Federation of Light: Revolution

federation of light eraoflightdotcomIt is with pleasure that we contact you. We want to let you know that there will be a new shutdown soon. Covid-19 is almost gone and the new flu virus is here instead. It will scare people again, resulting in a new shutdown.

This has consequences such as people no longer finding themselves in how the authorities handle these virus attacks and begin to question their ability to help people in need and deal with viruses that come to Earth constantly. Many people want to start going back to their previous occupations in order to support themselves, but many companies and authorities have stopped because of their inefficiency. People find it difficult to cope.

There will be a huge revolt against those in power and the people will demand back their assets that they have been robbed of. Corruption is high in the political world and this will soon come as an announcement to the people. This leads to many people feeling disgust and hatred towards those in power, which in turn leads to a very difficult situation for many people.

Hating and slandering those in power will not help these people but by helping each other together, try to understand why this happens to all people. Many, too many do not know anything about what is happening on Earth and in the Universe, but become frustrated by those in power’s unwillingness to help people in need.

The light workers will have a lot to do for these people by being there for them with guidance and counseling, how to continue with their lives. The light workers are very important to everyone at this stage that is happening on Earth. Their light and their ability to explain what is going on on Earth and in the Universe are of great importance for human beings’ continued lives. Nothing will be as it used to be, but now is a new time and a new world.

Spread your light to as many people as possible for the benefit of all.

We love you all so much

Galactic Federation of Light.

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