Mike Quinsey: 1551

higher self image eraoflightdotcomAs this will be the last message before the Presidential Election 2020 on Tuesday 3rd November, it seems appropriate to confirm Blossom Goodchild’s latest message from The Federation of Light.

I referred to her earlier message of the 18th October that told of an announcement to be made before the U.S. Election and a global lock down to follow. In her latest contact with the Federation Blossom has been told “The Light has won and you upon Earth are completing your mission in raising the planet to its highest position” and confirmed there is “a huge announcement to come”

It may interest you to know that in the year 1551, Nostradamus predicted 2020 as being the end of the world, that we would destroy and ruin the economy.

30th October 2020. Mike Quinsey.

Dear Ones you may never have thought that you would be on Earth at a time when matters are at the crossroads yet the path for you has been decided, and you may be assured that nothing can stop your progress as you make your way to Ascension. You have done the hard bit and lifted yourselves out of the lower vibrations, and now you can anticipate an uninterrupted pathway as you progress towards your goal.

You are making history, and so many sacrifices are being made to comply with the need for a time lock to allow matters to evolve that are essential to your future. We are asking so much of you but please understand that you would have been put in the picture prior to making your incarnation.

With help you will recover and find that the changes are far more beneficial than returning to the old ways. You had to shake off the old ties that would not have been appropriate for the New Age, and given time you will understand that for yourselves. Realise that far from losing anything you will gain beyond your expectations and looking back will have no regrets at all.

Simply allow sufficient time for matters to come together, and we say that knowing humans tend to want things straight away when a little patience is called for to allow events to proceed in their own time. You know that we will be monitoring events for you and you can rest easy knowing that we are always there to help you.

The changes that are coming will be far reaching and you can be assured that we will be on hand when you need our help. In fact we are always aware of your needs and often give help in ways unknown to you, and as time passes and we get closer to you we will eventually work together as we have done in the past.

We have mentioned previously, we are always following your activities and guide you in many ways to help ensure you keep to your dedicated path. You do not yet fully realise what a great achievement you have made in passing the marker against all expectations. Now you are slowly making the changes that will release the old that is no longer appropriate for your present needs.

Even in the midst of confusing and chaotic times there is an underlying plan to ensure you take the steps intended to place you firmly on the path to completion. Without usurping your freewill you are being prompted to make the right decisions that will ensure your continued evolution.

There are always many choices available to you but only one path will satisfy your needs. By now you should know what will best cover your needs and stick firmly to it. No one else is better placed to serve you than your Higher Self so always maintain your contact and take note of what you are prompted to do.

When the next message is due you will have learned whether The Federation of Light were able to proceed with their intention to take a hold of matters concerning your future. They will certainly come into your lives much more than previously, when they worked behind the scenes. They have a strong desire to work with you thereby speeding up your progress.

You really have so much to learn so that you are fully prepared for future demands placed upon you. We will certainly help much in the nature of promptings, particularly when you are faced with many choices.

Unlike your previous experiences in the lower vibrations, you should now be finding things somewhat easier as the dark Ones are no longer in prominence and able to disrupt and interfere as before. In other words you should now find progress a lot easier and more straightforward.

Leading a more simple life will prove more productive and give you a great degree of satisfaction. It also means that your voices will have more notice taken of them instead of being rejected. Those of you who have a higher level of consciousness and understanding will find themselves chosen to take on more responsibility.

These are the times when you should now be acting as Wayshowers to others. It comes about as your vibrations continue to rise, giving you a greater ability to tap the great source of knowledge and truth. Many souls will be in shock as the truth of their existence becomes known and will perhaps be unable to comprehend or accept that they have had many lives upon Earth.

Perhaps an even greater truth regarding responsibility for their actions, but not to be punished for misdeeds but to face the consequences and make good their errors of judgement. Karma comes into effect where either good or bad deeds are concerned. In other words having been granted freewill you have to think carefully about your words or actions for which you are responsible.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. Be assured in such difficult times as these your Guides draw nearer to help you through it. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

24 Replies to “Mike Quinsey: 1551”

  1. sea

    Hi Franciely – it sounds as though you are up in your head instead of in your heartspace… Can you imagine standing on the beach with the sand between your toes at the edge of the ocean and the warm sun on your face? 🙂

  2. sea

    Kazar and Werty – you ask a question but don’t listen to the answer. There is no outside. And finances are just one form of abundance. There are many others. ALL is WELL with my Soul. Namaste friends 🙏

