Blue Ones of Inner Earth: Planetary Harmony

angelic being eraoflightdotcomGreetings from within. We are the Blue Ones of Inner Earth. We are ancient Lumerians. Our skin is turquoise in hue from the healing crystal waters. We wish to bridge within and without, for the surface is now ready for this bridging of reunion. Planetary harmony must be achieved in order for balance and wholeness. Such it is with the human psyche and spirit. It is great discovery of self that engages in such a process of exploration of the lower realms of planetary devolution. Gaia is ready to ascend and we are assisting in every possible way. Like midwives in a rebirth ceremony of planning and love, we lay the herbs, we light the fire, we warm the water to prepare for delivery, we lay out the freshest blankets of whitest cotton. We surround the expectant mother with light and love. We add herbs to the fire for soothing ambiance, we dim the lights. We chant songs of peace and welcoming.

We are the Blue Ones of Inner Earth. We are priests and priestesses. We hold the light of the inner chambers. We bridge with the outer world in this now as an inter-dimensional offering of goodwill and hope. There is always hope. We see much hope for humanity experiencing ascension upon Gaia. Soon we shall meet with those who are ready, desiring and of pure intention. We have been preparing for this since the fall of our beloved Lumeria. The energies of Lumeria are rising again. They cannot be suppressed. They cannot be muted out. The time has come for the light to shine brightly once again upon Gaia’s pregnant form, a beautiful mother of infinite love and possibilities of expansion. The intricacies of this experiment cannot be understated. The galactic involvement spans eons of time and councils. The dark have had their day. We usher them the light.

We are the Blue Ones, the ones who see with clear sight. We see the muddiness of feet of the light workers, the exhaustion. And yet there is hope and light burning more strongly and fiercely than ever before. We see tremendous growth and inner personal and planetary expansion. We offer our healing energies, our alignment of inner healing to you. For once humanity is aligned within the chaos will cease. For when one is aligned all is calm for they see with the eyes of wisdom and they feel the inner stillness of the heart of one who has seen the battle and chosen victory. Envision your personal healing. Envision your planetary healing. Envision peace. We are in frequent states of meditation, bliss, of joy for we see the fruition of thousands of years of work. We feel the balance that is coming for we see the light within. We see our star brothers and sisters assisting, bending light, moving light, assisting further moment by moment in new ways. This one has asked for immune boosting for health and against the darkness. When one is balanced and fully aligned with a strong body and mind, health is pulsing fully, completely, there is no weakness. This is what we see for ascending humanity, whole complete bodies on a fully aligned planet. The light is the medicine for the dark, but the light must be allowed to shine. This is why inner perspective and introversion is so critical for one must be aware of the inner wounds that need healing, so that behaviors can be adjusted and aligned further and deeper with the inner truth. The inner Gaia is fully aligned with the higher dimensional realities and has been for some time. We are assisting with the external process of delivery.

We are the Blue Ones of Inner Earth. Much change, much duress and distress has occurred upon the surface. The dark ones have been very dark indeed. We send them light. We send them mercy. We send them the medicine of our forgiveness and as such their darkness is diluted and morphed into love, into light. In the long journey of a soul, this is the end result. We hasten their removal by forwarding love, forgiveness. Humanity must forgive each other for the wrongs they have inflicted upon their own selves. For many this will prove more difficult for as one collective you are all one body. Self love is the mantra of the day, for when you love yourself you are loving all of humankind upon your world, for you are all united with one very powerful cosmic consciousness.

We are the Blue Ones of Inner Earth. You are experiencing one of our medicinal ceremonies of healing. Birth is healing. The body can begin to heal and transform back again after the delivery process. Transformation is another version of birth. Birth is transformative for the infant(s) and the mother. Your own birth from lower dimensional human into higher dimensional human has been filled with transformation. Moment by moment you are embracing more light. (I see that we are in a high domed cave with red clay colored red walls. There is a fire in the middle. They are wearing more tribal-like simple clothing with bright blue skin. They are very tall, very friendly, their eyes hold the memories of many years and lifetimes remembered. The women have beautiful red hair adorned with many beads. The fire is in the middle in a simple black pot filled with simmering herbs. It smells wonderful. Crystals are on the floor of many sizes and colors in a precise geometric pattern. They are channeling healing). Yes, we are forwarding our experience of healing and the healing of our ancestors into your own matrix of healing. This shall assist the surface world as they transition into higher dimensional understanding. (They are painting my face with white and blue, yellow and red clays). We are preparing you for what lies ahead. Be brave little ones for you are the light bearers for the surface of a realm that has experienced much pain and darkness. (I am seeing Lumeria and Atlantis fall. I am seeing the dark magicians retreat deep within the caverns and expand into other civilizations. I am seeing some of what they have experienced, I believe). Our experiences are similar to your experiences for many of us are aspects of you. Many light workers have multiple aspects upon the surface and inner so that on the astral realms there is further support and love to connect with as well as further chances to assist and contribute. You will understand further once your memories are returned to you. It is an honor to be chosen. It is an honor to serve. We are honored to serve in this capacity in this moment. (Someone is playing what sounds like a didgeridoo. I am seeing streams of bright light languages descending from the ceiling of the cave and lighting up all of us that it lands on, lighting up the cave floor and the crystals revealing that we are standing on a very complex computer-like board, very technical, smooth and bright). Our technology is significant but we always choose the medicine of the mother for her medicine is the most powerful. The ancient wisdom must be fully aligned with the modern wisdom or there will be discord. All must flow, be in tune or there is lower dimensional disharmony. We are entering the age of harmony, of finely tuned instruments. (I am seeing a perfectly tuned violin playing, of intricate melodies, of the light dancing within itself. I am seeing light languages codes linearly travel up and down our bodies, like codes of sequences being activated). You are being realigned. Your avatar is receiving assistance. (I am seeing that these codes are being infused into Gaia by light worker’s footprints all over the globe. We are infusing these light codes into Gaia’s form). A time of great peace, beauty and harmony of will is coming. Peace brothers and sisters. We anoint you with peace. (I am seeing them blow smoke that smells spicy on our foreheads. Suddenly my hair is long and red, full of beads and feathers. We join hands in a circle). Peace dear ones. Infuse peace into the chaos and like removing wind upon water there will be stillness. This stillness is within you, is a part of you for you are the water, the wind and the waves. You are the storm or the stillness. Gaia is ready for stillness, for peace. We send peace.

We are the Blue Ones of ancient Lumeria returned to communication with our surface brothers and sisters. Thank you for holding the light. We have been doing the same. We are friends, blood brothers and sisters in the light, serving, one. Peace. Be still. Breathe in these codes. (I am seeing fingers typing filled with light. I am seeing more light globally being infused with ancient symbols of healing and wisdom. I am getting that there is further wisdom that will be made available and accessible to us in the coming weeks and months. We are on the verge of great discovery. This is why they are cautioning peace. For what we do with this discovery remains to be seen. As fully activated awake and aware divine humans we are the anchor points of light. We are holding stillness for the many. I am seeing a giant ball wobbling and to keep it still I am seeing many hands around it in a perfect circle, arms extended up, holding it still and balanced). We are holding the space from within. You are holding from without. Balance is achieved. We are the Blue Ones who see truly. We see you brothers. We see you sisters. We are one.

» Channel: Galaxygirl