Goddess of Creation: A Laser Light

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomSometimes people forget how powerful they are. Sometimes people forget that they actually have a direct alignment to universal light that they can tap into at any time. Sometimes people forget that they are one; one with the universe, one with humanity, one with All That Is.

During this channel, the Goddess began by speaking of what would it be like if a person was placed on Earth, from somewhere else in the universe, and then shown what humanity has accomplished in the last 20 years, 10 years, down to the last 6 months. It is truly amazing!! From there she took us into the all that is and once more brought up the image of the Earth in front of us. We have worked with this many times now and each time there is greater and greater clarity upon the planet.

As we looked at the Earth, I had a sense of the Goddess showing us all the ships and the beings of light that are surrounding our planet in support of all that is happening. Then she added the angels; these came from a different perspective. Then she added all of us. As we opened to flow love and light it was like many, many lasers were sending light into the earth. In addition, if people wanted to focus on a particular situation they could do so.

Once this came into balance, she then had us pull back and we could see the Earth as it pertains to the Milky Way Galaxy. The galaxy was amazing. I could see how the energy is also shifting through the alignment of planets and stars. One surprising aspect was that there were so many colors that I could see. From there she then pulled back even more and we could see the universe. We are all connected. We are all-powerful. We are deeply aligned with high, light vibration. This light shines onto the earth as if there are many, many lasers shining and clearing the energy.

Nama sika Venia benya; I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you. Embracing you in this now moment. Embracing you at this time in which you are gathering together to be in the flow of love and light.

Can you imagine what society, not only has gone through but is currently going through? If you were to be an individual that was just put down on your planet and this individual was told, “These people have lived in duality for thousands of years and they’re letting it go. These people have lived their lives in a particular manner that was controlled and manipulated by the belief system that was put out to all of society and they’re letting that go. This society is letting go of eons of alignments that have to do with the value; the value of a person feels for themselves; the value of the person who feels around financials and their relationships with one another. In addition to that this is a society that is going to learn, or is learning, how to live from the heart. How to live in a vibration that is triggered by the heart or the love energy, so that as they look at others, as they walk through their daily lives, rather than it being from duality it is from the heart. This is all happening or coming together over about a15 to 20-year period of time.”

You know that this is been coming for thousands of years and many of you are very aware of the progression of energy, but there are millions that are waking up. There are millions that are beginning to look at life differently and say, “Maybe we haven’t been told everything that we needed to know. Maybe we need to look at our lives differently. Maybe we need to shift our focus in such a way that family & relationships come first rather than business or outside activities.”

The past six months (well it hasn’t even been 6 months yet has it, we are just coming up on six months) has not only created dramatic changes in your lives it has affected businesses; it has affected with the wearing of the mask; it has shifted how people look at one another; whether even to wear a mask or not to wear a mask has created dialogue; whether all the riots are peaceful or truly violent; whether we should continue to live and work in the way that we always have; let the people who are in charge stay in charge because they’ve always been in charge and this is the way we’ve always done it so let’s just keep doing it some more. Or is it time for people to awaken, for people to know what has been kept from them; for people to know that life can be so much better, so much richer with so many more opportunities. If you walk through that door into the unknown for many, many, many people it is frightening, absolutely.

One of the things I am seeking and not only me but millions of us that are here in support of you are seeking, is to flow a greater amount of love and light, a greater amount of energy that is showing you this is a better way. Let’s try this. Let’s go around the block this way instead of going around the block that way. So, this person that just gets dropped down into this space may come to this with a clear version of how everything is going to manifest and what the end result of this is, but is most likely feeling compassion for everyone who is feeling lost, afraid and wondering where is this going.

Is this truly the end of the world? For anybody that steps in the fear, however that may be, I am here to say to you NO it is not the end of the world. You are stepping into a new world and a new reality, and a new beginning. Within this new beginning, you can look to the past to see what was. There may be times when the past is pulling at you tugging at you, trying to pull you back or down. However, you can be present in the now moment. You can be present recognizing that the past, the future, and everything flows together in the now moment.

A powerful change that is here, not only taking place for you but within you, is that if you feel something tugging or pulling from the past you can acknowledge it and say goodbye. The foundation for this ascension is spirituality because your spirituality flows in through your right brain. Your right brain is the abstract and the limitless aspect of you. This is where you align directly with your divinity. This is where you know unconditionally that you are loved. You are loved by your Soul. You express love as your Soul in this lifetime in whatever form you may be.

Through that spiritual ascension, there will be technology that you have not even imagined. Because again it is coming from that which is unknown to you. Your left brain, that analytical aspect of you, the part that is associated with your everyday life, knows what it knows. You can learn things. You can grow and expand. However, it has an innate limitation because it is associated with what is, and the what is that is defined by what has been.

