The Pleiadians: Calling the Awakened

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomBeloved ones we greet you,

Your world is in 3rd dimensional chaos, the illusion is strong, however simultaneously the light shines brightly within your planet through the Network Grid. This month the frequency emanating from the Network Grid will expand outwards in brilliance and begin to align within the Magnetic core of the Earth. This happening will expand the balance and stability of the light within the planet. Allowing you to be fortified deeply within your individual Heart.

A call is going outwards, to all of your who are awake, to open more consistently within your Heart. Becoming more conscious of the powerful ripple effect that you create whenever you choose to align within your Heart. There is a magnified response set in motion each time you align within the sacred aspect of your Heart through the Network Grid.

Take your place by letting go and opening within your Heart to birth a collective Communion light within your Earth plane. This light is to make a profound difference to the stability on your planet at this juncture.

We continue to hold and carry the frequency Platform alongside the Universal team, while you are the ones to create the wave of light across the earth, through your consciously choosing to align within your Heart.

This is the pure, holy space of light that is required now on your planet. Allow it to build in momentum this month. Come together in groups of two or more people to build the pure light frequency of the Flow.

We witness you.


The Pleiadians.

**Source **Channel: Christine Day