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masters of light collective eraoflightdotcomGreetings, dear ones.

I am the Keeper of Time. I’ve come in this day for just a moment, to reflect on the larger path and where you are on it. From our perspective, it’s amazing. You’re not only evolving at an incredible pace, which is causing many challenges and difficulties, but the energies on Earth are starting to increase. At this time it’s not a bad thing, simply an adjustment. We also tell you that you have a very specific purpose here, and that’s what we wish to speak of this day. Imagine that you are Home and there is no timeline. There’s nothing you have to do. There’s nothing you have to be. Simply imagine that you’re looking back at some of your past journeys on planet Earth or wherever they might have been.

The Game

We tell you that every step you take in this world leaves a trail of light behind you. What does that look like? We’ve given the illustration for many years now that this is a game. And we understand that humans resist calling it a game, because there’s so much seriousness, pain, and struggle. But that’s the game. Not only did you write the rules of this game, but you literally wrote the many different ways to experience the game. Now the game is changing. It is no coincidence that many of you find yourselves on Earth at this moment. Most were here at the beginning, and the family is gathering for the next step.

That next step includes being able to carry more of your own spirit in your physical body. Your body will have the most difficulty with this shift, but that is already well underway. It increases the light in your eyes when you smile. That may not sound like much, but once mastered the light will lead and unite you. We can tell you that from our perspective this is being accomplished in many ways. The problem with more light is that it makes it difficult to hide.

Wave of Grief

One thing taking place right now, which very few people have been able to identify, is that many of the challenges of the collective are actually an elongated wave of grief. We mentioned this quite some time ago, when that virus came in and people started dying in mass. They’re still dying, even worse than before now. The interesting part is that not only is there a wave of grief for those who have left, but you’re also grieving your old lifestyles. That grief will play out for a time in many ways, including a rise in crime.

Some may look forward to creating something new. And yes, one needs to tear down so rebuilding anew can begin. That is the traditional way that humans have moved from one stage to the next, going back to the stories of the Shakti and the Shiva. Here you are creating it all over again in a different way. What we’re going to ask you to do is to look ahead. Instead of looking at all the small little mud puddles that are on the path, focus on the opportunities ahead. We’re going to take you much further down the road, because that’s what many of you came in for. Even as time travelers who have traveled back to be here now at this very moment, even just share a word or thought at exactly the right moment to exactly the right person. There is a shift ahead for which you are needed, dear ones, so don’t get stuck in the mud puddles.

Sacred Contracts

Sacred contracts are starting to trigger on a massive scale now. These are the big contracts you hoped to work on as a spirit. Your spiritual family on our side of the veil is around each of you more than you may know. So, don’t be surprised if suddenly you’re speaking with someone and a message slips out of your mouth without going through your brain. Humans call it channeling. You will be getting much more of this from time to time, as we give you these gentle nudges.

Now the Earth energy is growing denser. You’re not the only ones experiencing this, for Earth herself is going through a massive shift. She has worked very hard as a living sentient being to make space, to create this incredible energy where biological beings of her own creation could grow and have a very long lifespan. If you look back at some of her own history swinging from ice ages to global warming, she actually gave you quite a long time.

You’re all wondering how long humans have been here. It actually goes back to nine or 10 million years. But she’s held space at great personal cost so humans could thrive and be part of her. You’re an expression of the Earth, but you’re also a mix of the spirit. That’s the game that has been happening on planet Earth. Yes, you all walk around in a physical body. Every once in a while, someone will experience passion, laugh or smile. They do something that brought warmth to their heart. And in that smile for just a moment, you could see their spirit. That’s the game of hide and seek that we have been talking about, since we have been working with you. You’re looking for other spirits inside those physical bodies. The moment you can find and connect with them, know that they’re going to touch your spirit.

So, what happens when two people come together and shed all the energies, standing in the nakedness of complete energy to each other? They remember Home and fall in love. Depending on a person’s goals, belief systems, and sexual preferences, a relationship can progress. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be with everyone that you fall in love with. The idea is to fall in love with as many as you can, who align with your four vibrational lines of integrity: what you speak, what you think, how you act and what you believe. These are the parameters that will define the ways you allow yourself to fall in love, the “rules” of the game. Keep in mind that if you can fall in love with a person who passes you on the street without ever seeing them again, your spirit glows because of that expression. You are the ultimate beneficiary of that love. It could be said that you are in a game trying to see how many people you can fall in love with on planet Earth.

