There is No Place to Hide Anymore

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomWhen we introduce ourselves to other people, we say: “I am Peter and I am the Managing Director of the (whatever company he word for and defines his Persona around). Or, “I am Rose and I am married to John and I am a housewife and Mother of five children.” Now that is the Persona, the ACTING role you take on during life on earth. It is NOT the TRUE YOU, the Soul you. It is merely a mask, a costume, an actors role you take on! In truth it does not define your soul. It does not tell others what is going on in the deepest depths of your heart and soul. The TRUE you, which emerges when you are stripped naked of all the Personas, the old cloths and actors roles and make up and masks you took on.

When you stand then totally stripped and totally naked, there is no place to hide anymore. You stand there in the truth of who and what you are, in the blinding spotlight. You cannot play the games of pretend anymore. You are confronted with ALL that you ever thought you were, and all the roles you ever played and now find that indeed, so much of what you created in this lifetime, was but illusion. You indeed did the best you could, and so many times tried to fit into societies’ too small boxes, and please someone, in order to feel accepted – but in truth the emptiness within you, grew wider, and greater, and you searched to meaning and purpose, and for the deepest knowing of ATONENESS that was there always within you!

These moments of being stripped naked are indeed the greatest of all blessings. Indeed, they are the greatest of all wake up calls. Even if you thought you were truly on the highest path of Ascension, you will find that even those paths are now disintegrating as we are being led into a totally new Creation of the Soul Garments we are now needing wear and an even greater ATONENESS, indeed EMBODIMENT of the Divine Source WITHIN us. Literally BECOME it.

The Truth of who and what we ARE – at Soul level AS ONE with the DIVINE.

That indeed is Christedness.

Copyright Applies; excerpt from my “Soul Empowerment Level IV Course starting next week.

Judith Kusel