November 2020 Ascension Energies; Soul Love

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We are at an exciting time in our Ascension, though not necessarily an easy time for many. As 2020 comes to a close, what Areon has overviewed as the year of Following Your Heart, we are in the amplification of the spiral calling us to surrender to the flow of Life and work the inner realm of balance. There is a paradox of stillness within such movement that reminds of us our individuality and our connection with Life.

This year has been exercise for honoring the separation and learning to connect in new ways. It is here, at this point of Self and Life that the paradox of opposites merge and become One. That is where you are truly free within the limitations of the physical experience.

As November reflects, the paradox of infinite and finite come into focus, for the 2020 vision of how you are All and one in One. In physicality, the “one” is obvious, it is the movement. The All, the Oneness is the subtle engine of connection that pushes and pulls the physical form. Your exercise this year was to find the stillness of your ever-beating heart within the chaotic movement of the external experience.

November Energies

November’s energy of Soul Love builds on October’s Self Love. When your inner realm is strong and saturated with Love, you are building your Crystalline vehicle of physical creation through Time. You are shaping your space within to nourish your heart’s desires. You are anchoring the availability of Loving creation in the midst of fear of change.

Self Love brings the natural mechanism of the unconscious into conscious clarity, offering new choice. It is the embracing of the Self that creates a container of creation, the crucible of change, that builds new form. From this container of Love, the reflection of Life is magnified and transformed through Love.

Humanity is being shaken to awaken, and you are working that subtle engine of pre-manifested form to hold a resonance of Love for future creation. This is living fully in the now with Knowing—knowing the infinite Love that you are. That is the peace that passes all understanding.

This is the meaning of Soul Love: from Self as one, to Soul as One. All divine.

You are embodying the infinite in your finite container. You are imagining infinite potential with your finite focus. You are freeing your infinite heart with your finite choices.

You are infinite divinity within finite form, merging the All in the one, realizing you were the One all along.

Gabriel’s Horn

As Gabriel’s Horn beckons a reckoning many fear, your infinite wisdom is ringing Love into this world. Judgment (when not neutral) creates separation. It’s opposite, connection, requires a balance with Love’s courage that isn’t always easy. 2020 has brought that into a clearer focus, even when things have felt rather challenging because of so much change and collective intensity.

November’s reflection of eleven brings the separate within, but it is your strength and your clarity that build your Crystalline ladder.

As November expands your Soul Love, you’re merging your multidimensional experience into linear time. The Soul and self, infinite and finite, become one and One, 11. When both are connecting within, the reflection of duality expands, 11:11. Your mastery of Self is multi-dimensionally applied as Love is fortified and multiplied through your infinite heart.

Happy November!

PS I’ll have a detailed post about Gabriel’s Horn coming soon!

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