So, in this now moment this expression of you as the Soul essence, bring it in, you sit in the flow, you allow it to nurture you and support you in all that you are. In this ascended vibration you begin with the state of being. Being you and when you express outward through the activities that make up your day, be that person that is new to this planet looking around with objectives eyes so that you can see what is the strongest potential available to you. So that you may step into that path, whatever it may be. Then as you do so you are stepping into the light, the love, the energy, expressed as you.

I always enjoy giving a message here at the beginning and this one is particularly important because you are coming up on the Equinox and then you have those last 3 months until the Solstice and the Solstice is the completion. Therefore, make a clear conscious intention for this last quarter of the year and what you would like it to be.

Take a deep breath in breathing down into your heart center and as you feel the flow of energy that swirls through your heart you then send it all the way down moving through your energy bodies and going down into the Earth. Take a moment and just feel the essence of the Earth. Feel the heartbeat of Gaia as it resonates within and around you.

As you anchor allow your energy to spread out and different directions so that you will be able to know that you are part of the Earth. As Gaia anchors you, you are anchoring all of that Divinity that is you into Gaia. You let your focus; your consciousness comes back up within you. You send it out through your throat, your third eye, your head center. You send it up until you align with your higher self.

As you look around this space this is you as you merge with your Divinity and are living your life. Your Higher Self can stretch closer to your Divinity or closer to the Earth. Therefore, pay attention to where within that space you are working at any given time. You send your energy even further. It moves all the way up following that stream of energy that links you to your Soul until you find yourself merging with your Divinity.

You may see your Divinity as this brilliant white light. You may see it as if it is a silhouette of a Human. Some will see it, or sense it, or feel it as if it’s a bunch of little pockets of energy that represent different lifetimes. There is no right or wrong to how you sense your Soul. The key is that you do. You know that it is here. You know that this essence is you. It is you as all of that God Source Energy that comes forth from Soul.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. As I reach out our energies merge together. As my energies amplify your own, we shift moving into the All That Is. As you feel yourself arriving within this space take a moment to look around. This is our place of creation. This is the place where you have an opportunity to not only heal your own life clearing out the past, but this is a place where you can come and look at opportunities.

We have spoken for the last several sessions about what it is to live in the higher vibration just as I have mentioned at the very beginning. We have frequently worked at clearing out that perspective of you that may be holding on to the past. We have worked a number of different times to heal the matrix and clear the collective consciousness.

So, at this moment I wish you to have that sense of opening up the doors and as if you are in a space where the Earth is right in front of you take a look at the Earth. Some people are saying that this time that you are now moving through is about good vs evil. It is not about politics. Although that is absolutely playing into this. It is about the old regime and a new thought and action.

Anyone that is here as a part of this meditation has already done a great deal of work within themselves. Even if you are just moving down that pathway, and you may think ‘no I haven’t this is all new to me’, you have already done a great deal of work in your unconscious energies. There are many, many of you who have done it through your conscious energies.

What I would like everyone to do at this moment is as if you see the earth right in front of you; for some, it is as if you can’t even see the whole way around it, as if you are close in. I invite you to have a sense of stepping back so that you can see the Earth and its entirety. As you are looking at the Earth shift your focus to look at the space around the earth. Some may just see that darkness of space that you’ve seen on images. At this moment I would like you to look and open up your consciousness that you may become aware of the ships that a manned by the non-terrestrials or the benevolent ones as you see them. Some hovering, some moving, but you see them at various places around the Earth. If you do not have a sense of seeing anything like this then open up within your consciousness that you may sense these individual energies.

As you take in what this is, take a moment and look, or sense, or feel, beyond those ships to the various Angels and Light Beings that fill in many of the spaces around, or in between those ships. As people are opening up to this what began as random bits of light are now filling in and making more connected lines of energy.

The next level of vibration I ask you to open up to perceive is you the humans living upon the Earth at this time and are here within the space of your Divinity. Look at the impact that all of you have. It is beautiful. Suddenly what was sporadic and then filled in with Angels and Light Beings now becomes a solid beam of light or a solid ball of light that completely surrounds the Earth. This represents people that are waking up. This represents people making new choices. This represents all of you that have made a choice to understand and know the logistics that are happening in this entire process.

As this massive light that completely surrounds the Earth, I invite each of you to consider a space or multiple places that are currently involved in unrest. Meaning there’s rioting, there’s maliciousness, there’s the expression of the old energy. So, whatever it is that may come to your mind consciously send as if there is a laser beam that comes from you down into that space. My perception as each of you does this is that I can see some narrow lasers that are going very finely into something and I see bigger, broader lasers which are getting into a larger space.