We see you, dear ones, you’re hiding behind those shells of physicality. You’re creating emotional memories that you recreate over and over and over again, trying to perfect them each time. Then when you have that, you return Home. You bring all this energy here and spread it out to the collective of all that is. Everything is recorded. Every pen stroke, every blink of an eye, every aspect has been recorded. We watch over your shoulders as you go through much of this. We find it interesting that some of you feel so incredibly alone when we’re right here. And not only us, there are many beings on realms that humans know very little about. In addition, there is an important gathering taking place on this side of the veil to assist in this transition of all of humanity.

Mud Puddles

The road ahead has twists and turns, it is difficult to see. As you start looking for a clear road ahead, you may see mud puddles and obstacles that weren’t there before. You may be wondering if this is still your path of least resistance, or if you must go find a new one. Breathe, dear ones. Although it used to be that a contract would come along once every so few years and you’d be able to work on it a while, now you’re going to find them right after one another. It is nothing actually wrong, simply the way you set it up. Do anything you can to start connecting your hearts and connect to other beings, even if it’s at a distance. Being able to see a spirit inside a physical body is your job, that’s what you came to do here on Earth. Tag, you’re it!

We wish you good hunting, dear ones. Find and fall in love with as many spirits as you can. Keep walking your path, exactly where you are, gather it all around you. Watch as the past starts to unfold in a different way, and new meanings start coming through. You’ll see life in a different aspect. These times are grand upon Earth, dear ones. Although you can see all of the mud puddles, difficulties and challenges that you must cross, re-member to keep moving and enjoy the journey, dear ones. We ask you to treat each other with respect as you pass each other on the path. Nurture one another and play well together.

I am the Keeper of Time.


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23 Replies to “The Group: The Game”

  1. Ragnargreybeard

    “IT” will show that “WEARING” “A MASK” WAS NEEDED

    I’m sure the rest of the world, especially the male half, will feel more comfortable if you wore a mask for the rest of your life.

  2. Douglas A James

    Law of One Ra material. Humans were brought here 75000 yrs ago from Mars.. their souls humans as we know them have been here 75k years not millions. The problem with changelings is most are BS. Dark energies.. ok 75k so every 25k there is a harvest.. so there have been 2.. not very many made it.. but this time is different we have help! Galactics and the solar flash to force the masses awake. Draco ships and Chimera ships are being taken out as I write this. Victory of the Light!!

    1. Ragnargreybeard

      I hope you are right, and I have bo doubt that all of the history we have been taught is utterly false.

      UFO activity has gone crazy the last few years.

      But we have to fight back ourselves. A good start would be to stop listening to the MSM.

      Stop cooperating. Fight with all you have if they use physical coercion

  3. Ariel

    Thank you for the beautiful message. “The Keeper of Time” is in fact a weird name, but it’s cool anyways, lol.

    1. chris fall in love with every spirit you see, this is the true meaning of peace on earth, eloquently perceived,wonderfully written,dutifully this is my mission,thankyou for reminding us of our divine plan.

  4. Ragnargreybeard

    “The Keeper of Time”? This is a new one. I thought time was just an illusion. It only matters or seems real to us in 3D, and yet here we are publishing some joker pretending to channel The Keeper Of Time. As soon as he stated people were dying in mass from COVID19 I knew this was BS.

    1. chris

      If messages posted here on eraoflight do not resonate with you please feel free to stop reading. Try reading an alternative post or something by another author.
      This is not a suitable space for trolls. Constructive criticism,or fact checking is appreciate, if delivered without hostility and with integrity.
      The Multiversal unity of lightworkers.

      1. Ragnargreybeard

        I’m not trolling. I’m pointing out the truth. You just can’t accept it or animadvert what I have said.

        You show how weak and uninformed you are by yelling me to go away.

  5. Ragnargreybeard

    This is a lie. This timekeeper, this is just someone’s Bullshit. There is no one dying from a virus. There is no virus, there are no viruses.

    Lies and deception seems to be the name of the game here.

    1. Claudia Schillings

      Please allow me to get this straight:

      Are you really “DOUBTING” that there are/were people dying from that “virus” and IF SO how do you explain those MASSES DYING IN APRIL/MAY 2020?

      I don´t know where you are from but I HAVE FAMILY IN ITALY where they´ve almost lost half a village due to “THIS VIRUS” or whatever this thing should RIGHTLY be called. Would you “truly” insist THAT DID NOT HAPPEN or what am I not getting here?

      1. Ariel

        I feel you, Claudia. It’s hard to deal with people who say stuff like that. It is a hard truth, I suppose, and they’d rather pretend it’s not there.

