New Moon in Virgo And a Powerful One At That!

full moon eraoflightdotcomThe new Moon in Virgo will be exact, exactly at Midday, 12:00 PM (BST) on 17/09. I realised this at 5:55 this morning, and it’s all very Virgoan!

The exact new Moon will be in a near exact trine to Saturn, and a powerful trine with Pluto, both in Capricorn. It will also happen in opposition to Neptune in Pisces.

This is a big event, and there are favourable overtures. The trine aspects to Saturn and Pluto, even Jupiter to a lesser degree, are very much favourable. The trine aspect (120 degrees) allows the energies between the planets to flow easily and effortlessly. What does this really mean though? And that’s the magic question that has no simple answer.

Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are the main planetary players for 2020, and Neptune is very much a part of that equation seeing as it has been sextile to those 3 planets for most of this year.

Having both Sun and Moon in such strong and favourable aspects to the big 3, has to be a good thing! The potential is there for understanding, breakthroughs and realisations. There’s also real potential for just coming to terms with all that is going on. It’s like we don’t need to seek answers, as they come to us.

As always though, dark forces are at work, and possibly never more so in everyone’s life time. Those sinister and evil people will no doubt look to utilise Saturn’s energy to try to control us, and Pluto’s to be dark and underhand; and then Neptune’s energy to deceive.

They don’t own the energies though, and they have no more power over us than that which we allow them to have.

The better people of this world can draw upon Saturn’s energy to find strength and stability. Pluto’s energy can offer truth, insight and real power. Neptune allows for spiritual vision and great awareness.

The fact that the Sun and Moon will come together in Virgo puts a great deal of focus on health matters, and with being of service to others. It couldn’t be more relevant in these times!

In life, and astrology, you get what you give. Things are coming to a head, and soon people will realise more and more that those running the show, really are putting on a show, and so much of what you think is happening, is all part of a deliberate deception.

They are ruthless killers, and are all about control and deception.

It’s time to wake up people. We are more powerful than them. We are part of the 99%, and Our Lives Matter.

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