The Divine Feminine Codes

star bright eraoflightdotcomThe disordered is manoeuvring into order.

The incomplete rapidly changing shape to move into completeness.

The Divine Feminine is powering through since the alignments of Venus, Eris, Lilith and Juno met in the home of Mars who is currently gutting out the old, of all that is now served, as he retrogrades back to the beginning and then beyond and he heads back into the back yard of Pisces once again by the time November arrives.

Ancient Wars of conflict are coming into sight, for most, these wars are wrapped up in the mundane attachments we hold in this lifetime to our reality screen. They are likely to form and be experienced in relationships, connections, preferences, and beLIEfs holding expectations and attachments. Lifetimes ago the presentations were no doubt something more “murderous”, cutting off the life supply of you or another and so these programs of blame and shame reveal themselves as running deeply through the fabric of the life cycling, causing reverberations of devaluation, counterbalanced with judgement and defence with the weapons of control and manipulation being first choice.

Always remember the Seed of the program was planted thousands of years ago along your genetic line and this seed has grown in every single way, shape and form imaginative to man. Guilt has been manifested a thousand different ways for guilt to be realised as a program and released, as has every other program linked into the separation codes, so all ways of expressing judgement, all ways of expressing defence, blame and shame, all ways of manipulating and controlling, all ways of the devaluation of life and some of these manifestations would have presented in perhaps you being the torturer and ending a life, cutting off a head is the same as cutting off the life supply in any way it chooses to manifest itself, holding no value for life will manifest in a bazillion different ways, spilling the guts of a man is another harsh visualisation that unfolds the seed of truth, but the core purpose of the manifestation remains the same. The patterns continue to repeat until the seed of the programming is changed.

Its all coming in to be seen FOR the purpose of Peace and ultimate light healing.

I understand that for some, how I write and share can be a little edgy, a little gritty, but its not meant for the love and light brigade who choose to stay blinkered to the All, I write from the space of The Divine Feminine which is the entire full spectrum of all creation, it is the Magic and therefore it is the chaos

I could write posts upon posts about all the butterflies, the technicolour rainbows of the light codes, I could write and share all that comforts each in their slumber and unconscious states but if there is one thing I have now seen in my reality reflection is that to support the slumber is nothing short of playing the torturer’s codes, it is playing the God Code and its riddled in judgement, to kill with kindness is the most wicked, psychotic act in the most grandest of schemes and its an act that we have learnt through our linage, throughout our ancient line.

Holding All in the most highest aligned field is not easy, it doesn’t come natural because we are so very heavily programmed to be “loyal”, “polite” and “caring” but I would most definitely revaluate these thoughts and begin to see, using your gift of life long hindsight whether or not these acts are truly serving the greatest good or whether they are in fact devaluing light, in which the reflection will show just how much lack there is in self-worth and ultimately just how much more the value is placed keeping the unconscious alive and well.

What I now fully realise is that within loyalty, politeness and caring (caring in the sense of bending for another’s unconsciousness, we always care regardless of the level of consciousness, but it’s the actions and truth within the thoughts and feelings that I am targeting here) there must be avoidance of some description in some area of the field, and where there is avoidance there is a lack of respect and responsibility, there is a lack of understanding the reflection, there is a LACK in the field that requires bringing to LIGHT, so that the Divine Feminine can be present and align in ALL areas of the field, and to deny access to some areas equates to the God Codes in operation as opposed to the Source Codes.

So, through the hell fires we walk, learning to pass over the hot coals that purify these ancient wars, purifying the God Codes so that we can live in the harmonic balance of the natural laws of the Source Codes, and this learning has taken thousands upon thousands of years to learn through our experience. I feel its time to truly recognise this experience, to understand just how intricate the learning was required to be in order to teach us how to balance our alien consciousness on a planet that has its own PLUS its own established laws for us to blend and abide within, its been a humbling experience in which we have seen our arrogance very clearly now, who are we to interfere? We have seen that our world turns our interference to pollution and that the more we try to change a space that is most definitely perfect and complete the more we reflect our dissatisfaction with heaven and our host, which ultimately highlights our parasitic or viral agendas.

