Queen An-Ra: Time for Results

goddess isis eraoflightdotcomGreetings,

I am Queen An-Ra and I am pleased to be here today. It has been a while since my last message, it seems like centuries ago. The time for us doesn’t have the same meaning like here on Earth, we are always living in the moment and in the now.

I come from Egyptian Civilization and from Andromeda Galaxy, I was here on Mother Earth 10,000 years ago and my civilization was helping humanity with their advancement. We were teaching you on how to use our technology and we were enlightening you on the spiritual laws of the Universe. Unfortunately, we decided to leave and take our knowledge and science with us as your Human Civilization stopped listening to us and our teachings, and started to move towards the negative direction by being influenced by the Dark Ones.

Since the last time I spoke to you, I became in charge of the main council group called The Grand Council, and I let go of the old members as it was necessary to make the changes for the better. The rules that were created a long time ago became an obstacle for the whole Ascension Process on Gaia, and they were actually benefiting more the Negative Ones than humanity.

After having a few briefings with Prime Creator, it was decided that I am going to be running The Grand Council, this needed to happen, because the Ascension Process on Earth was moving too slow. I am changing a lot of rules to make things easier for us to work directly with the humans and not being constantly overly concerned, if we are breaking any of the rules, which at times feels like millions of them.

I am very serious about my responsibilities, and I already removed some of the Alliance members, who were stopping the progress in the preparation for RV and the redistribution of Saint Germain Fund to humanity. The process is long overdue, the rest of the Galactics and I are done waiting, so a time frame was given for the Alliance by when the money is needed to be given out to the people on Earth.

We are tired of hearing about thousands of excuses, on why the funds are not in the hands of human beings now. I want to see results and not being constantly stopped by obstacles, which are delaying this important step. Me and the rest of the members involved in this Process spend lifetimes here around Mother Gaia working to help all of you to achieve this transformation of ascending from this 3D duality to 5D.

The Ascension Process here is like a jigsaw puzzle where each piece needs to fit perfectly together. I come across daily with new and unexpected challenges that appear on your planet. One of the latest complications that I am dealing with is a Key Twin Flame Couple. The male runaway from his responsibilities and that put the breaks on big parts of the Ascension Process. This Twin Flame reunion is important as it’s the first big piece of the puzzle that will have a domino effect on the other Twin Flame Pairs by activating them and it will also start many other missions, which will get this Process moving again.

I am working with Prime Creator and with Ascended Masters on bringing him back to his Twin Flame. We are not going to allow for this male Twin Flame to jeopardize this Ascension Process with his ego and his selfishness.

The transformation in your reality is very slow, so a slight change on Gaia is almost invisible for the human eye. I am asking for all of you to stay in the present moment and meditate to help accelerate the high energies, which are essential for Ascension.

The world you knew is disappearing right in front of your eyes, it’s collapsing each day more and more, and nobody not even the Dark Ones can’t prevent the deterioration of this Matrix. It’s falling down like an old building, no matter how much effort the Negative Ones will put to keep it together, it’s still falling apart. The old system first needs to collapse and then it’s going to be replaced with a new one. This will restore the divine balance in your world and everyone will be happy and harmonious again.

I just want to remind to everyone about their responsibilities especially for the ones, who know their duties, please follow them through as your progress in this transition depends on your actions. Before coming to this planet, all of you took an oath to help and fulfill your tasks here on Terra Christa.

We the Galactics including me, Queen An-Ra are following up on our promise to bring this civilization to their next step of evolution to 5D existence. Please, also don’t forget the fact that you are the first ones ever in the history of the Galaxy, who are going through this transformation into Ascension by taking with you, your physical bodies.

I am monitoring very closely all of the operations that are going on this planet, especially activities by the Negative Side. My Egyptian fleet and Ashtar fleet, we are always ready to jump in and rescue Mother Earth from an unexpected dangers. Most of the disasters on your planet are man made by the corrupted souls, who serve their Dark Masters.

Their ruling and control of the humankind is coming to the end, they are so desperate now to stop the Ascension Process that the Negative Forces are going after the awakens ones by attacking them. Please, don’t get intimidated by their actions, because you are winning the battle as the Light always brings down the Darkness. Their days are numbered on Mother Gaia.

I am Queen An-Ra and I was glad to be here today to give you on update on the situation around your planet Earth and your Ascension Process. Thank you.

**Channel: Erena Velazquez

22 Replies to “Queen An-Ra: Time for Results”

  1. Mike Ohira

    Sounds to me a very good message. The important thing is, when you try to interpret a message like this, is IS THERE HONESTY IN THE MESSAGE, IS THE PERSON SPEAKING THE TRUTH?
    Thank you, An-Ra!

