Goddess of Creation: Open to Trust

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomThere is so much that comes into play when you consider trust and the effect on your life. You may trust family or friends. You may trust your work, home, or environment. But do you trust the decisions you make? Do you listen to your intuition? The Goddess speaks at the beginning of the major changes taking place in the world.

Step one was about trusting the information that you find. She stated not everything is true and that as the world moves into the higher dimension, then a lot of the old, low vibrations are no longer going to be upon the earth. Therefore, much of what is published or shared by the media is not the truth and people need to read and discern what truth is for them.

Step two was talking of the 5th-dimensional energies. They ARE HERE and the ascension has taken place. What we see now is the final phase which is for the millions of people who have not awakened to open up and realize what is happening. This is a very powerful message because when you look at the world through the eyes of trust and knowing the ascension has happened, you can step aside from all the unrest.

Step three was about trusting your intuition. There are many, many times that people receive information and they talk themselves out of whatever that might have been. As people read or listen to what is happening in the world, she encouraged people to use discernment about what is said. She also reminded everyone about what happens in the higher dimension and that the violence and lying are not compatible.

Finally, this gives you a chance to clear out the past and create greater alignment between your human self and trust. When you raise the vibration of trust it helps you align in a place of greater love and joy.

Nama sika Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you at this our time of coming together in communication, in love and in balance.

I invite you to consider what this year has been for you. The year 2020 upon the Earth has been unprecedented for all that are living upon the Earth.  There are things that have come up from the past that are coming up to be cleared.  There are ways of looking at what is happening in your world, as in the pandemic and the effect that has had on everybody.  There is all of the information and misinformation that is being put out there for humanity. There are organizations that you have trusted that are proving to be untrustworthy, and if you ask yourself what does all of this mean to me the answer has several different layers within it.

The first layer; trust yourself. Trust your intuition. Trust what makes sense to you. Trust from information that you gather on your own because this massive divide has been upon the planet for so very long and all of that old energy is coming up refusing to let go. They think they will still continue to control and yet there is so much more that has been unprecedented for the last 25,000 years or more.

So, with that duality that is in your face so to speak what do you do? You ask yourself does this make sense? Can I just believe what I am being told? Do I just blindly believe and trust what is said to me? Or, do I look for myself? Do I look at alternative resources that are giving a different picture? Do I read, watch videos, look at interviews, and make a decision for myself about what is real and about what is going to support the World moving forward. So, number one is a pretty big part of all that is going on.

The next phase that comes into the events of 2020 is the massive infusion of high light vibration. This is a vibration that is coming in from the Universe. It comes from the Universal Light. It comes from Planets. It comes from the balance of all the planets within the Galaxy, the Universe, and the Omniverse, and this flow of energy is coming into the Earth and it is the new reality, the new beginning of what is going to happen.

Because this has been coming for many, many, many years as I have mentioned before for several thousand years it has been building and building and building and building and you are at the peak or the precipice right now. You have been there. You have actually crossed over it but for the many, many, many millions of people that have been asleep (Meaning not paying attention to changes. Not paying attention to Ascension. Not ever having heard that word before.) they are the ones that are waking up now. All of you that have been following with me woke up a long time past and it is through your dedicated love and support and energy that the World is moving through this massive transformation. So, the rise in the vibration of the Earth is a massive part of 2020.

Because of that rise in vibrations, it has led to part 3 I will call it, which is the clearing out of low vibration. The clearing out of those energies that wish to keep you enslaved or keep you unconscious of what is happening. All the turmoil that is around the World is coming from those that are a part of the old regime, which is keeping people suppressed, keeping people enslaved, and keeping people under control.

The last time, maybe it was two times ago, when we all got together for one of these teleconferences, I assisted you with seeing the many, many Star Beings, the Angels, the Ascended Masters, the Light beings, the Planets, the Stars that are all working in alignment with one another that are bringing in this high vibration. It is not going to stop. It is not going to go anywhere else. It is here.

