Maintaining Your Home as a Portal of Light

energy waves eraoflightdotcomWhen your home is a light portal there is a dome of light all over your space. Within this you are protected. Only higher beings can enter, for you have created a gateway for them. Your portal can be seen by the angelic realms, the galactic beings and all other forces in the universe. And within it you can develop yourself as a spiritual beacon.

Obviously you build your portal by developing your personal frequency, such as:

Practising kindness, love, generosity, courage and other positive qualities (forgive yourself for being human!).

Lots of laughter, positivity and happiness.

Spiritual practices, chanting, prayer, meditation, yoga etc.

Building an altar or a crystal grid as a focal point.

Calling in higher energies to flow through the space.

Lower energies can only enter your personal space if you invite them in.

Before you read this please call in the Gold Ray of Christ and let it surround and protect you.

I am embarrassed to share this story but it was a salutary and horrific lesson for me and has taught me to be very careful. One evening I was watching TV and a programme came on about Jeffery Epstein. I know! I know! I only knew a little bit about him and I was curious. Silly me! I watched the programme in some horror and then went to bed. Next morning I went into the sitting room and stepped back in shock for dark clouds of evil were pouring through the TV into the room. I knew immediately what was happening so I called in the Violet Flame to transmute it. Nothing happened. The dark continued to pour in. I called in all the light energies I could think of but they could not stop it. Finally I invoked the White Flame of Atlantis and the dark cloud stopped dead and at last the hole was plugged. Then I had to cleanse the house.

But it was a salutary lesson. I HAD INVITED IN THE DARKNESS BY WATCHING THAT PROGRAMME. We can spend hours making ourselves or our home pure and light … and then undo all the goodness in a few minutes by focussing on something negative.

After reading the above please pull a burst of Gold and Silver Violet Flame through you to wash away anything you may have attracted and hopefully learn by my stupid mistake.

Interestingly as I started to write about that experience Venus, who is very psychic, jumped up in agitation and started to scrabble at my laptop. She has now returned to her sofa to relax.

© 2020 Diana Cooper