The “Mother” of All Gateways Preparing To Open up Wide

light waves eraoflightdotcomWhile I’ve not yet completed/released the October Energy Focus/Overview/Report, it feels important to share for “opening up” fully in preparation to receive, upgrade, stabilize and integrate what I’ve been observing since last week as the most powerful influx/gateway we’ve experienced thus far.

I was hesitant to share, because the energy of “when” was confusing, yet every day the feeling/observation gets stronger and today the words “Unpredictability” are a part of this one, so here we are.

As I tune in to the frequencies/portal/gateway/all, I keep seeing “the Mother of Gateways” (Divine Mother/Love Energies” blowing hearts wide open and delivering/activating such immense codes, game changers, pivotal and life altering codes…. path altering codes…. for us all.

Gale Force Solar Winds are also a part of these. It’s a “completely let go of everything and all”. Allow yourself to float, fly, dance, sing, rest/lay flat out/sleep… do whatever supports you/your Lightbody/DNA rewrites/entire body-field recalibration/re-alignment processes ….

This may be the gateway that kicks off the “Great Purge/Great Purification” that’s coming as a part of this 3-month initiatory “releasing Old Earth fully” from our bodies… a necessary step in the progression for all LIVING NEW EARTH REALITIES fully and with greater ease. (I will share on this more with the October Energy Update/Overview, as there is so very much more than that). We’ve entered many “completion cycles” as well as many “all-new-realities” for everyone… where continual up-shifting is a part of our every moment now. ♥

Right now the “energies are confusing” because while “on the surface” everything is soft, beautiful and pure, there is a massive Cosmic Storm/Alignment brewing and preparing to flood forth, where the re-balancing of geo-electro-magnetics is an understatement….

This whole year of Cosmic Re-Alignment, the cycles have been increasing… every month stronger, faster and more powerful than before. It’s been a bit mind-blowing to observe how fast all is cycling, how immense these codes are and how quickly all shifts as well…..

I feel like I would be remiss if I did not at least post this to support all who utilize this information to guide/assist with opening up to receive even more. If nothing occurs, then “oh well”, no one cares, yet if so… then, well, surrender to the process and honor what’s highest aligned for you and all as Pure Love. ♥

Embrace much higher dimensional photonic frequencies as Cosmic Gaia continues to release/evolve/move all into much higher frequency bandwidths continually… as a part of a pre-determined/pre-agreed much higher timeline that moves the entire planet and all inhabitants out of the old and into all new (NEW Earth) versions of Multi-Dimensional Quantum Realities…. in every now moment. ♫

Within kindness, reverence and great care,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