George Soros Spends Last-minute Millions on Black and Latino Voter Turnout Efforts in Key States

truth must be told eraoflightdotcomSoros gave $500,000 each to the Black PAC and the Somos PAC, which respectively work to encourage turnout in black and Latino communities. In September, Soros, a major backer of progressive causes, also funneled millions of dollars into strategic electoral efforts in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Michigan through the Strategic Victory Fund, which is a super PAC linked to the Democracy Alliance donor network, which he runs.

Soros has already funneled about $70 million into the 2020 election cycle, more than doubling the amount he spent in 2016. Liberal billionaire donors, including former mayor of New York City and presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg, have spent many millions this cycle to advance Democratic candidates in swing states and elsewhere.

The Somos PAC, which also lists Bloomberg’s Florida Freedom PAC among its largest benefactors, describes itself as the “first progressive, centralized hub for research, messaging, training, and mobilization” for Latino voters in battleground areas. Its efforts have been focused primarily on support for Democrats including presidential nominee Joe Biden, Arizona Senate candidate Mark Kelly and Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, who is running for reelection in Florida’s 26th district.

The Black PAC is similarly focused on support for Biden, but has spent significant amounts of funding in support of incumbent Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan, Reps. Lucy McBath of Georgia and Elaine Luria of Virginia, and Senate hopeful Cal Cunningham in North Carolina.

This cycle, Soros’s influential dollars have also made their way to the Senate Majority PAC, which is affiliated with current Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer, and the House Majority PAC, affiliated with Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


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