Archangel Uriel: Unconscious Creating

archangel uriel image eraoflightdotcomArchangel Uriel: You see, because of the reality in which you reside, much of your being lies in the unconscious area, and there is danger here, because you can create from that area of the unconscious and not bring that into your conscious awareness. So it is desired that light frequencies be installed to end this dimensional reality and to allow the unconscious portion to be brought into alignment and become fully consciously aware.

Jim: Is there something that I can do that I am not doing to access that awareness or speed that awareness up?

Uriel: It is very helpful for you to monitor your thoughts and your feelings and how those two go together and produce a frequency within your being. And what it does to you energetically. You see in the day-to-day world of time-space, beings, even beings of a Light, such as yourself, do not stay in full awareness of every thought they think and every feeling they feel, and it gets put into your unconscious mind and creates from that state. But if you commit and stay aware and practice this awareness of thought, even in the most minute things of day-to-day life, then less and less thought gets relegated to an unconscious state. And therefore, you begin to create totally from a conscious state of mind, rather than the unconscious. The unconscious mind is in danger of creating elements that are not desired for them personally and collectively. So it is important to stay very aware.

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10 Replies to “Archangel Uriel: Unconscious Creating”

  1. Davey

    I believe that seeing your thoughts and feelings as your allies are key here. I have found that to control thoughts is a kind of suppression and will ultimately cause the continuation of unconsciousness. The real choice is which ones do you energize to become your reality. All thoughts and feelings can be acknowledged and let go of. If they are negative in nature, I feel it’s important to ask that feeling or thought where it came from within you, what energy in you inspired it and what is it teaching you. This allows you to stop seeing negative ones as tormentors and in need of controlling/suppression, but instead are showing you a perspective you have within you that needs healing and acknowledging. I spent many years wasting so much energy and feeling tired a lot to come to this realization. It gave me incredible peace and a level of understanding that I denied myself as certain thoughts scared me or felt to bad to be at peace with by simply acknowledging them as a teacher. I feel it’s important to understand also that only the thoughts you energize come to be your reality. You energize them by focusing on them, or reacting to them (which is a form of forced focus due to fear). When you learn to simply acknowledge a thought or feeling as a teacher, allow it to show you what it has come to teach you and let it go, great peace and stillness is gained. I hope this is of help to many

    1. Cheri

      So well said Davey wow! Powerful and true! I still get these in the clearing work too just like you said and the key is not reacting or overlaying them onto my reality or personal circumstances. PTSD is the repeating loop of the mind and it is your own personal torture! We gotta let it flow through to heal as the energetic control structure whether it is personal to us or not is healing through us all now. Like random thoughts floating along the brainwaves. It is my choice whether to grab onto it or let it flow through my light without attachment or resistance or reaction! Love you warriors! 😘

      1. Davey

        Dear Cheri, thank you for your kind words… And to you too, keep up the excellent work, you can just feel how great the human race is really doing – love and light all the way!!!!

    1. Claudia Schillings

      It´s impossible to “CONTROL” our thoughts&feelings because WE don`t “make” them.

      They are “THE CONNECTION” to our “HIGHER SELF” or rather “HOW WE” “IN THE HIGHER REALMS” talk to “us” “down here”.

      Guess what it means/what you create if you want to “CONTROL” “THEM”?


      1. kazar

        Uriel specifically said MONITOR these areas. I get more to observe, Feel and incorporate into the conscious Life instead of unconscious. It Feels like that was the intent

        1. Cheri

          It’s interesting! I can immediately feel the shift in frequencies now but the key is not reacting. One is conscious and one is unconscious. Lots of this mind control in the quantum brainwaves which Claudia alluded to is running deeply through our subconscious as the brain hemispheres were disconnected and operating separately. Being conscious brings them together as a whole functioning brain and we can now see and feel what was once hidden 😘

          1. Ed😘🥑💜

            Love How You Express And Integrate….

            QUANTUM 💗 LOVE