Sula: Your 5D Power Creates 3D Change

lightworker eraoflightdotcomSula: Good Day to you, to all the ‘yous’ who visit here to receive this energy and partake of these words.

J: ‘God Day’ to you too!  I have to confess, you took me entirely by surprise as, although I had felt your energy all week, we haven’t been formally ‘introduced’!

S: Indeed it is so!  I am Sula.

J: Wonderful to meet you!  I imagine you know I’m Jennifer!  Thank you for coming to share with us.  In fact, what would you like to share with us today?

S: Indeed, I have come to ask you to share!

J: ..!

S: There is a reason you have sensed me this week, it is because you have – seemingly randomly – begun a new practice this week which has been ‘inspired’, if you will…  Would you share this with everyone, then they too may benefit from this expanded skill.

J:  Aha!  Well, I’d be honoured, if a little weary of talking about myself, as I view this as more about the wisdom that comes from you, rather than ‘me’ talking.

S: Wisdom is nothing if not applied, skills are nothing if not used, alchemy is nothing if not intended into reality.

J: Good point!  So… my son is nearly ten.  He isn’t a huge fan of school – lunch and his friends are the only two things he likes about school! – and he hasn’t had an easy time of it.  Let’s say that he has been on receiving end of unwanted attention and he didn’t really know how to deal with this.

The school has now dealt with this, but that’s at the physical level.  I wanted to do something deeper, more transformational so that a deeper truth could emerge and be grounded.

In meditation, I had the idea to call upon the Ascended Masters, Angels and all beings of light who wished to assist in this process to work with me, as well as the guides and angels of the children in the class:

I first focused on my son and asked that the highest expression that his soul wished to manifest in this situation could come to the fore; I imagined this as a gentle, white light that grew inside him until it radiated outwards through his entire body and outwards.

I then repeated this with all the children in his class, asking that their souls’ highest vision for this school year was also brought to the fore, nourished and expanded by divine love.

I asked that all the pain, wounds, trauma – personal, familial and ancestral – that they carried by these children are healed, and that the energies are transmuted back to divine perfection.

Initially, it looked as though each child in the class was a flickering candle, but as their wounds were healed, their purity was revealed, and their love expanded, they glowed in deep, bright harmony.  Their glow was steady, unified and amplified – like a symphony of light, where each shade brings forth its most beautiful expression.

I imagined and asked that this process extend to the class teachers, that it expand out to all the classes and children in the school…. Then I asked that this process ‘go quantum’, that all students and educators become harmonised with their greatest, truest, highest expression.

I asked that this be done in line with the highest good of all, because the Divine, the Infinite Love, knows exactly what will serve every soul best.

Then I gave thanks!  I’ve been doing this each day to embed it as fully as possible.

S: Beautiful!  That is beautiful.  That is what we wished you to share.  It is possible for anyone to do this, in any situation, in any group or any institution.

It is not only possible, it is your ability, your service, your seva, your newly expanding skill set.

We are inviting you to create change across the planet, by starting with the challenge that stands immediately before you in your Now moment.

J: That is just so exciting.  We can use our problems, our pains, our challenges to create change and increase the light on the planet right now?!

S: Yes.  This is the alchemy you have brought with you although it has lain dormant for so long.  You are awakening, your skills and talents are emerging.  Arise dear souls, Arise!

J: I’m not sure about anyone else, but I am almost moved beyond words (a first some may say!).

It’s a spiritual version of ‘Act Local, Think Global’!  And we have that power: amazing.

Thank you so much.

S: And thank you to You, each and every single one of you who comes here to resonate with your inner power, your divine essence.

*Channeler’s note!  Obviously, this is just one way you can use your divine power – the pathways are as infinite and varied as we are – the essential point is to follow our intuition, to use whatever is in our lives right now: our present moment is our gateway to our awakened divinity.  Our present is The Present.  With so much love to you all x

** Channel: Jennifer Crokaert

** Source