Ashtar: Breaking Down the Barriers, Systems, and Programs

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomHello beloveds, it is i Lord Ashtar along with the entire angelic high kingdom coming through this channel and today with yet another important message we feel for all of you. For we are going to be bringing through a lot of different messages addressing a lot of different things that are going to help you actually with your journey to the fifth dimension and a lot of things that have really been going on on this planet that none of you were ever aware of or at least that none of you are aware of in this life.

We’re going to start bringing through the truth about a lot of different truths, we’re going to say, about what’s been going on on your planet and a lot of different truths about all kinds of different things that you may not know, that have been in existence for a very long time.

We’re going to give you some history as well, coming through this channeler, so you can start to build in your mind what the past has looked like and what has been done and how you can then move forward in this life to the fifth dimension and to that of a wonderful new earth.

We’re going to talk about breaking down the barriers. Breaking down the barriers means it’s part of your journey to break apart the barriers that have been put in, set in for a long long time. The barriers meaning that those ethnic barriers, the barriers meaning those that have given some privilege and some a lot of power and can given those no power and no privilege for simply the color of their skin, how they speak, what they look like and actually the region honestly that they may live in.

These barriers need to be broken down and all of you need to see that everyone is to be treated fairly and equally, with equality for all. For you are all children divine beings of light, you have all been in one way or another part of these barriers whether you have created them in the past or whether you or whether they are part of something in your life right now with these barriers and the judgments and the prejudices and all that has been going on on your planet for a very long time. The barriers need to be broken down.

You need to look around at all people and you need to treat them all fairly, you need to treat them all as you would like to be treated and you need to see that you are all one in a very large scope of everything. You are all unifying as one divine huge body of light. So this channeler calls it going into the cloud where you will not only be operating as yourself and as your singular consciousness which means just your thoughts the way you maneuver and navigate on this planet but you’ll also be navigating as a huge body of light beings. So you’ll be navigating as a unified body, you’ll be navigating as one and you’ll be navigating the same.

The barriers need to be broken down so that all of you can see each other as one and all of you can start to treat each other as you would treat yourself, you would treat your family. You all need to unify more and not look at someone for the color of their skin or how they speak but look at their heart.

For when you look at their heart it doesn’t really matter the color of their skin or that they look different or that they speak different or that some have a lot of money and some do not, look at their heart. For everyone is their own divine being within their hearts, everyone is lovely, everyone is part of a bigger picture, we’re going to say.

If you start to look at the barriers and how they are actually being broken down on your planet now and how this needs to continue. For when the barriers are broken down, when everyone really cares about everyone else, when everyone is really of service to those around them and service to Mother Earth, this fifth dimensional planet that you’re all going to be living on, it’s going to be a wonderful one.

This is what’s happening now you see a lot of people fighting for injustices right now, you see a lot of cruel things being done to some and not done to others and you see that those with the money that think they hold the power and the control are actually the ones that are dominating a lot of the time and a lot of them are the ones that are playing out these very dark agendas that you’re seeing right in front of you.

As you roll through this, as you pick the higher timelines, you will shift the collective consciousness of humanity to that of equality, you will shift the collective consciousness to that of fairness, basically compassion, peace and love for, all so something to think about.

While you’re also doing this you are breaking apart all systems and programs that have been in place for a very long time on your planet. They come with this draconian grid is breaking up, they come with these very dark beings that have been really been able to manipulate all of you and shove you down in that third dimensional matrix. You are seeing things unraveling now because you’re holding on the fourth dimension so you’re actually seeing what is being really done to you for thousands of years but you never really knew it because you were down here.

Now that you’re all holding on the fourth dimension, you’re witnessing these programs and these systems breaking apart. You’re thinking how you don’t want what you’re seeing, you’re thinking now how you want, you want better, you want your freedom, you want the truth, you want your free will, you want to be able to navigate and do what you want on this planet. You don’t want to be told what to do and when to do it, you don’t want to be kept in your houses, you don’t want to be treated unfairly.

These are things you’re going to navigate through, you’re going to navigate differently with your brain, you’re going to shift your wants from your ego brain which is the third dimensional brain, we’re going to say, to your heart and your heart is actually going to tell you what is really important, your heart is really going to tell you how to navigate through this. For when you look at each other with love in your eyes and love in your heart you really realize all the injustices, all that has really been done for such a very long time. It’s now blowing up in your face and you really realize there’s crimes against humanity that have gone on for such a very long time.

This channel does know as there’s been new laws implemented that are being put forth on your planet not only for your life in the fifth dimension with Mother Earth but in your life in the fourth dimension and some of you your life in the third dimension until you go up, these laws are being put in place now.

She will bring through a channeling speaking about these new laws but all of you have your freedom and your free will, all of you have rights over your sovereign body which is your physical body, your energy body which is your aura, all the different layers and at your soul’s level.

Nobody should have ever taken that from you but it has always been taken from you as others have used it, your physical body, your energy body out at the soul level as they have had, we’re not going to call it gifts, but they’ve had higher technology to be able to control all of you.

This is being stopped, that is what all of us are doing in the higher councils. It is being stopped on a multitude of levels but just know rolling forward, it’s not going to be done to you anymore and the punishments for this are going to be quite severe. This channeler does know that they really have made these punishments quite severe so that the negative ETs do not infringe on you anymore and that those witches and sorcerers that have been pulling at you energetically with black magic and satanic magic, we’re going to say, are no longer allowed to play in any realm that you’re going to be in and they’re no longer allowed to do what they’ve been doing.

There’s a lot that’s really shifting as you see, these paradigms, these systems and all the programs that have been running on all of you for so very long breaking up. So roll forward, use your judgment, use your heart, navigate to that of wants of freedom and love, peace and compassion for all, pick those higher timelines where you’re not stuck in this third dimensional matrix, the grid system with this draconian reign, pick the timelines where you’re all free, roll through it, speak your peace passionately, compassionately and you will change everything.

For on the fifth dimension it’s not going to be anything like it is, what you’re seeing now and on the third dimension, everything is breaking apart. So you have a chance and a choice to create better, to create a world which you really want to live in, a world of fairness, equality, a world that you are happy to be in, a world that you can be you, a world that you can live with the truth of who you are, not only live with the truth of who you are but see the truth in front of you, a world where you can choose whatever your hearts and your soul journey is going to be and a world where everyone is loved, treated fairly and Mother Earth is loved and treated fairly as well.

This is a lot to think about but this is why this is all rolling out at you because you’re choosing different, you’re choosing higher timelines, you’re creating this utopia. It’s going to be on the fifth dimension that is never going to be anything like what you’re living in now. So think big, think unity, think love, think peace, we’re with you.

I Lord Ashtar my entire command we’re sending such love light and blessings to all of you and we’re helping you create this new earth, we’re helping you pick what you really want, we’re helping you to choose up and we’re showing you that you can actually choose anything you want, you can actually choose such high timelines that you shift the entire collective, the entire body of humanity, you can shift it to that of a wonderful place to be, you can shift it out of where you are now with just choosing different, navigating with your heart instead of your ego, it’s that simple.

I Lord Ashtar, i look forward to bringing through a lot of these messages through this channel again all the time for you to help all of you clear what doesn’t serve you and create a wonderful new earth, sending such love, sending such light and blessings.

**Channel: Lynne Rondell


Thank you Lord Ashtar and the entire angelic kingdom for that message. It is a reminder i think of the fact that we are here to create better, we are here to create peace finally, we are here to own our power, our freedom, our free will and live in truth, something to think about.

I look forward to bringing through a lot more channelings like this one. I’m sending you such love such light and blessings

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