New Q: Watergate 1000

moving forward with the truth eraoflightdotcomNew Q drop number 4686 features the Punisher logo with fire in the background. Several new Q drops list the names, along with mug shots, of ANTIFA arsonists

Here is Q drop number 4686…

SEPT 14-18, 21-25 [track and follow events]
Did Kevin set his alarm?’

Check out this Rumor Mill News story – it features an interesting Gematria decode of a recent POTUS tweet…

Here is President Trump’s tweet from 12th September…

‘Was Andy McCabe ever forced to pay back the $700,000 illegally given to him and his wife, for his wife’s political campaign, by Crooked Hillary Clinton while Hillary was under FBI investigation, and McCabe was the head of the FBI? Just askin’?’

When the capital letters of his tweet are decoded using Gematria, the code reads: ‘The Great Work Completed. I Got Them All.’ I don’t understand Gematria so we have to take their word for it.

Bruno Barking does a seven-week countdown from 9th September – and we find a VERY important date…

‘CALM before a STORM? 7 weeks from Sept 9 = Oct 28…a VERY SPECIAL anniversary? Three year delta to the day…of Q’s first TWO POSTS! And Durham appointment.’ (Bruno Barking tweet)

Yes, Durham was appointed to lead his investigation on the same day of Q’s first two drops. There are no coincidences in the Alliance plan. It has been a long three years but if we see important arrests on 28th October, it will have been worth the wait. My pick? Hillary Clinton.

Senator Chuck Grassley tweeted about corn being ready for harvest. We know corn is a favorite code for both the Alliance and the Deep State. I think that looks like Comey standing in the field…

Finally, a sobering reminder of the arsonist attacks in Oregon and California – two Deep State strong-holds. As InEviTable says in this tweet accompanying a map of the fires, it is interesting how fires can respect borders…

Thanks to Maxwell for answering my question about the message on the tee shirt. ‘5 out of 4 people…struggle with math’. Indeed! I didn’t go to school for maths – my main motivation in attending school was English classes so that I could train to be a journalist.

Continued prayers for everyone affected by the terrible fires. Thanks to Bonni for her heart-felt post.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)

5 Replies to “New Q: Watergate 1000”

  1. kazar

    Justice for Some, becomes FEAR for others. Tom, how do you end thousands of years of Satanism, slavery, cannibalism, financial slavery and lack of Freedoms without stirring the pot. If you are reacting in Fear, go within and center yourself. Should the Light win this current battle so we move forward with Gaia, all the crap will have come to Light. Some will be Joyous, some will be Fearful. Your response to all this Truthfully determines your next Station. So Be It

    1. Tom

      Nothing will change until we all come together. And the people that keep us apart are Q who is all talk .The Democrats and the Republicans
      Who care more about their power then this country just look at the Senate.
      That were I stand Kazar

    1. Daedalus

      Tom’s logic :

      “Keep screeching in fear, claiming other live in fear.”

      Q marks the end of era of pedophiles you and deluded folks like you support.

      Zero mercy for pedophiles.