Twin Flame Ascension Report: 10:10 Master Portal, Final Chess Moves Being Played

it is time eraoflightdotcomDearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time on the wings of the great equinox gateway.

Dearest ones, many of you will be aware that vast and profound shifts are currently taking place within the Old 3D paradigm. Structures and institutions that have held humanity entrapped in old frequencies that did not match humanity’s divine potential are now crumbling before our very eyes.

Please know that this is now shifting, and many of you will begin to notice significant shifts within your societal institutions and old paradigm structures from this moment on, which will begin to reflect the new frequencies of Unity consciousness and unconditional love and acceptance for all beings.

We feel it is important at this point that we inform you that indeed humanity has already passed over the threshold from old earth to new earth and after a very long Dawn of the Aquarius age please believe us when we say we are now moving into the very early hours of the morning of the Aquarius age, And this will symbolically and physically arrive on 21st of December winter solstice 2020 whereby Jupiter enters Aquarius at 0 degrees.

This is the actual time period all of the ancient indigenous calendars were referring to when they ended all their long count calendars in this Ascension period from 2012 to 2020.

Our galactic Star Family knew very well of this current time period that we are in dearest ones, And this knowledge was depicted on many of the ancient sites such as the Great Pyramids of Giza as well as in all of the Sumerian tablets.

The ancient cultures knew that as Earth moves along her 26000-year cycle, known as the precession of the equinoxes, humanity’s consciousness would shift from being identified as a 3d consciousness being, and would ultimately reach its full potential as a divine Christed angelic Avatar humanoid being.

Dearest brothers and sisters, as we have stated over and over in our Ascension reports, the planet is being bombarded by photonic light particles, and please know that these new light codes that are pouring in are truly unprecedented and hold a structural patterning, unlike anything the earth has ever known.

These light codes hold particular patternings that interlock specifically with humanity’s DNA, in order to send forth instructions particularly to the hitherto dormant DNA strands to activate awaken and come out of their dormant state.

That which is known as “the event” is drawing closer and closer now, and very very soon many of you will be needed by the souls in your family and community who will experience this very very exciting phenomenon….

Once this occurs and for the time period leading up to the cosmic event, Please know that your ultimate task is to prioritize stabilizing your vibration in the fifth-dimensional frequency bandwidth, so that your presence may truly be the exact medicine that all of your brothers and sisters need right now. When we approach life in a stabilized fifth-dimensional vibration, we unconsciously give all who come into our field permission to truly and deeply relax into the vibration of their own true self…….Please know without a doubt this is the Greatest Gift you can offer your brothers and sisters. And will assist them to attune and stabilize in 5th-dimensional frequencies themselves.

Things are truly not as they seem dearest ones as collectively we are en masses observing the expiration and dissolution of 3d timelines and the powerful emergence of 5D timelines, These are the most exciting times for humans to be alive and know that in our lifetime, those of us drawn to these words are destined to be on the front line of this huge galactic and planetary shift.

The energies are now rising towards the 1010 master Ascension portal on this date I Jen am being guided to facilitate a global transmission.

In this transmission, we will do an angelic takeover of the moon matrix. It is widely known that the moon was brought to the Earth from another star system and for all those that are psychically aware it is glaringly obvious that the moon has been taken over by nefarious energetics.

It has been decreed by the Highest forces of light that we do a fourth-dimensional takeover of the moon matrix, working again with the elemental beings of nature – the fairies and the unicorns and the ascended angelic beings who have been specifically Allocated to Guard over the earth’s moon matrix.

In this transmission, we are also going to be sending forth extremely beneficial energetics to support humanity’s shift from the binary 1:0 system to the quantum multidimensional system. This will affect the financial system, the Internet, And indeed many other aspects of life on earth.

We are also being guided to orchestrate a cosmic relationship shuffle in order to assist in the completion of many Karmic soulmate contracts that are ending from now till December. Please know that the new energies that are pouring into the Earth will no longer support karmic relationships Amongst Star seeds.

Please know it is much better to walk this path alone in divine patience awaiting your true divine consort than to be with someone who is not compatible with you on a deep soul level.

Please see below for details on how to book onto this transmission.

This work is offered on an energetic exchange basis.

We would like to offer those of you who have been vibrationally magnetized to these words a message of comfort, It is so important that everybody remembers that there is a multidimensional chess game being played out on the collective playing field at the moment, and it would serve you well to have your attention orientated towards the highest dimensional timeline that is being played out.

it is helpful to view the deep state as a Monster pyramid, and Please know that the highest heads of the monster have been completely cut off by the White Hat earth alliance, and what is being played out are the lower dimensional minions who are still seeking to grab as much loosh as they possibly can from traumatized and controlled humanity,

The puppet masters that exist above them have been taken out by the White Hats and arguably all of the tyrannical atrocities that the governments are proposing at the moment could be perceived as a way to awaken the next wave of sleepers, for it is only when one is shown the toxicity of governmental guidelines that one can truly reclaim One’s inherent sovereignty and autonomy.

This is occurring now for many – we are in the time of the great awakening and there are more souls awake on the planet at this time then there has ever been in the history of life on earth.

Well done to all of the star seeds to all of the lightworkers to all the truthers who are risking so much by revealing this truth.

I very much look forward to Gathering with you all on this highly auspicious date

with much much love Jenji and the white wolf tribe.