Ivo of Vega: Alien Consciousness

ivo of vega eraoflightdotcomMe: Ivo, what are we going to do next year when we live together?

Ivo: You will be spending time with us on the ships as well. You will be consciously taking part in the war against the dark, which will still be ongoing. We will teach you, my love. You will have counselling and lessons in how to master your energy.

Me: Oh good. All that stuff I never seemed to have time for here.

Ivo: And then some.

Me: Why do I see Yoda and Luke Skywalker? LOL Yeah, I’m Sharon Skytalker. Becoming a Jedi.

Ivo: You perceive it as such but you are to be refamiliarized with your Self. Earth took you far away from who you really are, and you have some idea of what you have done out in the galaxy as you have seen past lives and your current life as Tiannia, and you understand something of yourself. Also, you will be called Tiannia from now on, not Sharon.

Me: Works for me. I have so many names it’s not funny anymore.

Ivo: Your consciousness is asking to be called Tiannia to prepare you to go back to your fifth dimensional life with me. You simply have a different body now. The more you undergo your re-introduction to life as a Vegan, the more you will remember. If you believe that you do not relate to earth life now, then wait until next year. It will not align with you at all. This is necessary, my love, in order that you readjust to our life together again.

Me: That’s good. I understand. I wonder if some of the other lightworkers could use this. Some seem to do pretty good with embracing their higher consciousness and some aren’t even worried about where they’re from. But others could use a re-introduction to the lives they left or even their home planets if they came here between lives.

Ivo: However, you are a fourteenth dimensional. Because of this and because of the fact that after this lifetime, we will ascend together again, you will need to be able to access knowledge from all of these dimensions and begin to re-experience them again. We want to go home.

Me: Cool! Oh yes, of course. I’ve been studying to do this lifetime. I’ve been being born and studying here and there in order to prepare me for this life. Once it’s over, I’m free to go back to wherever I came from.

Ivo: And so am I. We are Elohim. We are the masters and on a learning path in a higher reality.

Me: Next year will be awesome. So it’s not about acquainting Ivo with earth and having an “earth life” with him as much as it is his taking me to remember what I left behind. It’s all part of the process of being born here. The more I remember, I suppose, the more there will be to pass on to you, and the more changes I can make to the collective on earth.

Ivo: Correct, my dear. You retain your earthly personality to some degree for legality’s sake such as ownership of the house is in your name, but otherwise you are not of this planet. You are still part of the collective, however you will make even larger changes to it than you have to date.

Me: Hmm. That should be interesting. Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: Now go back to bed, my love. You will no longer dream of bleeding to death. You understand what it is you need to do now, Tiannia.

» Source » Channel: Sharon Stewart