Ashtar: If you Could See What We See

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomIf You could see What we see, you would see the the love and the help that you have now.

Hello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar coming through this channel again with another message for all of you. This message is going to spur you on this mention, this message is going to be meant to let you know how much help you really have from the dimensions above and all the councils that are working so very hard for your ascension and this message is meant to let all of you know you’re not alone.

You’re going to be just fine, it is a rocky road right now as the third dimensional matrix and grid system is really breaking up and all these systems are coming at you like bullets, we’re going to say, but we want to let you know all the help that you have above. I want to speak and tell you exactly what is coming through.

I can see from the higher dimensions you have literally thousands and thousands of beautiful councils of light that are sending their love that are helping you with different energies coming down. You have councils of light, all kinds of beautiful ET’s, you have the angelic high councils and you have the angelic high kingdom that are all sending down energies and light.

You have them sending in christ consciousness energy through different portals and gateways onto your planet. What your planet looks like from where i am, i’m on the 12th dimension right now, is just this huge dome of white light with a gold rim around the outside of it, it’s beautiful.

If you could see what we see and if you could know that all the galactic high councils that are working with you, they get together every night, they discuss what is needed for humanity, they discuss what is needed for Mother Earth, they are in communication, you have more and more councils, star beings, star nations, galaxies that you have them from all over, some so far away coming to actually see that this ascension happens very quickly and that it is a beautiful process for all of you.

We know it is needed that you ascend very quickly, we know there is some dangers involved with a very slow ascension at this point, we know that Mother Earth wants to get up there as quickly as she can but i want to tell you you have literally thousands and thousands of beings of light sending so much love.

We are all based in our hearts, we are all of service to all of you, you have the entire angelic kingdom that is with you not only with your angels and guides but it’s also with you to help with your ascension with purging your crown chakra, your third eye and opening up your divinity to all that is, letting the universal love and light in.

You are ascending, it is not a what if, it is a sure thing. You are ascending very quickly. We are all of service to see that Mother Earth is safe. We are all helping, to knock off the dark groups, to take off the dark humans, the negative ET’s and well as the underworld that has been on your planet.

We could not reach you before because there was the draconian grid that was set in. Your planet did not have enough light on it for us to really get in there and make a difference. So this has been years and years that we have been watching and waiting, till the time when you would ascend, the time was picked a very long time ago when the veils would get thinner between the angelic realms and humanity, so that people could easily communicate within angels like this channeler is doing and she does this every day in her healing of Mother Earth. So there’s a lot that had to happen before you could actually ascend.

The dark reign it’s over, the systems are breaking up, they’re not going to stay on your planet for they can hold no light. Light is now being flooded onto your planet at an astronomical rate, the Christ consciousness energies are coming through very large gateways and portals to assist all of you and help with whatever is needed for your ascension and you have 11:11 with another solar blast is coming through from the sun as well as December 21st with a bigger solar blast coming through.

The sun is helping, you have the conjunction with the three planets also on December 21st. So the celestial events are allowing you for your ascension as well. It is divine timing we’re going to say but if you could see what we see, you have more love than you ever knew existed, if you could see what we see we have your back, you are doing this, you are doing a wonderful job, the road looks bumpy from where you are with these mandates, the lockdowns, the vaccine and all that the dark is pushing out on you.

Don’t forget those humans with a lot of money that think they’ve held the power for so very long are actually losing it. It’s fear, they’re afraid, they’re pushing it out stronger on you to try to control you and keep you down. It’s already broken apart. There is no more control, there is no more keeping you down, you’re all ascending.

If you could see what we could see, you have never had more help than you have now on your planet ever. Mother Earth is a garden of eden, Mother Earth has so many beautiful species and all kinds of wonderful magical things on her, about her, throughout her. The inner earth is actually helping as well for they are holding that fifth dimension. They’re holding the vibration of the fifth dimension.

It will help Mother Earth to ascend, you are ascending, you never had so much love, so much light on your planet ever. We are all higher consciousness and beings of light we are all centered in our heart and we’re making sure that you all go back home, home to your heart that is the true essence of each and one of you, that is where you’re headed, that is what this journey is all about and that is what you’re going to feel when you ascend to the fifth dimension.

I Lord Ashtar would like to let all of you know you have massive help, we are sending you all our love, you are doing,you have it, we have your backs, we are policing for you. We are seeing that all that are going to ascend, are ascending and in their own perfect divinity and divine timing.

We wanted to bring through this message to all of you because we know it is very difficult on your planet and plane right now. You got this, we got this for you as well, we have your backs, we’re doing everything we can to see that you ascend as quickly as you can and as painlessly as you can.

You’re going to anchor into your hearts, you’re going to go back home where your divinity really resides. We are so happy for each and every one of you to actually be on this planet at this time and to be experiencing what we’re going to call the great shift, the great awakening and to be coming back home into your hearts.

I Lord Ashtar want each and every one of you to know what it looks like from where i am on the 12th dimension, you’re a huge dome of white light with a gold dome on the outside of the planet. You have so much love coming to you, you have so much help, you are doing this, we are with you.

I Lord Ashtar and the entire Ashtar command are sending all of you such love, such light and blessings and i want you to know that you have the love of so many high collectives of light, you have no idea. You’re going to meet a lot of new star beings, we’re going gonna say, you’re gonna meet your galactic family, you’re gonna meet and sort of intermingle with so many on the fifth dimension. We are so excited for you to be part of our high councils as well, sending you love, light and blessings.


Thank you Lord Ashtar for that beautiful message and that wonderful message ; it’s nice to know that even though we’re all struggling down here and it looks a little bit hopeless, it really isn’t. We have so much love and help from above so if that can comfort any of you then and if this message resonates with you. We’re ascending no matter what we’re getting out of the dark, there’s so many collectives of love and light that are helping all of us along with the angelic high kingdom and the angelic realm, we got this sending you so much love, light and blessings

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