We Have Come to Create Change

divine being emerging eraoflightdotcomLightworkers have felt different throughout their lives. We experience our feelings more intensely and tend to react with more strength when we see injustice and suffering. We usually need to retreat from the world in order to get back in touch with ourselves and to revitalize.

We’ve not felt very welcomed on this Earth and have often felt rejected by society and alienated within groups. It’s been challenging to feel free to walk on our own path.

Despite all the hardship, we came here to bring Light and awareness where fear, power, manipulation and harmful beliefs obscured the natural joyfulness of All That Is.

We’ve come to lift the veil and to create change and awareness on this planet. We’re departing from traditional ways of thinking that have been part of the collective Human mind for way too long.

The inner knowledge that we carry within is now becoming an asset instead of a burden.  As we gather the courage to live according to this knowledge, we’ll be able to increasingly connect with like-minded people. When that happens, we’ll bring our depth and love into a society that sorely needs it.

When we start connecting with others from the heart and without expectations, a rush of inspiration surges in that triggers great creativity. If we’re aligned with our higher self, we’ll attract situations on our path that will support us in our efforts to manifest all that creativity. We’ll be guided by a flow of inspiration that’s bigger than our personality’s desires.

Wherever two or more people gather their energies with the intention of serving and expanding, things happen easily and effortlessly. Synchronicity shows up, a sense of flow becomes the new normal, and more and more pieces of the puzzle fall into place at the right time and place.

This is the way of the future, this is the way of the soul.

Now is not the time to withdraw from the world. The way things are evolving, this world is becoming ready for our contribution.

These times call for integrated spirituality: a type of spirituality where Heaven and Earth come together and complement each other. The days when spirituality was dominated by organized religions are over. We have arrived at an evolutionary stage when it’s possible for us to express our inner spirituality in the world. It’s no longer necessary to withdraw from society in order to live our deepest truth.

Even though we still experience society as harsh and materialistic, changes are underway. More and more people are searching for that which we have already. We are the dreamers and pioneers of the new Earth, our gifts will soon be welcomed as never before.

We still feel different and have a non-conforming attitude, but it’s no longer necessary to join a separatist group of like-minded people to form a buffer against society and turn our back on the world out of resentment and frustration.

We’re being called to participate, to show a new way of being in the world and become sources of inspiration to others.