The conflict we feel in this learning, the turmoil, the raging aggravation is the perfect gift and its no longer to be ignored or avoided, it’s no longer to be seen as surface tension as it now requests we go much more deeper within so this can all be understood from the core, we have seen enough of the damage and destruction of allowing things to be, allowing the sleep walkers to behave in the most disrespectful suicide missions, its time to process the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, for life to be fully given to ALL.

ALL of it is perfect, and to avoid any one emotion, feeling, thought or action, to shun any one part of the experience IS the separation and this is where the embodiment of the Divine Feminine guides us into the entire spectrum of experiencing the ALL for the purpose that it is, which is GROWTH and EXPANSION

There is one thing that The Divine Feminine offers to us as we embody the frequencies of both night and day, of dark and night, and that is to call it as it is, in zero state of judgement, the Divine Feminine allows us the gift to see all as motion, as processes, in spectrums and by doing so it disables the old programming of avoidance and instead gifts us with the ability to speak freely without the harshness, with full compassion, which is currently an outer world experience (known but vastly unexperienced or fully practiced) in which the triggers become active, clicking like crazy as the data rushes through creating reactions and implosions from within the receiver, and the response is simply Divine Unconditional Love with nothing more than the agenda to bring light into the darkness because its in the light that Source resonates the highest, and we, the awakeners experience the greatest magical shifts.

The Divine Feminine doesn’t soothe, there is no comfort whilst the truth of the field holds discomfort, there is no gentleness whilst there is evidence of roughness in how we treat self of others, the Divine Feminine doesn’t suffer fools, and the Divine Feminine most definitely doesn’t become small to save face of the faceless.

Think of the Mother, the Lioness, to her cubs she is the nurturer, the protector, she is the teacher, she is gentle, whilst she is also the disciplinarian, this is just one perspective, to the hunted she is a calculated hunter and to the humans she is a predator.

But is she a predator or is she a beautiful reflection of the Divine Feminine being perceived and judged by those with consciousness and called a predator?

There is nothing predatory in a lioness getting food for her cubs

She does not have choice; she is simply driven by her need to eat and feed how can she possibly be called a predator?

Because she is powerful? Because she hunts? Because she hunts in a pride? Because she has perfected the hunt? How is this judged as a predator when in truth it is nothing less than nature in perfection. Predatory over perfection.

Look at the shark, as it hunts in the depths for food, hidden in the darkness watching out for movement and shadows on the surface and then once it spots its feed it powers up with all its might, creating so much speed that once it reaches the surface it leaps out of the water with its food in its mouth, how is this predatory, surely this is nature in perfection, it’s the only way these reflections can eat and receive what it requires to live.

Imagine a world in which the lioness roars on her approach and alerts the deer or the shark swims forever on the surface and is forever seen, the world would lose the top of the food chain.

Likewise, by shunning what the Divine Feminine teaches us has equally been dulling out the consciousness in each generation that comes to pass, we have become half of what we once was, again as with the lion, if she lost her perfection she would be starved of her full glorious self.

It’s all a reflection and its all a perception until the Eye of the Divine Feminine is opened, fully.

Its time to see the Divine Feminine in all the glorious light and to end the illusionary tales.

Perfection is the level of the field in which the Divine Feminine enters, but as identified perfection can be tarnished when read through the mind of judgement and translated in so many ways, as I used the example of predatory being used to describe the most ancient beasts that exist at the very top of the chain, as the Divine Feminine being at the very top of our chain, it is the energy that feeds all and in its lowest octaves it feeds the toxic poisoned lies and in the highest it feeds the most highest of light wisdom in which both hold the same point and purpose which is freedom through expansion, not one aspect is wrong or bad, all is an intricate octave of consciousness, in fact, the truth is one could say there is nothing that holds unconsciousness, unless of course it’s a brick…

All toxicity, all lies, all abuse, all of that is equally as purposeful and required for growth. It’s the same as there is medicine in every poison, every single THING here on our planet has its use, the trick is to learn how to use it for its benefit…

To answer the predatory question that now may arise, what is a predator, well that’s simple, its not the shark or the lion, a predator is a being with consciousness, it is a being that feeds from the pain of others, something or someone with an agenda to cause harm.

