Mother God: Gaia’s Resetting Process Has Begun

energy waves eraoflightdotcomDear angels on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today to share news. The Divine has just announced that Gaia’s next wave of releasing has started. Energetically yes, and this wave may be manifested in your reality in the next few days. And the strength of the releasing is extremely powerful. The planet has yet experienced this level of releasing. The planet and humanity, together, are going to see Gaia’s true power and the releasing of Mother Earth’s furor.

Yes, Gaia has designed the releases. From location to timing and what the releasing needs to achieve. Gaia has strategized and made the releasing powerful and healing. However, the one to come is Gaia’s one of the most powerful releasing yet The planet and humanity have ever experienced. Gaia knows that she needs to increase the strength of her releasing. She knows it is about time that the planet needs to speed up the releasing process so that the restoration can start.

What Gaia wants to achieve is to get the Rebuilding of the ocean Going. The ocean waters are so polluted. Marine life has been deeply impacted and now a lot of species in the ocean are ill. And these ill species can no longer stay on the planet. Gaia needs to bring them home and instead, bring some new species here. The planet has reached a high level of vibration for the new species to come.

Gaia also has a need to have the ocean floors repaired, some may need to be totally replaced. Gaia’s ocean floors are her foundation. She needs a strong foundation in order to sustain the fully populated planet. Gaia has to have the foundation replaced quickly so that in Gaia’s next phase, she will have a strong foundation in the place and from there, everything else can be repaired smoothly. The foundation is critical and Gaia’s need for a healthy foundation is indeed the most prominent step Gaia needs to take care.

Gaia has the new foundation planned. The process has fully designed. The foundation building process and materials are all being considered thoughtfully and only thing left is to build it. Gaia has asked the Divine to carry out the plan. And the Divine has accepted Gaia’s request and we are indeed starting the rebuilding process of Gaia’s ocean floors.

Now, before the rebuilding process can be proceeded, what the Divine is going to do next is to tear down some portion of the old floors. Especially the portion that has cracked. Some of Gaia’s ocean floors have been deeply wounded and some even have cracks. The fragile ocean floors can produce Gaia’s most catastrophic events. That is why we need to repair Gaia’s cracked ocean floors now. Once the process starts, Gaia’s oceans will be off limits for the planet and humanity. Humanity needs to realize that the rebuilding process has begun. And Any attempt to go to Gaia’s oceans can have serious consequences. Gaia’s ocean waters will be violent and unpredictable in the process. Any human activity in Gaia’s oceans can be risky. That is why we, the Divine have repeatedly sent warnings about the rebuilding process of the Gaia’s ocean floors and Gaia’s ocean waters in general. The Divine made the message clear and loud: Stay away from Gaia’s ocean waters for the time being.

Now, from the human perspective, Gaia has a lot of waters. Gaia’s oceans provide foods for humanity. Gaia’s oceans have great deal of materials that humanity uses. And that is all making sense in ordinary time. However, Gaia now is going through a remapping process. The process has significant risks involved. Gaia’s oceans have a need to be replenished and a lot of repairs are needed. During this significant process, the Divine has the laws established so that Gaia’s restoration process can be streamlined, and humanity can leave Gaia’s oceans alone. The laws say that any attempt to make Gaia’s restoration process chanllenging will have consequences. Gaia’s ocean waters are now being protected. Fishing can interrupt Gaia’s rebuilding process and therefore is not allowed. Gaia has a need to rebuild the marine life, and in the process, any attempt to interrupt the process will suffer from breaking the spiritual laws. And these laws are now in place. These laws are for the entire planet and human race. They are now fully established for Gaia’s protection.

I love you dear ones. Gaia’s resetting process has started. The process has a lot of the details and Spiritual laws involved. Humanity will need to follow these rules and laws so that Gaia’s restoration process can be smooth and successfully. We, the Divine have decided to send this information to the planet and humanity in the hope that these rules and laws will be respected and followed. Especially the laws about Gaia’s ocean waters, humanity really needs to study it and acts accordingly. It is the foundation for Gaia’s successful rebuilding process. Gaia has the need for protection and that protection is now the spiritual laws. No one is above from these laws.

In the next few days, Gaia’s next releasing will arrive. Gaia’s ocean waters are going to make waves. Gaia’s rebuilding of the ocean floors are going to start. Gaia’s oceans will become more extremes and violent. All the ocean related activities are going to be more prominent and therefore, going to Gaia’s oceans will be highly unlikely. That is why the Divine has sent out the warnings. Heed the warnings dear ones. Work with Gaia and the Divine. Be Gaia’s keeper and send love to the planet and humanity. Know Gaia’s oceans are in need of repair and that is why the process has such a significance. Love Gaia and help Gaia’s oceans dear angels. Be Gaia’s good children and be Mother Earth’s helpers. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. So it is.

» Source » Channel: Linda Li

8 Replies to “Mother God: Gaia’s Resetting Process Has Begun”

  1. Michel Saint-James

    It’s curious and intriguing.
    I’ve read all preceding comments, most of them saying it can’t be true because it’s so-called fear-based. But the truth doesn’t always lies in sentences such as “Everything is ok !” Do you guys really think everything is going to be smooth in the very next few days and weeks ?
    From a certain point of view, it’s obvious. But from a local point of view, there wil be enormous upsets, and this message is here to help and warn implied people.
    The messages I received are the same : “Mother Earth won’t be able to stand all those mistreatments. She is about to clean Herself, to purify, to transform and to transfigure. And we twinge for all those who won’t be able to climb on the bandwagon.”
    My son, who also is a intuitive, has dreamt about Japan and Canada, both appearing in the news because of a huge catastrophe.
    We all have the free will. But Mother Earth also has. And She is about to ascend. She is making herself beautiful for those who will be able to live in harmony with Her.
    Yes, we are heading for a new Earth. Yes we have to keep faith in the fact that life on earth will be a marvel in the next few months and years.
    Another message I got : “We must keep faith in the renewal. Of the Old, there will not be a single stone that will remain on another.”
    The new Earth and Humanity are coming, but just because the old is not willing to give any place to the new, this won’t happen before the old has collapsed.

  2. Percy Vader

    You are where you’re supposed to be, whatever any message contains , it’s all part of the divine plan , death is a gift

  3. sapher

    alot of repetition, lots of fear, no specifics to laws,,if they are not known, inplies punishment if laws not followed,,,that means set back for planet.
    and humanity.

  4. PB

    We’ll know soon enough but it does seem fear based so I’m not feeling it:
    “In the next few days, Gaia’s next releasing will arrive.”

  5. sea

    Went for a swim in Mother Ocean yesterday – mid-September! did a meditation in Her and gave her our energies and blessings. whatever She needs to do to heal, we support Her 100% even if it means our own demise – which it doesn’t. Thank Q for posting! I respect the message and heed the call that has gone out into the ethers 🙂 many blessings to all.

  6. kazar

    These Laws need to be apparent for all Humanity to see. Many laws have been brought by imposters in the past. there is a difference between a Law and a circumstance. The circumstance might be that with huge Tsunamis and earthquakes folks will avoid the oceans as a practicality, but Law? Law like this would have to be so visible, not coming from a channel with a few thousand views or whatever. That part feels like an internal Political struggle