Turning Point

sunny era of light dot comWe have reached a significant turning point in our healing journey, which is offering us a profound expansion in our human consciousness. With this expansion we are able to access previously hidden aspects of our soul, which will elevate our thinking and bring fresh insights and new information.

In the last few months you have descended into the depths of your being to retrieve long forgotten aspects of your soul. You have move through your pain, your grief and your suffering. As a result, you have healed, aligned and brought forth all that you are so that you may move forward unhindered by the past. Immerse yourself now in the light that is expanding within you. Connect with the love that flows within you. Celebrate this turning point and this moment.

Collectively we are standing between worlds, on the threshold of incredible change. This space is a precarious and shifting environment where emotions are heightened, patience is tested and uncertainty is the norm. However, it is a space where profound transformation will occur giving us the opportunity to expand in more ways than we could ever imagine.

The incoming energies for this week are both unpredictable and volatile. There is an explosive force, which is bringing a new awareness and with it a growing recognition that life will no longer continue as it has. You are being propelled forward by your destiny which is motivating you to fully embrace the path that is unfolding before you. Keep your focus in the moment. Work with what is arising and allow your old reactions and old behaviours to fall away.

Much love

Kate Spreckley


5 Replies to “Turning Point”

  1. anonymous

    We has passed a meaningful New Moon in Libra . Very hard phase [ square with Jupiter , Saturn & Pluto ] but meaningful .

    In order to unveil the truth [ including technologies ] , time needs to be accelerated to its full speed [ Light Speed ] until we meet The Grand Conjunction [ Jupiter Saturn Conjunction ] .

    Be ready !

  2. anonymous

    Mid October will be the beginning of mark [ Turning Point ] .

    Mercury has been in Capricorn .

    Our evolved SUN will enter Capricorn from Libra [ 22/23 Oct. — 21/22 Nov. ] .

    What is Capricorn about ?
    Answer : Revealing the TRUTH.

    What can we expect ?
    Answer : A victory in the US history .
    Liberation from the globe .

    The shadow can no longer be shadow anymore with the glorious Rays from our evolved SUN .

    Enjoy the show !!!

  3. anonymous


    In the article [ Lord Ashtar: The Possibilities that Exist in the Quantum Field ] , Ashtar stated


    ” It is breaking apart, it is 95 % broken up now. ”

    How about the rest 5 % ? Will break up in the coming one/two years.

    Thanks Lord Ashtar for giving the proof!

    Things are getting excited now!

    Fasten your belts!

  4. anonymous

    Here we go!

    A turning point not only for individuals, but also for humanity collective. The current energy moves really fast, and it will be faster! 3rd dimensional reality [ dense energy ] is history from now!

    Hello and Welcome to the 4th dimensional reality!

    You will see the huge change in celestials [ unusual signs, unusual hues/colors in the sky ] and the globes.

    A total restart of Earth and beings on it!

    The fun just starts!