to have one life, I need to have one name, one personality, that’s all I can handle, Jeshua, I don’t want any more, that’s fine. But it is not the truth of your being.

You have been creative ever since infinity was thought of. You have decided that you want to know—enquiring minds want to know—so you have imagined, “What would it be like to be on a spaceship? Well, I’ve seen some of the dramas, and they were really quite interesting. I could really put myself in those spaces,” and for a period of two and a half hours you did just that. You sat there enthralled, looking at yourself as you played certain parts in the drama. You got quite caught up in it, and there was a feeling of resonance that said, “I know that. I don’t know how I know it, but I know that, as it would be a remembrance. Ah, that can’t be. It’s just a story.”

Yes, it is a story, and it is your story. And that’s why you go and sit in the darkened room and watch all of the action in front of you. And at that moment of time, you are not just sitting in the seat watching something. You are allowing the expansion of yourself into that part that you are watching. You get quite caught up in it, and it is okay, because it really truly is your story. You have played those parts.

You have been the spaceship commander. Some of your friends have called you that. “Oh, yes, he’s the space commander. I know, he’s in outer space somewhere.” Ones have laughed, but it has been the truth, because you have been in outer space at the same time as you have allowed yourself to connect with inner space, the inner space that creates. That is where all of the “what if’s” and imaginary-turned-true come to be. You get to think about and take the deep breath and say, “Well, perhaps there is more to me beyond just the two legs, the two arms, the mind, the hair, whatever it is doing. Maybe there is more to me.” And there is.

You have lived lifetimes on other planetary bodies. You have been the explorer. You have been the historian. You have been the commander. You have been the lowly one who took orders and followed them through. You are the one who read the history of whatever planetary body you were on. You are the one who wrote the history of whatever planetary body you were on, and however the writing was, was the writing as it is now? Of course, not. It was a different kind of writing, but you understood it.

When you were born into this lifetime as the infant and someone showed you a page of handwriting, you looked at it. It was a lot of scribbles and meant nothing. But after a while ones said to you, “Well, when it is written this way or printed in a certain way, it means such and such,” and after a while you started to equate the movement of the writing with what it might mean in the outer as an object or as a thought. It was something that you had to learn.

The same with incarnations on other planetary bodies where you have lived. Were those planetary bodies there before you were? You would understand the history and say yes, that they were. But in truth, they were not there until you thought them into existence.

You see, what I am trying to do this evening is to open your minds to the possibility and probability that you are more than what the human existence says that you are. This I discovered after the crucifixion, after I remade the body, after I walked on the road to Emmaus and talked with you; met you, talked with you, after I traveled all over the face of holy Mother Earth for six hundred years and more, meeting up with you in every part of holy Mother Earth.

You go now and visit various geographical locations, and there is history of my having been there, and I was. And when I visited after the crucifixion, that was not the only time or the first time I had been in those parts of holy Mother Earth. I had been there before, so I went back to pay a visit, the same as you sometimes go back to certain parts of holy Mother Earth and say, “Well, I was born, and then I traveled, and I have history in various parts, whatever.”

So, I did that on holy Mother Earth. Where did I go after those six hundred plus years? Well, I decided I wanted to go visit friends in another solar system, another constellation, as you call it. So with a thought—thoughts are powerful—I went to visit ones I had known before on other planetary bodies. In this solar system, yes, but some in a galaxy far, far away.

That is why you get so caught up in what is called your science fiction, because it is not exactly science and it is not exactly fiction. It is a clue, something that you have left for yourself to remind you that you are more than just what you see in the human form in this day and time.

“But Jeshua, I can’t handle that, you know. I’ve only got this small mind, and it’s enough to try to keep track of who I think I am in this lifetime.” That’s okay. You don’t have to know everything about yourself. But it is fun to open the mind to the possibility that perhaps you’ve been there and done other things—and you have.

You have been the space commanders who fashioned drama, the same as you have on holy Mother Earth, the drama of the different geographical areas, the countries you call them, and the different constellations, the different solar systems where you felt you

belonged in a certain grouping. And there was competition. “Maybe my solar system, maybe my spaceships are bigger and better than yours.”