        1. Ragnargreybeard

          So hard to deal with people who tell you the truth. Programmed robots get very uncomfortable when their programming is challenged. Go back to your TV and CNN.

      2. Ragnargreybeard

        I’m saying the whole thing is a manufactured crisis. People die all the time. Do you know any of the details of this? The devil is in the details. The RT PCR test does not test for the presence of a virus. It is a way of replicating DNA or RNA strands. If they run enough chain reaction cycles the test will make anyone positive. This test is the basis of this Psy-Op. It proves absolutely nothing. It is being used to falsely reclassified deaths from other natural causes and claim it’s the result of a virus.

        The fact is they have never isolated and purified this virus let alone using Koch’s postulates proven it to be pathogenic.

        But you don’t know any of this. You just consume the lies of the MSM. You don’t think for yourself. You don’t question anything. You’re not a sentient being. You’re a programmed non player character.

        There has been no excess mortality. Just false reclassification of death. I understand you are very limited in your cognitive abilities, but maybe a brain cell or two might be able to comprehend.

        The true facts about Italy are out there also. I’m not going explain everything. Maybe you could stop listening to the nice man or woman on CNN and think for yourself.

        Nahh, that’s too much for you

        1. Billy Butcher

          You are correct Sir.

          If people want to educate themselves I recommend the book, “Corona False Alarm” by Karina Reiss.

          1. Ragnargreybeard

            Unfortunately, Miss Claudia and her friend Arial have such a limited grasp of reality it would pointless for me to refer them to books such as The Contagion Myth by Thomas Cowan or “What Really Makes You Ill” by Dawn Lester and David Parker or “The Invisible Rainbow”by Arthur Firstenberg.

            Miss Claudia has no idea what’s going on. She does not know about Germ Theory and its father Louis Pasteur or Terrain Theory.

            She does not know that this Beast System has been set up to control us and keep us in the dark and virtually everything we have been taught is a lie, including the lie of the germ and especially the virus which the Beast System has been using as a tool of fear to take vaccines which do the exact opposite of what they are purported to do. Vaccines don’t make us healthy they make us sick. Vaccines are given to children to destroy their immune systems not make them stronger. The make us less than we can be in all ways, our health, immune system, our digestion, our brain and cognitive function.

            Whatever the Beast System tells you is good you can be assured the opposite is true. The media, the most powerful arm of the Beast System exists to lie and deceive us.

            Right now they are using the lie of the virus to destroy America and the world, to crush all resistance. Once you submit to the vaccine for something that only exists in deception you are dead.

            I’m telling you people truth. You read these supposed higher functioning beings who speak of the the virus and how it is killing people and you are listening to a lie. You are not reading the light. You are reading the darkness which wishes your enslavement and death.

            I have not seen one of these higher dimensional beings state this truth, quite the opposite they always lend legitimacy to it. That’s how the Beast System works its spell, its predictive programming. It gives you a long winded speech about ascension, and 5D and love and all the usual but then it slips something in to create the legitimacy of the supposed pandemic and the VIRUS!

      3. kazar

        Greetings Claudia and Ariel. Just a question for you. With all the mask indoctrination taking place, seriously tainting young childrens minds and emotions where do you get your information. From Spirit? The people are acting and being treated like sheep so it begs the question WHO IS YOUR SHEPARD??? Meaning is it your inner Truth to wear a mask? Or are you following a particular Shepard? If so even the young know there are evil ones out there who would deceive you. I would like you to be very specific as to who you are owing Allegiance to. Who have you given your power away to? If you cant answer this maybe you should investigate.

        1. Claudia Schillings

          Look Kazar:

          “NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS” and that includes “even me”.

          “I am not who I pretend to be” meaning MY QUESTION to Mr. Ragnargreybeard was obviously “AN INVITATION” for him to drop “his shit” on me, which was exactly what “my subconscious” had wanted.
          “I” am never aware of that b4hand because “THE GAME” would not work otherwise, which answers the rest of your question:

          That “evil” part of “Me&I” are ONE and the same, HE is the shepherd LEADING from behind, while “I LIKE YOU” are @THE LEADING EDGE of consciousness, from where we can only missunderstand “reality” because OUT HERE everything is “backwards/upside down/the wrong way round” which is why there is ALWAYS “SOME” TRUTH to everything we see.

          “IT” will show that “WEARING” “A MASK” WAS NEEDED in 2020 and WHAT ELSE BUT “A VIRUS” “for gods sake” could have “forced” us to put on such thing??

          It is “BY THE WAY” no coincidence that we are sharing our thoughts
          below the words of “THE KEEPER OF TIME”…