Therefore, I ask you during this turmoil to focus upon that truth, that reality, that the energy is here and that what you see happening around you; the riots, the nastiness, the control of the media, the control of social media. Understand that all of that is what is going to be removed.

Humanity is impatient. You heard about these things so you want it done now and it has been a process that has been coming together over a very, very long period of time, and just like the rise in the vibration this transformation and this clearing out of the energy is going to happen. I would ask you therefore to try not to get involved in everyone that is talking about the fear, that is talking about the corruption. Yes, the corruption is there. Yes, be fully aware of it as you are making those decisions for yourself. But as you make your choices are you going to choose to focus upon the fear, the anxiety, the riots, the lies or are you going to focus upon the knowledge that the high vibration is here and it is available to you?

I hope that each one of you would choose for yourself to integrate the high, light vibration and will therefore look at the World through those eyes, and will look at the World with the understanding that the vibrational alignment of all of this corruption and all of this focus that everyone is looking upon is literally going to be leaving the Earth in a very short time. The intensity of this will transition off during the Winter Solstice or Summer Solstice, the December Solstice and then after that it will be clear cleaning up the residual.

Just as when year 2000 happened and everybody thought is the world coming to an end.  Is there going to be any electricity, any of those things that people talked about? No, you are going to wake up the next morning and you got to go about your business, you going to do everything and many of you will look around and say, “yet again they told us it would happen and it’s not”. However, it is.

There is so much that has been going on behind the scenes and everything is a very fine-tuned balance and alignment so that you cannot jump to step 10 before 1 to 9 has taken place. You say you are inpatient. I and all of us out here have been waiting for thousands of years with the conscious knowledge that this is going to happen. So, patience is something I ask each one of you to receive.

Take in a deep breath and feel my love, feel my energy, feel my light as I send love and light, and patience into each one of you. May you receive it. May it support you. May you choose to feel at peace. I can feel such a difference in you already and I thank you.

I wish to also remind you that the vast majority of humanity are filled with love, filled with support of one another. They want to live their life to the richest way possible. They want to live in a place of love and compassion, and they want to get along with their fellow man. So, while at this moment in time it may seem as if the majority is the opposite of that it is not. The majority of people upon the Earth are just like you. Just like you, beloved beings of light! So, open up and feel the love and the light. Phew, take a deep breath and feeling that as it moves through you.

Take a breath and as you feel into your heart center you feel that swirling energy of your heart center as you connect with it. Then send a beam of light that moves down through your energy bodies and goes down from you into the Earth.

I invite you to take this moment and just simply feel the vibration of the Earth. Not the surface of the Earth you go within the Earth and feel the vibration of the Earth. You can feel the heartbeat. You can feel the intrinsic balance. You can feel the sense of peace. Let all of that flow up within you and understand that you may always tap into that at any point and time. That comes up through you. It comes up through your throat, your third eye, your head center and it reaches up to the expansion of your Higher Self.

As you feel yourself expand have a sense of being detached from your human reality. Have a sense of feeling as if you are looking down upon your life and that you are gathering energy from within this space. For many people, the Highest Self and the Human Self all feel the same. Therefore, if you make a distinct separation and you reach out and you go into a wide-open more expanded space you have arrived in your Higher Self.

Then that energy moves even further. It goes up from there and you follow the cord of energy and light and you align with your Divinity. Look around at what this is. Some of you feel as if you are merging even fully with that brilliant light of Source. This is God Source. This is you as your god essence, as your expanded I AM presence. As you allow your focus and your awareness to move into that space look around.

I the Goddess walk in amongst each one of you. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As our energies merge, we shift moving into the All That Is. As you arrive within the All That Is look around. Look at this place which you have created for yourself. It is filled with some of those potentials that you have been working with. It is filled with the energy and the light of this entire space.