The dictionary will tell us that a predator is either an animal that naturally preys on others or a person who ruthlessly exploits others, I would suggest that the first is simply perfected nature and that we have now blurred the lines through our own perceptions, judgements and fears as to what predatory actually means or looks like to us. Everything that eats another living being is in one way or another a predator or is it simply alive and well? Is it simply able to continue its life the only way it knows how?

The Divine Feminine can and will be perceived as something very similar because as the spectrum enters its lowest octaves the energy is cutting, it is harsh, heavy, it feels dark but the truth is it’s the most highest frequencies of light that reflects back to the darkness the truth of its pitch blackness.

The darker the octave the more impressive the light switching on is experienced, it’s a shock to the system, imagine the scenario of being blissfully asleep and someone opens the curtains to a super bright sunny day, it’s no different, the shock is still the same and the only thing that changes is the seeded experience.

We exist in a world in which the pattern plays out continuously, not wanting the curtains drawn is no different to not wanting to wake up spiritually, not wanting to be made aware of the light – there is no difference, it’s all a reflecting pattern. This is also evident because once the spiritual awakening has happened we LOVE to be up with the rising sun and the days of pulling the duvet over our heads and try to go back to sleep completely end, again its ALL a coded pattern that plays out in a bazillion different ways.

The Divine Feminine is the entire spectrum, the entire journey, from bad to good and back again until its spins so fast it becomes a blur and there is no longer any idea of what good or bad is, it all just becomes a motion of growth and expansion, from dumbed down to super sensitive, from uneducated to professor, it is the student and teacher all rolled into one without any resistance and pure acceptance that you are all and everything.
The Divine Feminine is the dissolving of duality and polarity, it is the learning of all that it is the WO-MAN, it is the Feminine and it is equally the Masculine.

The Divine Feminine is the unification and once embodied is dissolves all limitations through healing all fragments created through lifetimes as well as the traumatic phases of this lifetime, which is the most magical of all lifetimes because it is ONLY in this lifetime that this can now be realised, it is only in this lifetime that I find myself sitting here on the 17th September 2020, a portal of rebirth, the birthdate of my first born and in this very moment 28 years ago she was just 45 minutes old, its most definitely relevant that I find myself writing a key about the unification of The Divine Feminine.

A portal of completion is very much active and its been spilling out into everything, we are now active within, some of you may well be watching as the reflections mirror things in which you don’t want to release, some of you may now be experiencing a loop that you are now so sick of reliving, some of you will have worked out how this is operating and completing super cycles and some of you may be in a process of full embodiment, we are all moving closer to the Light of Love.

For me, well, I have seen further than I have ever seen and I have vowed to value my gift of sight over any view I would prefer to see and with this, my future flight path is clear, my wandering SUN came home, my once dis-abled SUN walked miles and defied the odds (gods) and I completed the Diamond Portal’s Poetic Light Activation library and filled it with 57 incredible spells to assist more people come to peace and finally begin their healing.

Now that is how The Divine Feminine Portal operates.

So here I share with you The Internal War, this is a poetic light activation which explains exactly what The Divine Feminine is now dissolving within the collective

Knock, Knock, Knocking on Hell’s door
The sound upon entering the internal war
Blindness leads us to the space
To see where defence sits in loves place
A battle ground of dreams lay dead
The body of life ripped and bled
A pointless war with one outcome
To flee from life and die far from
Zero purpose, a want to destroy
An ancient gripe to deploy
Put down your weapons and barricades
And dissolve this feud that separates
The internal wars are simply reflections
Of Ancient agendas and darkened perceptions
A karmic processing of recycled death
As we take our last gasp with grab our first breath
Open the eye and realise the ploy
The shield of defence was simply the toy
Of the boys of men playing as Gods
We were the puppets controlled by their rods

So, for now I will continue to process the magic, I will continue to share the codes and I will continue to hold the space for all those choosing to receive and connect.

Love Always


Translating the codes of The Divine Feminine

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