As this is going in it is cutting through the mentality that has these people programmed. The mentality that is hooked into the old energy and this beam of white light is just pulsating into all of these spaces.

There is this heartbeat of consciousness that is moving within everything. The more that this energy is here and present I now ask you to focus these laser energies on those not only that are creating the havoc, but the people at the top. The people that are paying the everyday disturbances. The people that are saying you go here, you go here, you go here. We invite that the beam of light and energy to go to wherever it needs to go to illuminate those at the top to show who they are, to peel away any camouflage that they may have, and illuminate everything. In many places it’s as if the evil is just cracking open and as it does it is like new growth coming up from the Earth; love and light and energy is replacing what is there.

Take a deep breath in. Take a moment to consider your own life. You are the Light Worker. You are shining the light so as to fill up any space stuck in the old energy or stuck in a belief that things are unable to change. The more that we are within this space sending these impulses of light the more light there is. It is as if those individual lasers expand and merge with the other one’s around it, which merge with the ones around them until it gets to the place where you are part of the whole that is sending this light and love energy into the Earth creating or helping out those that are stuck in the old energy so that they may ascend. So that they may shift and move into a place that is filled with love and light, and compassion.

Look at your own life as this brilliant light is illuminating your own life. For many of you, it has already cleared out the old paradigms that no longer served you. Take a moment and as you allow your focus to be upon your life what would your life look like if the foundation was love. If you could look out at your loved ones, at your job, at your everyday life, and feel love coming out from you to them and from them to you. You might see stuff on the news, or in social media, but you recognize that you are vibrating at the level of love and compassion and you just send a little ball of that love and compassion into whatever situation may come to your awareness.

Have a sense of pulling back from the Earth so that you may see the Galaxy in front of you, the Milky Way galaxy. As the Earth is filled with this brilliance. As it is filled with this energy and light open your awareness to understand how those other Planets and Stars that are in the spaces around you are opening up. You may have a sense that there are other places that are also sending in that massive light more so than what you’ve perceived at the beginning. If you pull back a little further looking outside your Galaxy at the Universe recognize that this ascension is moving through the entire Universe.

Open up. Know that you are supported by so much more than what you realize. Understand that you the individual can make such a difference, not only in your life but in the lives around you. You need not go out and fix or change anybody. You need only be your conscious ascended self. For some of you, you may become a magnet and others ask, “What are you doing? How do you do that? What does it mean?”. For others of you, it’s a state of being that affects everything.

Take a deep breath in and then let your focus again come back into the All That Is so that you may see the Earth in front of you, but you also see the space in which you are.

Breathe in Love. Breathe in 5th dimensional consciousness. Breathe in all of what is here.

I invite you to come back together as a group. You are currently in that very expanded consciousness so for many of you may find that you are staying within that space. While usually, we will send this evening energies into the Earth, then into the Universe you have already done so.

Each one of you are so beautiful and uniquely different and each one of you is a part of the whole. The Earth is a part of the whole Universe. Take that focus or that intention of your own self and send it into the Earth with that focus or that intention that when you are walking upon the Earth in your everyday life that it makes itself known or present to you.

Again, I’m pulling you back closer in so you are no longer surrounding the Earth but you are coming back down. Feel your consciousness and your flow as you bring it back down through your Divinity, through your Higher Self and back into the person that you are. This time as you bring your focus back in that direction, once again open up to feel what is in the Earth, and as you anchor yourself you are anchoring through that link to Gaia.

Then as a group, while you are there present in your everyday life and upon the Earth, look around with your inner eyes. Can you see manifesting upon the Earth everything that you saw in the All That Is? Perhaps you need to tweak it, perhaps you need an adjustment that will allow for more of that focused energy to come into this space.

If ever you feel alone come back into this meditation that you may know you are never alone. You are always a part of a community of people living upon the Earth. Earth has always been intended as a community experience. The community of living, interacting, and expressing life as groups of people.

Clear out the solidarity of the last 6 months. Take off the masks. Come back to your life. Open up the doors. And if some businesses still need another impulse of light send it into wherever that may be and receive.

You are amazing and you are having way more of an impact than you can ever imagine! Receive the potential of what you can do. Receive the expanded knowledge for who you are allowing that to flow through everything. Take a deep breath in and be present in the moment.

So, my beloved family and friends as we come together at this moment in time, I hope that each one of you realizes just how powerful you are. You are tapped into infinite light and love. You have the ability to be in the space of the laser light energy. It comes from you and it moves through you first on the way out to the people and friends and loved ones around you.

Be in this moment. Be that person that allows these high light vibrations to be ever present within you. Beloved know I am ever with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net