Organic Morphogenic Field Technology

the light within eraoflightdotcomNew Earth Visionaries Living Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and bringing Holographic Quantum REALities into ACTual Form… Quantum Materialization is an Organic Light Technology Ability

Quantum REALities open everything up for all. All new possibilities, All NEW “realities” that did not exist within the 3D Concept of what “reality” was.

Quantum REALities are very different than previous ones were. These are no longer BOUND by linear limits, mindsets or fixed/set/restricting beliefs of before anymore.

Quantum REALities offer infinite potentials AND INFINITE REALITIES that already multi-dimensionally exist, yet the “how” is different BECAUSE of how all works on a Quantum Level….

Quantum REALities are SIMPLE, yet there are infinite moving pieces and parts and much to “gather” and “bring together” for the entire Geometric Equation and Vibrational/Energetic REALity to materialize into/through ACTual form….

Living Quantum Multi-Dimensional REALities with every ounce of Pure Love that we each ARE is how NEW EARTH REALITIES become ‘real’.

Quantum Multi-Dimensional NEW Earth REALities materialize into form from an Organic Quantum Holographic/Morphogenic Field visible through each’s own Quantum Multi-Dimensional Consciousness Access… and it’s this ACCESS that allows all to become visible and REAL so that the physical can become a vibrational match and create an ACTual “return”.

Multi-Dimensional REALities have constructs, yet these are different than old earth realities were. These REALITIES are created, built and maintained through ENERGETIC AND VIBRATIONAL ALIGNMENT with each’s own highest states of Consciousness (Pure Source Consciousness Light) and what holds the Quantum Dynamics/Mechanics/Constructs in place is each’s own Full Consciousness…. as Consciousness is the CONSTRUCT if you will…. as Consciousness holds the geometrics (Quantum Equations) for “reality” and by each holding the ENERGY IN PLACE, the reality is held in place as well. ♥

So hold your highest while living your Purest Light fully and embrace all NEW from deep within. Focus on your NEW EARTH REALITIES and DO from your beautiful BEing-Presence and Higher Heart-Mind Consciousness, as full Embodiment is “How” NEW EARTH materializes into form and becomes your whole experience here. ♥

Keep anchoring the codes, integrating the codes and applying the codes to your NEW LIFE. Yes it’s an immense process, yet as you fulfill your highest service roles (as LOVE), you are honoring and Consciously fulfilling your highest Soul-Star-Light Agreements, which supports all of hUmaNITY and our beloved planet Gaia as LOVE too.

We each hold the codes and templates for NEW EARTH within us all. Share, shine, affect, shift, evolve and Unite with all living this fully and truly ready to come together to accomplish all that we came here to BE AND DO AS PURE LOVE and THE LIGHT KEEPERS of our NEW EARTH too. ♥

With kindness, love and deep sacred respect,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

P.S. This is about each LIVING FROM WAY BEYOND the Linear-Limited Constructs and Out-Dated Systems of distorted 3D.

Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.