Working Through the Thread of Lifetimes

share what you know image eraoflightdotcomI wanted to share an understanding that came through today. I was working with a client and found a soul piece that broke off when she was 12. This piece had broken off due to fear that her father would die, leaving the family destitute. Her father had a health scare at that time, but it really was just a scare as he is still in body at 75.

The fear her 12 year old felt absolutely has affected her throughout her life. It has made her afraid to be vulnerable and in a position of relying on another which has hindered her relationships.

The piece held such fear that it needed healing before returning. The guide I was working with assisted by showing her that she was and always will be safe, protected and cared for. She showed each life as a coat, in an endless closet of coats that one puts on. She explained that what happens to the coat doesn’t affect the wearer of the coat. It can become damaged, worn, and old but the wearer does not.

I questioned the guide about why so many are carrying past life trauma. She replied that it is because often people attach to the coat and the play. They forget that it is simply something that is worn for a short time.

It is attachment to the body, to the cause, to the story, that creates the greatest suffering. That if instead we view life through the eyes of the observer it then becomes a momentary adventure. From that space we can easily shed one coat and put on another without carrying forward any dirt or wear and tear from the previous coat.

My clients 12 year old self accepted this explanation with such ease as children often do. She was excited to join her adult self and live a life without fearing her father would die young.

As I sit reflecting on the day, I pause to examine where I am holding attachment to the coat, the story, or the cause instead of viewing it all as a momentary adventure. With the energies streaming in at a rapid fire rate, it is exposing all of our insecurities, beliefs, and attachments.

It’s the perfect time to heal things once and for all so that we may view all through the eyes of the curious, joyful observer.

Sending you all lots of love. Giant thank you to all who support and share this work.

Jenny Schiltz