Commander Ashian: What To Do Before the Big Step

commander ashian eraoflightdotcomAshian: There is much change afoot.

The challenge is that while most of you can feel it, most of you cannot see it.  Yet.  The next Big Step is very close.

There are those who will react in fear, but you, our light sisters and brothers – though you may experience temporary overwhelm – will find the next phase reassuring.

J: That’s an odd word to use for such a terrible unveiling (at least that’s how I see it).

A: It will reassure you that the plan is on track.  That you are moving forwards, towards a clear goal that you have always felt and known in your beingness.

There is a feeling of ‘hollowness’ that we perceive among many of the lightworker family.  Allow us to explain what this is.

At present there is a convergence occurring.

The changes you wish to see can only manifest in tangible form when a certain vibration has been achieved.  There was a tipping point for this vibrational alignment achieved a while ago; once the collective energy reached this point, it was guaranteed you would be able to attain the frequency you require for the Big Step.

What is currently happening is like a washing machine, or a drier, that is spinning frantically, getting faster and faster as the momentum grows, leaving space inside while the washing is stuck to the edges of the barrel.

Light workers’ vibration levels are growing exponentially.  You are ‘sucking in’ much of the psychic and emotional dross that has not yet been cleared by humanity, in order to make the transition after the Big Step, easier for those who are currently still snoozing.

This is exhausting work.  We understand that the lightworker family is bone tired, that many of you don’t sleep, that you have financial troubles, health worries, family concerns, and that on top of all this, you are working emotionally and psychically overtime.  It is no wonder you are exhausted and feeling empty.

This work, this energetic transformation, needs to be done ‘in form’, as a human.  That is why it cannot be done by the Galactics, though we help as much as we are allowed to, in line with Divine Law.

You are about to turn the corner.  It will give you reassurance that you are doing what you are here to do, being who you are here to be.  Yes, it will cause – and force – a great many changes, but these changes have already been planned in minute detail; from the most unknown one of you to the most famous among you, no-one is invisible to us or unassisted in these times.

Many of you will have noticed the increased focus on personal care among channels and wise ones.  Take care of yourselves, your bodies, in any way you can.  Your physical vessels are undergoing immense transformation, while also working tirelessly with you to uplift and transform Gaia and all humanity.

J: To be honest, we are just rehashing the words you have said so often before.  I don’t mean to be rude, but ‘keep going’ is hard to hear when so many are so utterly exhausted.

A: It is still required.  You still need to care for and nurture yourselves.

It is still required, so that you will have the strength in the last stage of the marathon you are running.  You have all come this far, but the hardest is perhaps still to come, as there will be a massive energetic shift on the planet, which will create massive energetic shifts within all beings.

These energetic changes need to be normalised, adapted to, so that you can comfortably hold them within your bodies.  This is energetic work at Olympic level, not high school level.

So take excellent care of your sweet selves.

J: I understand.  It would just be more exciting to get something glossy, rather than repeating the same old information.  We humans like new and shiny!

A: Then it may disappoint you to know that after the Big Step, you will be doing the same work as you are now!

J: Brilliant!  Thanks for that!

A: However, it will take on a whole new depth and dimension.  But for now, focus on keeping as upbeat as you can, honouring the feelings that bring you down … when you feel those uncomfortable, ugly feelings by noticing them and accepting them – you don’t have to find their root in your childhood, just let them know you have seen them, that is enough to clear them.

J: Sincerely, all joking aside, thank you.

A: We are always with you.  Any of you who need us, need only call upon us and we are with you.

J: That is good to know.  Thanks Ashian.

**Source **Channel: Jennifer Crokaert