The All That Is is a stepping stone to many others spaces of consciousness within your Universe, but if you look around you may find that some of those things that you are creating within your life are right here. You have been working on it during your sleep state or when you go into meditation. You sometimes work on it within your Higher Self, but here within the All That Is there is so much support from other energies – the Angels, the Star Beings, the Ascended Masters. They all come within this space so as to not only communicate with you but to assist you. So, look at your life. As you look at your life ask them to illuminate all that is here.

In the beginning, I spoke of you learning to trust yourself. Trust can be a very challenging emotion. Is trust an emotion, is it a belief system, is it a reality? Trust is something that everybody has within their life and you begin by trusting your parents to take care of you. You trust your siblings, your friends, your teacher’s, and in the process of all of that you are learning to trust yourself.

When I spoke at the beginning of encouraging you to trust your own intuition. To trust your own belief system. I understand that that can be very challenging for people. Your intuition comes from a place that bypasses your analytical mind. It’s through your solar plexus. You receive insights into your intuition through your third eye. Therefore, within your physical body or your human experience you receive information that then is processed, sometimes instantaneously, and then that gives you support and information to use within your daily life.

However, just about every person over the age of 20 has been hurt or has felt betrayed by trust, by someone that you trusted. Some may call that their trust was broken. When that happens to an individual their mind or their belief system begins to question through their Ego anything that happens in their life.

Sometimes people get pulled off track from things or a pathway that they have found themselves upon and it is truly through their intuition, their trust, their belief in themselves that it will pull them back upon that path that they have chosen. I, therefore, ask to just tap into any place that may be within your life, for some of you it’s multiple times. I have to smile a word some people say sometimes it’s multiple, multiple, multiple times. It matters not whether it is one or multiple, multiple, multiple times, I invite you to breathe down inside yourself and if there is any residual left within you that keeps you from trusting yourself, I want you to bring it up. Just bring it up from wherever it may be bringing it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew; let it go.

If you are challenged in trusting others frequently that lack of trust begins within you. Because if you do not trust yourself you question all the other aspects of your life. So, breathe inside once more and I invite you to acknowledge those occasions when maybe you didn’t give someone or situation the benefit of the doubt because you didn’t trust. Let that come up from wherever that may be bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew clear that out. That was a big one. I could feel a lot of energy coming up from within people.

So once more if you look beneath the trust the other portion of this experience may be based on fear. You are afraid to trust another individual. You are afraid to put your heart out on the line. You are afraid to speak to this other individual that you would like to connect too. So sometimes trust and fear are two sides of the same coin. If you have fear within you that is keeping you from being able to trust or is keeping you from anything at all within your life, phew, again bring up bring, bring it up, bring it up and phew, let it go.

When I spoke at the beginning about the fact that what is being said in the media, in many parts of social media, in many classrooms, many different places around the world at this time there were things that you were taught or things that you believed that were not authentic or they were not the truth. However, you trust in the people that said these things to you and therefore this is a worldwide issue right now.

So, I ask that everyone who is listening to reach out into the collective consciousness or wherever you may feel drawn, and let’s just bring up that trust of the entire population of the Earth. Just bring up that trust bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew, and let’s clear that out. Take a moment and feel what that transformation is like.

As soon as we cleared out trust that’s most likely in the unconscious of many people, but trust of the collective consciousness, it has allowed a greater lightness and transparency into the vibration. Take a deep breath in and breathe that higher light vibration of the fifth dimension into you. Let us turn that around if you are in a place in which you trust. You trust your intuition to let you know what people to believe in, what relationships will benefit you, what job is going to be the best for you.  If you trust that you will know instinctively and you are open to that connection within you; then look out at the World.

I am looking through your eyes and I saw a number of different people have things happening. Number one was that a lot of this unrest and turmoil has just disappeared. This is how it will look when the consciousness of the Earth is vibrating at that consistently high level. As I looked through other eyes, other people through the eyes of trust, I saw them making a decision to let go certain relationships, to let go a particular job, to reach beyond what they normally thought they could do to find something that they were seeking and that went on and on and on.