This came as you think it’s just a human trait. No, it is part of the energy that wants to be expressed and wants to know, “What can I do, how can I do it, how big can I do it, and is it better than, etc.?” So there came to be competition between various solar systems/constellations, competition of spaceships and adventure, and certain ones going out on an expedition to see what could be conquered, what could be claimed for your solar system, as it was then. I’m not speaking of this solar system. I’m speaking of what you would now say was far, far away and a long time ago, except that it’s not that far away and it’s not that long ago.

So you went traveling. You went adventuring. When you found a really nice to be, but you found there were already beings on those places and you wanted to move in, there wasn’t always the welcoming. There was sometimes this feeling that there is even now in what you call human feeling of, “This is my territory. Go find yourself another solar system. Go find someplace else.” So there came to be legendary stories of some wars in the heavens. Did they exist? Yes, they did. Do they still exist? Yes, to some extent.

Was there a coming together of ones who said, “Look, there’s enough space out here. You can take alpha, I’ll take beta, you take delta, etc. There’s enough space for all of us.” And then there were the ones who said, “No, I want delta. No, I want beta. I want…etc.” So there were clashes that happened.

After a certain measure of time, the ones who tired of the competition came together and said, “Can we not live harmoniously? There’s enough space. And if there isn’t enough space, we can make more space.” What? “Yes, we can create more space.”

“Maybe you can. I don’t know how to make more space.” So you had what you still see as a trait of “mine” and “yours”, and there was quite a consternation in the ones who could see the bigger picture, because there seemed to be enough space even for the most wondrous spaceships to explore, to range.

So you came together in what was called a league of beings, ones who could see past the end of their noses, to see that there could be existence, even friendly existence, to share scientific knowledge of how to travel with the speed of thought—yes, you knew how to do that—enough intelligence to live and share from the space of Love—capital “L”.

But there were others who were, as you would call them now on a gradation of scale, you would call them adolescents who wanted to prove something. They wanted to prove that they could be as big and as good and creative as other ones. Maybe other ones had a larger planet to live on, and maybe there was going to be a little bit of the adventuring.

So the ones who were further thinking, they got together and said, “Look, let us try a great experiment. Let us take ones from planet A and ones from planet B and ones from C, D, etc. to Z, all the way to the end. Let us find a place for them. We’ll create a place, and we will put some as a beginning pod on that planet in one area of the planet, and we’ll take some from another grouping and put them in another space on the planetary body, and we’ll see, as a great experiment, if they can intermingle and be as One.

So, holy Mother Earth was born. Certain indigenous pods were set up from different constellations; not only the ones that you know in this time, but other ones farther out, and holy Mother Earth was seeded with groupings from the different planetary bodies to see how, in time—because you function in time—these would grow and intermingle and live in a peaceable way with each other. It was called, and is still called, the great experiment. It is still going on. You have it in front of the face right now within what you call your country, this country of the united—at some times—states; sometimes united, sometimes not so much.

So the great experiment is still going on, and you volunteered to be part of a grouping. You were seeded here to see if you could work out getting along with each other, and more than that, be able to see the value of the brothers and sisters as they have come from other planetary bodies far, far away. You are in the midst of a great experiment.

There has come one at this time who volunteered to hasten the project. He is doing a very good job at hastening the project, of bringing right in front of the faces that which has been simmering for a while. It still remains to be seen how and if the great experiment will right itself.

So, is this planet, holy Mother Earth, visited by other beings from other constellations? Yes, you are being watched. There have been the voices that have said that you are being watched. There have been the voices that have said, “UFO’s, unidentified objects that go in your heavens, are they watching us?”

And there have been some of the Intelligences from these unidentified flying objects that have come and walked with you and have by mind telepathy been able to converse with some of your scientists to say that, “Yes, you are part of the great experiment. It is ongoing. It has not been completed. Ones are…”—I will jest here, make a joke—“there are certain bets that are being taken as to whether or when this experiment is going to come together.”

You with the open hearts and the enquiring minds are part of the experiment of Being. So allow yourself in your free time to think, to ask of self, “I wonder, where have I lived other lifetimes? If I met someone who seemed to be from another planetary body, how would we converse?”

“Well, you know, actually I’ve met some that I’ve said had to be from some other planet, because I just did not understand them, so I think they had to be from somewhere else. In other words, that friend of a friend, and so forth, seemed to be far out, and maybe he was from far out,” and this is true.

