October is a Pivotal Month

light waves eraoflightdotcom“Everything I’ve ever let go of has claw marks on it.” David Foster Wallace

A heads up! Saturn/ Pluto Stationary Storm all week either side of Thursday’s Seismic Full Moon!

October is going to be a pivotal month- a game changer and crunch point- and it kicks off with a geomagnetic storm.

The Dismantling of the 3D world is now obvious, undeniable and physical. The Evolutionary Burn started years ago at the etheric soul level and, since January 12 2020, is now transforming the physical dimension.

What we are experiencing in our lives, our cells, our guts are the visible outworkings of Pluto’s alchemical burning fields and Saturn’s karmic re-balancing. October’s astrology means business – the reality dials are clicking and there is a complex gestalt of personal and collective bridges, junctures, choice points and time-line switches. All the dynamic reactive cardinal signs are under pressure in October 2020 – Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer. There is a heady cocktail of extreme psychic and physical weather.

Week Ahead Time-Line

29 Saturn Direct 25 Capricorn

Mars square Saturn

Incoming geomagnetic storm

1 Full Moon 9 Aries conjunct Chiron

4 Pluto Direct 22 Capricorn

Any week when the Men in Black Saturn and Pluto station then turn forward together in the sign of politics, power and control is going to be a personal and collective turning point.

On September 29th Lord of Time and Karma Saturn turns direct in a square to retrograde Mars in Aries. An irresistible force meets an immoveable object in the seismic window of a Chironic Full Moon.

On Sunday October 4th, Pluto turns forward on the exact degree of 22 degrees Capricorn – a Master Number – where it met Saturn in Capricorn on January 12 2020 for the first time in over five hundred years. This will initiate an even deeper wave of the major clearing and cleansing. Anticipate more detoxing globally in terms of more disclosure, more public political wrangling, more attempts to control, more purification, more soul searching as a collective and more revelation and exposure. Truth needs to be served up, raw and cold and clear, whether about racism or the dark side of modern economics or the environment. Due to the laws of synchronicity, it is a command from the universe. With the Dark Lord as the all-seeing Eye of Mordor, Truth is saying, “Ready or not, I’m coming.”

It’s time to walk away from reinforcing the spells of the old illusion with your words, attention, thoughts, and especially your emotions. You know better.

It’s time to stop being shocked by or dramatising the ongoing outer 3D events. They should not be a surprise, nor an opportunity for sensationalism, nor a way to keep old narratives alive.

It’s time to finally see through the Emperor’s new clothes to the non-reality of the threadbare lies and distortions running in the background 24/7

It’s time to see right through the over culture’s deliberately paradoxical message exhorting you to be unique/be different/ be special but making sure you conform all at the same time

And remember: Suffering is not a credential but a choice.

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