Archangel Metatron: Careful Creating

archangel metatron image eraoflightdotcomMetatron: It is now time to utilize the power, the fluidity and the higher frequencies to create what is desired. It is now time to have the mobility and have the unstructured applications, so that you have unrestricted creativity, yet always in total alignment with Source. It is not desired by Source that you be restricted in your creations, in any way, and that you have access to all of the frequencies and the power that is needed to create what you desire. The only restriction that you would have, would be, and it really isn’t a restriction, is just that you are asked to be very precise in your intention and in your alignment with the first Ray. I am saying this to you not because you don’t know these things, but to make you even more aware of the importance of this particular dynamic, so you do not create a format that is not desirable.

So now, you are going to make a decision as to what your creative effort needs, the type of frequency that is needed. When you have made this decision and this discernment, you are going to be very clear and precise in the intention for the creation, accessing the result of your creation and how the effects of that would reverberate throughout Creation as it stands now. When you access the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays of Creation, the power and the frequencies of those Rays create in the present moment. There is a reverberation that takes place. That creative force reverberates out into many dimensions, time-frames, and universes. It is not something that you take lightly, that you can create in such a powerful way using these frequencies. Of course, when you use sound currents from these Rays, they enable the reverberation to extend even further. They enable you to put in place certain frequencies that can affect great change.

As I have told you previously, in Atlantis, sound currents were used in many creative efforts and as a result great changes occurred. Such as moving huge structures, to changing the course of rivers and big bodies of water. Sound currents are also a very big part of creating complexities of form. It is how some of the structures that are still present on the earth plane not only were created but were moved from one location to another. In addition to creating the frequencies and sound currents available in the eighth, ninth and tenth Rays, there is also the ability for mobility once the creation is made and put to form. But it all starts in the intention in the creative process.

Creator gods utilized these Rays when creating the earth and they did not do this lightly. It was contemplated and there were reasons why changes were made. This preliminary piece must be considered. Constructing your intention must be considered. It is not something that you use lightly. You have an idea and say you ‘oh well, we’ll do this way or we’ll do that way’. It takes great planning when you are using this process, because of the complexities involved.

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