Moon Opposite the Galactic Centre

eclipse new eraoflightdotcomSaturn’s Day is my favourite day of the week because it is the day I choose to not play by the rules or should I say play by the rings of Saturn. If there is to be a day of the week that I choose to stay super conscious, super mindful and super playful then it’s going to be the day of Saturn.

We don’t want to be leaving any karmic footprints in the sands of time to come back and clear so instead I use Saturn’s Day for softness, rest, remembering forgotten wisdom, gentle movement, play and making sure I get in plenty to giggle about.

Notice how many use Saturn’s day for chores and getting jobs done?
Nope for me, not anymore, I am not playing by those rules and I haven’t done for some time now.

I always suggest taking jewellery off on Saturn’s day, because never forget there are genetic or cellular memories within you that remembers bangles and bands to represent slavery, persecution and ownership so after receiving the codes to remove all jewellery on a Saturday I began honouring the ancient versions of me and my genetic lineage which is incredibly important when completing the unification back to your Ancient Self.

The Ancient Self is the path back through the sands of time to where or when we were seeded as human beings. The Ancient Self holds the purpose as to why we are here and this reverberates in those still separated as they find themselves wondering and asking the question “why am I here” and “what is my purpose”, this is how the ancient pattern or codes work and because the answer has been long forgotten through the neglect of wisdom and valuing ignorance the race developed systems such as the way we live today to distract us and fill in the gap of experience until we chose to awaken.

Cue 2009 when the previous solar minimum began, and the deep DNA work commenced to prepare the physical bodies for the unification of soul light intelligence.

The previous decade paved the way back to the Ancient Self, a golden thread of truth was found throughout all teaching of all times and when followed by those open to guidance what we found was the stable ground from which we could rebirth and begin anew. This rebirth so to speak is incredibly exciting as it establishes the connection to the Ancient FUTURE Self, and its from these codes that I share. The future codes feel backwards to many and is why I frequently hear people say they do not understand me, but they are still super curious because the resonance is immensely strong.

Those who do understand are those who hold the same level of commitment to the new Aquarian Age as I, and they choose to surf these cosmic waves very closely with me so that I can share my time and space breaking things down into super easy to understand data bundles for all to enjoy the miracles that the Aquarian Codes reveal.

The Ancient FUTURE Self holds zero sacrifice or saviour codes, these were something of the Piscean Age and therefore very few are currently able understand them, their value is still held in the victim/saviour programming and so much of what I share feels detached from what they know. The codes operated from currently are not able to process the high levels of light until the mass data dump has been processed.

If you would like to learn more then please do head over to and choose from the Sapphire, Opal or Diamond Portal to receive the resonance that best matches your incoming vibration.


If you are following the energetic navigation reports shared you will know we seem to have found ourselves in the template of the parting of the red sea and that we are walking through, with haste now, as yesterday we glanced behind and witnessed the sea now coming back together.

It was interesting as yesterday I was guided to look in on some Brothers and Sisters who chose to part ways some time ago, and what I found was highly symbolic of those getting dragged under the cosmic waters and experiencing high levels of learned hopelessness which is a super code in the unconsciousness, the ability to continue the fight is leading to the inevitable, the wanting to give up.

The wanting to give up, is the wanting to give up on the arrogance and the b*llsh*t of the beLIEf’s we feed ourselves, it is the moment one realises themselves being driven like sheep off the cosmic cliff by those blind spiritual shepherds that regurgitate the Piscean codes. The guides, the gurus, the religions, the spiritual junk that has grown from the ancient stories now so diluted they are almost unrecognisable.

Is this you?

Its easy to know because in your heart and mind the experience of the bipolar spin is in effect, the high highs and dopamine addictions then drop into fear and confusion and the body is flushed with stress hormones of adrenaline and cortisol. The voice within gets dark and judgemental, the body tenses with its defence armour and one continues to seek in the direction its heading because its way to invested, or perhaps its got a huge following that makes it too difficult to turn the ship around through the fear of that inner judgement then being reflected in their reality…what will the unconscious think…

WHO CARES, the connection to light is way more valuable, the energy this gives to our planet means you get to LIVE and LEAVE in PEACE, which is the connection, it is the karmic free living, it means you have zero reason to return to repeat, it means no fragmentation of the energy through no regret and no fear residue to clean up PLUS by doing so you leave Earth in peace, my loves THAT is what this is all about, THAT is the purpose.

