We Are Almost There

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomAs we move into and through the last quarter of this epic year of 2020, we can feel the energy rising as we move towards the Halloween Full Moon/Blue Moon and the 11 day Bridge from 1st November to 11th November.

I woke up this morning with my body aching and pain in my back, usually a sign of deep pain being activated or moved in the collective.

So yes, we are aware that we are moving into some difficult times.

But, the best advice I can give is: Stay in your lane and choose your off ramp.

We know by now that what counts is what happens inside us and not outside. Outside is an illusion. Inside is truth.

To stay in your lane means to stay focussed on your inner truth and on the Peace and Love in your Heart.

This is real.

Choose your off ramp means that we are not all going to the same destination at this time. We are all on the highway out of the old Earth but we choose our off ramp depending on our frequency and destination.

I am headed for the New Earth of the higher Fifth Dimension and Higher Dimensions. Like you, I am working to keep my frequency at that level so that I don’t miss the off ramp.

Others have different destinations and choices. Some are recycling around in the illusion of the 3rd dimension as it cracks and collapses. This is not a comfortable place to be, it is a place of apocalyptic dead ends and fear. Some are heading to what I call “alternate” Earth, a lower 5th dimensional Shadow realm of illusion and manipulation controlled by AI and Corporations and their technology. This is also a place of anxiety and fear.

To me, New Earth is the only destination that makes sense to me, and I keep choosing for that reality. A life close to and in harmony with nature and a pristine Earth. A life of Peace and Joy and Creativity.

As I choose it within….so I manifest it on the outside.

All these “versions” of Earth exist at the same time and in the same space, for now.

The purpose of the chaos is for us to be able to see and to choose which level/dimension of Earth we want to live in.

And take the right off ramp!

We are almost there!

Love to everyone!