Trust is something that many people say needs to be earned and I understand where people come from that perspective. However, trust is instinctive within each one of you. When you walk outside your door do you trust that the ground is going to be there. You trust that your heart is going to continue to beat and you are going to continue to breathe. So, there are instinctive beliefs within you that you never give it a thought. If you were to look at your life you could probably see dozens of different ways in which you trust. You trust that you’ll be able to drive your car to get to work. You trust that your job is going to be there when you get there. I hear some of you to say maybe not, but if it was there you would go there and it would be open.

I would encourage you to consider the many, many, many different ways in which trust supports you and as you begin to truly understand how much you are in the know, you understand, then you will trust yourself to make the decisions and to make the choices that are not only going to support you, but that are going to support humanity.

Nobody wants to live in fear. Nobody wants to live in pain and suffering. It happens; however, nobody chooses that. I would therefore say to you choose to trust that life is here with many, many potentials and that life is here to support you.

How does your intuition come into this? As you move through your days and you pay attention to all the many things that you trust about yourself and your relationships, or your abilities, begin to then pay attention to what kind of insights come out when you were making a decision and you analyze the parts of it. What came up for you to help you make that decision? Did it feel good? Did it resonate with you which is somewhat the same? Sometimes it’s easier to explain what does not.

So, if you are trying to trust yourself and somebody has been telling you something and if it gives you a knot in your stomach that’s your intuition saying no. If you are trying to make a decision and someone is telling you something and you feel lifted up, you feel Joy, your intuition is telling you yes. So, you feel things within your body and that can help you to make choices and to trust in your decisions.

Take a deep breath in breathing in all the love, the light, the knowledge here within the All That Is.  Allow it to support you. Feel how good that feels.

I invite you to come back together as a group and as you do so have a sense of forming a circle. Coming up with him the center of a circle is the Hologram of the Earth. I invite you to not only tap into not only your own belief and trust in yourself but also the intention that everyone around you can also believe and trust in themselves and send this energy into the Hologram. As all of that flows within the Hologram itself begins to take on colors. It’s as if you see it expanding through the trust and the expanded intuition, and the expanded awareness that all of you are infusing into the Hologram.

Then as you release it and an aspect goes out into the Universe aligning with the balances of the universe. The reminder the Hologram goes down into the physical Earth. As this goes into the physical Earth it moves through the Matrix clearing out the Matrix strengthening the balance and the energies of the Matrix. It goes through the Collective Consciousness and it moves all the way down into the center of the Earth. From within the center of the Earth, it then expands outwards. It anchors within the core and then it expands to the many, many layers of the Earth.

Your own essence that you infused into the hologram comes up within you. It comes up anchoring within you helping to rebalance you in the physical and your conscious awareness knowing that you are connected to your own intuition, and you can trust yourself; you can believe in yourself. Feel the flow of what that is.

You reach up energetically and the remainder of your consciousness that was up in the All That Is it moves back to your I AM presence; it comes down through your higher self and you anchor it back within you so no matter where you are you remain aligned with the Earth, aligned with the Universe and it all flows through you. You feel the flow. You feel the balance. Your vibration rises until as you look around the World you are looking through the eyes of the high vibration, you are looking at situations with the trust and the belief that the high light vibration is here and now.

Beloved family, I remind you that at this time of massive transformation taking place upon the Earth; to believe in yourself. To believe in the whole. To believe that you are infinitely connected through your Soul to the Universe, to the higher light vibrations of the Angels, the Masters, the Benevolent Ones.

So many people are walking upon the earth and are surrounding the earth that are here assisting with this transformation. Look to that which is of the highest light vibration. Trust in yourself. Believe in yourself and allow your own intuition to expand.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.


This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:  www.goddesslight.net