These are the codes of light for the Aquarian Age, and once this is fully understood there is no want to “give up” from the light, those words hold zero sense. The truth of light is that once light has been seen it can not be unseen, once light is known it cannot be unknown and this is why I say that much of what people believe to be spiritual is in fact the very opposite that highlights the state of ones mental health and the dis-ease in these misaligned beliefs they teach.

You cannot give up on light, light cannot deplete, once received by the seed crystal of the heart it becomes undeniable and it is impossible for it to leave or for us to give up on it, light is miraculous, light gives clarity, it brings peace which holds space for miraculous healing, it is a connection beyond anything describable that delivers unconditional love that you cannot put into words, you can only be the example and from here it is encompassed in the golden egg of light, ENLIGHTENMENT, in which the feeling, the vibration is that of bliss – anything other than this is the learning of how to get to this.

I am digressing, lets continue the energy report for today…

The template continues today and there is no time left to look back, we understand the devastation that is unfolding behind, but its now so very important to focus in the direction we are heading, the next movements we make are to be precise to reach the safety of high ground.

No more are we to focus behind us on the problem, we focus on the now and where we are heading, we focus on the solution.

When speaking of the path of enlightenment, I often refer to it as a highway in which we are all travelling in the same direction, we are all travelling in cars and we get to look out of each of the windows and receive a different view. The trick is though, to keep the eye on the road, if we keep looking backwards then we are inevitably going to crash as we smash into the back of another or veer off the road entirely.

This analogy also aligns with the saying you will hear me repeat often, we are not to be the problem dweller, we are to be the solution provider. When a problem arises it should be immediately stripped of its details, the realisation of why it has turned up should be sought and the value should be placed in realising how it was manifested, what is required to be learned and how we can shift our behaviour so the experience can be “spent”.

Once light is understood it no longer requires a learning experience. Some of us at times require a confirmation experience but once that is received there is no need to double look again, take it and grow from it, stay looking through the front window in the direction you are heading.

The road you travel on is a given, we don’t need to receive confirmation we are driving on the road, we KNOW the road is there, we know the highway is there, all we need do is look where we are going and INjoy the journey.

The Moon now makes its opposition to the Galactic Centre where Pluto is, and Jupiter is teetering and then late afternoon in the UK the moon makes the opposition with Saturn

All of this whilst in a square to Mars…

Notice how Mars has continued to show up in energy reports throughout these transits and this continues through this next week as the new moon hits the square with Saturn and conjuncts Mars, there is without doubt a force that is wanting you to see and to face anything that is stunting your growth or holding you back from your divine potential

It is incredible to witness this clockwork finery.

The Galactic centre is a reset, its where it all began, the womb from where all creation was once birthed.

The Divine Portal

Pluto the planet of transformation is there.

Jupiter the God of Gods, the planet of expansion is teetering on the edge at 24 degrees Sagittarius (Sidereal astrology) ready to magnify every single experience we receive, whether that be to see more, bringing back into focus from our unconscious blindness or whether that be to expand more of what we have now aligned, it’s a great big reset of MORENESS.
Focus my loves, we are being shown the potential or the next destination now available

We are riding with speed on the stallion that is Mars, it feels nail biting due to the square aspect its making, its like rattling in an old cart with broken wheels, its uncomfortable and its breaking down that which is weak and unsupportive, but we are moving forward nonetheless.

Then Saturn, on Saturn’s day, which ultimately doubles up the energy hits our emotions (Moon) and the ground begins to rumble with Saturn sitting on the first degree of Capricorn, freshly out of retrograde but still barely in a forward motion yet, all still feels sluggish in that the harder or faster we try and run we can feel the weight within slowing us down. Its like we are running in slow motion, but the mind is sharp and experiencing in this now moment.

This is it angels, its that do or die energy, the red sea is raging, its taking many under and you now have the opportunity to move forward by holding the golden thread of truth and transformation that Pluto has sent out from his connection to the galactic centre to guide you forward into the new.

The emotional cording to the attachments and beLIEf’s that have been controlling you, governing you, those useless loyalties to that which is unconscious and tethering you in the old ways can now be left so easily if you so choose.

This energy supports the release of the old fight and the need to carry those not prepared to carry themselves, its supporting you to come back to peace by realising the attachments and expectations to the old Piscean values, to the way life once was and is offering you the light codes of peace that will guide you safely away from the discord and into new sacred, health filled fields where the promised land will provide all that your heart tells you to be true.

We have a new moon just under a week away, the promised lands are just moments away for those who now choose to allow the old life and its systems and supports to fall away.

Are you with us?

As always, and forever, I am sending waves upon waves of peace, love, and bliss to you