Energy Report; Plasma Light

light waves eraoflightdotcomIn recent period of the time, there has given more Plasma Light / Solar emanations, streaming from the Great Central Sun; till October 18, we received Light in changing increased intensity; with October 18/19 Human Collective got most strongest influx for physical system. Rich diapason of cold / flu like symptoms (reflection of, we can observe “related” to “global situation”, where suddenly charts “went up”, and continue).

Short, simple explanation: Plasma has high concentration of the Light, – more higher frequencies, than in physical planetary field we are used to; by coming into physical system, it can create/creates various responses or ‘symptoms’ by influencing areas of our bodies.

I had mentioned it before, related with physical expressions to incoming energies, but feels right Quantum timing to look at whole Human physical system anew.

‼️Important Note, talking about a “symptoms”: there is not only about Plasma Light and body responses to it itself, it is also about Crystallisation, and Cellular releases, Heart activations. Many “symptoms” overlays. Our relationship with own body, can give more insight / knowing, what we are facing, and to what is needed our attention. We can more easy ‘navigate’ by understanding ‘differences’ or common traits.

Explanation (one of my work fields) is based on real observations; keep your ‘mind’ open, and do not perceive it as ‘complete’ information or as a “rules guidebook”; in months or years ahead, there additionally will come a New traits, sensations, experiences.

The first impression about Incoming Energies / Plasma Light can be felt in upper part of the body, usually: head, shoulders, back; depending on intensity, head is the “first” or head-body. Also, it is connected with individual (physical) sensitivity.


Top of the head becomes sensitive; slight painful pulsations; slight or stronger headache; can experience energy ‘streams’ through energy channels in the head (two bigger energy channels are located between temple and top of the head, but more closer to ‘mid line’ over head, in left and right side); these can be felt as electrical currents or blissful vibrations, that flows from a top to back of the neck; sensitive / painful temple areas (it feels as a blood pressure); pressure to ears, eyes, nose; sore jaw. White ‘screen’ in front of the eyes, metallic taste; dizziness, Vertigo.


In cases of strong Plasma Light, or Energy hit to physical system, most likely, our glands will be the first ones, who will respond immediately, by creating: light or deeply sore right and/or left glands, inner environment of throat, mouth, gums, tooths. It can happen or you are outside, or, you are sitting in a room, where is no way to have it. Soreness can vary; sometimes, it can “take” even entire right or left side of the body; it can start and increase, and then dissapear (temporary expressed); it can be longer.

Reason of sore glands or sore body side / parts is found in fire element via Plasma Light; in other words, body glands and liquids are ‘facing’ much higher energy, that creates ‘burning’, and it ‘burns’ “through” our glands, liquids.


Between shoulders and neck are located energy channels; Plasma Light entering can create: a sense of pressure, burning, heat. Also, spine can become sensitive; shoulder blades.


In the arms-hands are located smaller energy channels, becoming sensitive; index finger and third finger are ‘under’ one energy channel. Muscles in arms-hands can feel tired.


Sensitivity in rib cage, Heart area.


Digestive system, stomach. With high dose of Plasma Light, especially stomach can experience uncomfortable or even harsh sensations, to it, it’s supportive drink a lot of water, allowing stomach become more calm, softening too strong Plasma Light presence in it. ‘Buda belly’.


In some cases, lower part of the body can feels sore, or need to visit bathroom can be too often.


Tired muscles; electrical streams of the energies; hot feet.

With Love,

Kwana Mikaela

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