You have, as you would term them, the space brothers and sisters—and actually there is a third gender—walking the face of our holy Mother Earth right now, and some of them have learned your language. You see, you are studied. You are a bit like the ones under the microscope. Ones are watching to see, “There’s a pod in a certain part of this geographical area that seems to be open to inviting friends, wanting to know what state you have come from? What’s it like in Illinois? What’s it like in New Hampshire? What’s it like in Texas, etc.?”

So there is information exchanged that you understand, because they speak your language. But more than that, you are being watched to see if the great experiment can work to the place of remembering Oneness, saying to a friend who seems a bit out there somewhere, and they probably are, “I understand your feeling about such and such. Can there be a knowing of Oneness?”

And many of you are friendly enough that you entertain the idea that, “Yes, I can understand you. I can understand feelings.” And you say, “Well, you must be from a different country,” and they will say, “Oh, yes,” and they will give you a name. You remember it long enough to try to look it up, but you don’t always get the spelling quite right.

You are part of a grand experiment. Each of you, as you live in your own little pod, you have ones who seem to be more interested in certain subjects, exploring what you call gardening, the growing of trees, of fruit trees, different kinds of trees. Other ones are more interested in the objects that you see in the sky and being able to study their rhythm. You have other ones with various interests as to, “How can I make a vehicle that goes really, really fast? How can I race it in one of the races? How can I…” All the different interests that you have, and you know friends who have different interests. It is multi-faceted, and it is fascinating, and you are being watched kindly; not from a place of ones wanting to come in and take over, but watching the great experiment.

So when you get into a place where you are now in this country, you are seeing this grouping and that grouping, and seemingly the twain shall never meet and come together peacefully, and yet there is hope in the hearts that this will happen, that there will be a meshing and a coming together, heart to heart, friend to friend. You are part of the great experiment. And yes, you are being watched, kindly.

Will there be interference? No. One of the rules that was set up early on was that, yes, you would be watched, as you watch some of your critters and write down history and behavior, and there will be a knowing that is going to be at some point a conclusion, hopefully a grand reunion of ones living from the space of Oneness.

You are, in truth, well on your way. You are, in truth, setting up for yourself great examples of differences to be understood, allowed, and loved. So you are part of the grand experiment. Is it difficult? Not really, when you come to the place of friendship, when you come to the place of knowing that each one who walks the face of our holy Mother Earth is looking for one thing, searching in different ways, but each one is looking for love.

Now, love is an all-encompassing word that is not understood. Everyone is searching for acceptance and value. Everyone comes with a gift. They come, and they come in your circle, and they have for you a gift, even if it is a gift of turmoil, bringing up subjects and things that you wish they wouldn’t, such as some of the overabundance of energy that you have seen lately in your cities.

And you say, “Well, can’t this be done more quietly, more peacefully?” You applaud the ones who are protesting the status quo quietly and with their signs that say everything. The ones who are coming at it from a different place, are they from different solar systems, other constellations? In truth, they are.

You have had it said about your nation, this country, this grouping of ones, that it is a melting pot, and it is. But the melting pot is taking place all over the face of our holy Mother Earth. And a grouping such as this evening is well on its way to making very nutritious soup out of all of the ingredients.

So when someone comes and rubs you the wrong way, say to yourself, “Oh, that one definitely is part of the seasoning to the soup, and without it, it would probably be quite dull; ho hum.” But that is the seasoning. They come and push you, and they ask the questions. Sometimes they are very noisy about it, and you say, “Hm, turn it down a little bit. Tune it down.”

But what is happening is, you are right in the most delicate place of the soup, and you are mixing it beautifully. You have a grouping this evening that comes to you through the electronics, the technology that is as a mixture of the soup, from different countries; one heart, different origins, different languages, different customs, but a grouping in the one soup. And you welcome them, because you have found and they have found the part that binds you together, the common interests of wanting to be valued, of wanting to open the mind and the heart to express the Christ, that ongoing creativity of the Christ.

So whenever you wake up in the morning and say, “Why am I here? What am I doing with my life?” get you out of bed, go and find a friend and love them, because you are a part of the great experiment. And yes, you are being watched, so do your best to be the friend. And in that, you will know the Christ, the Christ of them and the Christ of yourself, and you come Home. So be it.

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