The Future is Still Forming

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomSo many think that life will go back to ‘normal’ again. It will not.

Such deep and profound shifts have taken place in the last few months, and indeed immense paradigm shifts in all directions, that life just never will be the same again.

We cannot go back. The old has gone.

The only place we can go now in any direction is in the here and now and being fully present, in the now.

The future is still in the forming.

When I was meditating this morning, having a quiet spot by the beach, all to myself, with just the singing birds and the thundering surf as company, the mountains, and sea, my heart and soul was overflowing with gratitude. It came from the deepest recesses in me.

With it the deepest understanding, that this moment was perfect. This moment was a Divine Gift. This moment, brought Oneness in its most expressive form.

No-thing was missing.

All was perfect in its cosmic, loving unfolding.

Nothing I could do or say or act upon could add to that perfection.

I just needed to be held within it, and dissolve within it, and BECOME it!

There truly is a blessing, hidden within every seeming crisis.

There is a world hidden within a grain of sand.

Most walk unconsciously in and on the sands of immortality and recognize it not!

Yet immortality lives within us, right here and right now.

What if that immortality, that perfection is now being created within ourselves and outside of ourselves, without our even being consciously aware of its unfolding?

What if we are looking of for a kind of world, which in truth has lived it course and has dissolved, and the New is unlike anything we ever have known before?

Look into your heart and allow the inner seeing to lead you, and not the outer you, the mind.

The heart-soul will show you visions, show you and guide you into a much higher and more profound, version of your own Source-Soul-Self!

I was given such a vision again, just the other day. I had tears. The vision moved me so much! And I realized that the old me, the old me, even before the Lock-Down does not exist anymore. I have evolved beyond recognition. I needed that vision, to remind me, that I now need to operate at in a much higher dimensional octave and thus need to expand in all directions, and not shrink or try to shrink back in what I once thought I was!

Read that again!

What I was given, applies to you too.

You are expanding in all directions now, and you cannot shrink or try to shrink back into what you were before!

What a gift!

Embrace it!

Your playing small does not serve you, nor the greater whole anymore.

It is all hands on deck and not on a sailing ship anymore – but on a huge Inter-dimensional, inter-Universal Mothership and entering infinite space!

What a journey of discovery!

What an opportunity!


Stepping into our highest truth amplified by the Power of Love and the Source-Self within.

Judith Kusel