Mountains of New Earth: Mountain of Support

we are one love eraoflightWe are the Mountains of Nova Gaia. We offer you our support, the support of a strong foundation for your coming months ahead. May your foundation be that of faith, of one whose unwavering purpose propels them ever forward on their journey towards ascension and personal and planetary enlightenment. We offer an energetic bridge of support from our mountains of Nova Gaia to the Gaia on which you currently embody. You exist upon many planes which is why we do not mean to use the term exist, specifically. For you are existing above, below, all around. You are mighty multidimensional beings who had the courage, grit and fortitude to plunge forward into the depths of unknown of the lower dimensional matrix mind so that you could fully appreciate your higher self in all of its glory while simultaneously assisting with your beloved planetary home.

We are the Mountains of Nova Gaia. Nothing can move us. Nothing can tunnel into us without our permission. Yet we offer our bodies to be the homes of many interplanetary dwellers with great love and joy. (I am seeing little gnomes in pointy red hats smiling and warming their hands by a fire in a deep cave. They are surrounded by glowing crystals of greens, blues and pinks). Nova Gaia is teeming with life in unexpected places. Life blossoms here, thrives here. Soon you will feel this thriving, but not yet. We wish to offer you our solitary, our strong support, our granite strength to you. Feel the pull of our realm to yours. Weave the light in between them. (I am seeing threads of glowing light being woven together from their realm to ours, like knitting together two halves of a sweater. The grandmothers are assisting). Feel the faith needed to accept these vibrations and claim them as your truth, if you choose. It will make the journey easier for you. (I am seeing rocky cliffs with a churning ocean below of gray water. They are showing me that this is the type of energy we are feeling now but this will transform into deep blue calm with peaceful cliffs full of birds in comparison).

We are the Mountains of Nova Gaia. We consist of many minerals that would seem rare and exotic to your realm. We are rich with all minerals. There is no wanting. (I am seeing glowing lines of gems of all colors within the mountains. The gnomes assist with their energetic balancing and harvesting. They harvest the gems in a renewable fashion which the gnomes oversee). All is plenty and we have the patient privilege of providing this to the Nova Gaians as they require. (I am seeing skiers on tops of snowy peaks and sunbathers at the mountain bases and beaches surrounding. There is much joy and relaxation here. It is an oasis of peace). We wish for you to see yourself as a mountain does. Strong. Sure. Sturdy. For you are. We are all one, all connected. You can call upon our own strength if yours feels to be faltering but we assure you, you are strong enough to be the bridge of worlds, the realm walkers of the in-between. For this is why you were chosen, this is why you were called, this is why you are here reading these words. The world you are currently embodying is in much chaos, much turmoil. Be the peace in the eye of the storm that surrounds and expand your peace outwards, calming the rough waves. Erosion does not occur in our realm as it does in yours. We are renewed by the energies. Here, water and rain soothes, they do not erode. You may feel eroded and sand-blasted by the storms but we assure you, you are granite like us. You are strong enough for this. You have mountain ranges upon mountain ranges supporting you from the land that is your destiny, your home if you choose but know that Nova Gaia will always open her arms to her light warriors. You are divinely orchestrated in your exact pin-point in time matrices. (I am seeing a large felt board with many colorful pins and complex strings in between in an intricate pattern. I see if one pin is moved the entire weaving in between the pins is altered, changed, different). You are lonely because you are strategically placed. But if you could see all of the family and friends from your star nations supporting you and all of the elementals, and Nova Gaian beings calling out to you, loving you, offering you etheric support you would not feel alone. You would feel overwhelmed with love, with our love for you.

We are the Mountains of Nova Gaia. We are proud to be coming through this one today for our message is one of strength and it is much needed. We are here, we are ready to serve continually. Mountains never change. Underneath they are the same foundation. You may look weathered from the journey but you are not changed in that you are the same multidimensional Source fractal of infinite strength and possibilities serving in the capacity that you are now. Just as we serve in our own capacity, holding space, you will be needed to hold the space for the others. Just as our sandy shores at our mountain bases offer support and a safe place, just as the gnomes find solace in our inner places, so too shall the others be comforted by your faith, by your very presence. You are the mountains for your current world in the now. You are the energetic mountains of your current reality. Mountains hold space, and they contain many riches. Your riches are your very selves and your divine sacrifice to serve in this capacity is breathtaking.

We are the Mountains of Nova Gaia. You may connect with us. You may join the others and pull this reality to you as your reality. And it will be made manifest sooner. Your faith is our faith. We are just experiencing the fruit of your faith from this side. We are the fruition of the faith and solid trust and inner knowing that love always wins, that this galaxy could be saved. We are the proof of this. Know that it has already been achieved. Our existence is just as real as your own. We are solid. We are ready to welcome you home. But in the meanwhile be the mountains of faith where you are now in this moment. Offer peace and support to the others. (I am seeing a girl on a mountain top with her arms out in the wind, happy). Unwavering faith is what is required in this now moment and we assure you – you will not be disappointed. Gaia is weeping with joy for as your current reality falls apart and crumbles in the wind, the new reality is being birthed and we are proof of this faith made manifest. We are the Mountains of Nova Gaia.

**Channel: Galaxygirl