  2. Douglas A James

    Why Cobra warned us most changelings are the dark ones posing as the Light. As you read this it is ego based. I had to remove council members they were too old? LOL there is NO Time.. the tone of it is not of the Light.

  3. vincent jake

    In response to SEA : Who are you to say not of the light and what make you say that …

    1. sea

      Glad you asked. Who am I? No one in particular. Do I have to be to voice my opinion?Each person receives a message in a way that is appropriate for them so not everyone will respond in the same way yet, all responses are valid, are they not?

      Messages that come from the Light are filled with love, because that is what the Light is and that is what we all are at our core – Love, and the Light inspires positive feelings and responses. This message did not do that for me. You can deliver the same message in a variety of ways and the way one chooses is indicative of the contents of their heart.

      Many issues with this one so I’ll just highlight 2: “the rest of the Galactics and I are done waiting, so a time frame was given for the Alliance by when the money is needed to be given out to the people on Earth.” This implies ‘impatience’ and Galactics aligned with the highest light do not get impatient nor are they linear in terms of specific dates. They are multidimensional and do not operate on ‘time’ as we do. This also implies that money is of tantamount importance to humans and while to some extent it is important in our society at the present time, it is not the game-changer for humanity, raising our vibration and ascending to 5D, much more so.

      “We are not going to allow for this male Twin Flame to jeopardize this Ascension Process with his ego and his selfishness.” Does this sound like it’s coming from the Light with Love? Not to me. Galactics aligned with the highest light when referring to others plights do not get upset with them, they are beautiful understanding beings who empathize with others, especially in challenging moments. To me they wouldn’t use terms such as ‘not going to allow’ which is quite an aggrandizing and self-important statement when most of us know that it is US incarnated humans that are moving this ascension forward, and that the Galactics are merely assisting. and to say that one being or situation can ‘jeopardize this Ascension’ ‘with his ego’ and ‘his selfishness’, nope, not of the Light IMHO.

      And there’s more but that’s enough for me. For you, it could be something entirely different and I respect your opinion even though I may not agree with it. I hope I’ve addressed your concerns. Namaste 🙏

      1. Charles

        Sea, Fair enough….although perhaps the interpretation of the message was influenced by the channel herself and perhaps not directly transcribed word for word. Essentially, a more accurate delivery was lost in the translation. Not disputing you, merely presenting anther explanation/opinion. All the best to you.

        1. sea

          Totally agree Charles! I look forward to the day where each one of us is in direct communication with the Galactics. It’s not too far away now 🙂

          1. Ragnargreybeard

            Although, she might find our age difference a problem. She’s at least 9950 years older than me seeing how she bounced 10,000 years ago.

        2. kazar

          Charles Channels almost always record their sessions. So transcribing shouldnt be an issue. The real question to ask might be if you are a channel would you post things that you are not in alignment with? How many channels arent philosophically aligned with whats coming thru. Really really few. Because channels are imperfect you do get to see personal views coming thru. For instance I have never experienced a channel who is a vegetarian recommend eating beef. So I think its important not too put much emphasis on what you think might have been said rather than whats actually being expressed. Peace

      2. Ragnargreybeard

        I keep thinking of some hot Mediterranean, olive skinned babe with smooth, soft, oiled and scented skin and dark hair and green eyes…like in one of the Mummy movies.

        I’m digging this Queen Ann Ra.

        1. sea

          Something tells me that not only isn’t your beard grey but you won’t be able to grow one for another few years yet…. am I right? 😁

          1. Ragnargreybeard

            No, I’m just a horny GenXer with a sense of humor.

            Not much humor here.

  4. Max

    Thank you Queen An-Ra.

    Humanity needs benevolent assistance NOW!

    All benevolent assistance is welcome. Prime Creator/GOD/Source can also give all this a BIG push RIGHT NOW!

    Bring on the RV/GCR and Global prosperity!

    Bring on the healing Med Beds!

    Bring on the new technologies that would help mankind move forward….

    The Ascension of humanity is coming….

    Let’s get this DONE!

    1. kazar

      There has been nothing new or clear expressed in this Channeling. And the Ascension of Humanity has nothing to do with a Rv/Gcr or med beds. Ascension has to do with Organic life not a more complete dependence on technology.

      1. Daedalus

        Correct. Technology is a transitional phase in between that serves more in function to unprogram humans from misery thinking – but in truth, technology always immitates nature, and ultimately it becomes obsolete as dormant abilities are active.

  5. Lefteris