    1. kazar

      Sea I put outside in Quotation marks to indicate the illusion of it. Here are Sea”s words—I know you dont want to hear this but the work will always be on the inside. Things on the Outside are not lining up for you precisely because it is showing you that you must trust and Love etc. You brought up the distinction between an inside and outside–I responded to that. My point earlier was precisely directed at success thru money as Not what sets us free or serves us. However my Heroes are those on the Spiritual path and you seem to be one. I dont actually enjoy the energy of debate much. Adios

      1. sea

        Kazar – You are right, I did say there is an outside and there is, but not really 🙂 The way I understand it is, it’s called the physical realm but it’s really not solid at all. It is just an illusion created by people pushing whatever they don’t like about themselves to the outside (for various reasons) so whenever they look outside, as opposed to inside, all they see is their ‘stuff’. they don’t realize that they are creating their 3D world and only they can ‘uncreate’ it, myself included. There is no blame because there are no victims. We create everything, and at the soul level we have carefully crafted this life exactly the way it is in order to learn certain lessons. It should be empowering because no one has any power over us, yet, it is challenging to accept because it means that we have to take full responsibility for our lives. but, 3D is being dissolved because people are starting to do their inner work. Perhaps if we sat down with each other there would be less misunderstandings. It’s all good 🙂

  3. Ragnargreybeard

    You can be assured there will be no big announcement.

    American’s better be prepared for a fight to the death if Joe Biden and the Demonrats steal the election.

    No one is in our side. No one.

  4. Werty

    If no announcement before the election then we know we are being played. It was a very nice dream to have, and resonated strongly with me.. But with all these promises, and nothing to show for it, I cannot go on believing any of these words anymore, and I cannot trust my own intuition or what I resonate with.. So it is now or never for me..

    1. sea

      I know you don’t want to hear this but the work will always be on the inside. Things on the outside are not lining up for you precisely because it is showing you that you must learn to trust and love yourself and know that you have all the answers inside especially when your outer world is not cooperating with you 😊 When you learn to trust, things magically start lining up on the outside. It is the way of the Multiverse.

      1. Werty

        Well, You did not get the announcement and you have not manifested anything for yourself either.

        If you found it inside or in the multiverse, please share!!

        Thank you!

        1. sea

          What, inside yourself, makes you say that I haven’t manifested anything for myself? Is that something you can know from your present viewpoint?

        2. sea

          I’d like to offer you this Werty – perhaps you are not trusting yourself because you are second guessing what comes up for you. Your second guess (from the ego) will always be ‘wrong’ and your first feeling (from the heart) will always be ‘right’. The art is learning to recognize the very first thing that presents. A technique given to me is to sit quietly, close your eyes and clear your mind as best you can. When you are ready, picture whatever it is you have a question about be it a person or situation and then, without thinking, this is key, allow the feeling to come up in your body. You will feel something. love or fear. The very first thing you feel is from your Higher Self, your heart. You can trust it.

          1. sushi88logoWerty

            So you must have done what you are suggesting to me and received the announcement?? Correct??

            What was it??

            To give others advice when they did not ask for it is what Ego is all about, and that is you my friend, not me..

            If no announcement is made before the election then we know that Mike and Blossom and MANY insiders did not get it right at all and we should be strong enough to point that out and stop following them or believe what they say, even if you invested a lot in their words.

            I have believed them, but will walk away the minute they are wrong about something like this..

            If you want to go inside and make up a different truth for yourself you can go ahead and do that..

            Thank You!

          2. Franciely Loffler

            Hello Sea. ‘ve been trying to get inside myself and I can’t. And I think I already did all the existing techniques for that. My mind does not relax and is not stilled to make it happen. I don’t know what I do anymore.

      2. kazar

        Hey Sea What sort of things start magically lining up on the outside??? The answer of course will demonstrate your philosophy as to what is happening for you, The dimension you are operating in and your relationship to the events on this planet. Does that version of the Law of Atrraction mean you are now then financially successful in the 3rd dimension even though others are still enslaved??? Im not projecting that is you, it was just one avenue to see how that plays out. Blessings

        1. sea

          When you look in the mirror, do you ask the mirror to smile? You are both looking for things to shift on the outside of yourselves and then, you intimate that you will be ‘happy’. No it is the opposite because next you will wait for something else from the outside to make you ‘happy’ and so on and when does that end? When will you hear enough things outside yourselves to finally BE happy? You won’t. That is the illusion. I do not place much emphasis on some announcement. Wonderful if it comes but the most important thing for me is to foster love and joy inside myself and then I can see through the illusion of the physical realm, the veil of truth and I can see through the comments you both have made. We all have deep wounds that need healing, that’s why there is hostility in the world, people keep pushing their inner work to the outside, onto others thinking it will make them feel better, but until you do the inner work, your outside world will always look and feel the same, unsatisfying because you are still the same on the inside. You don’t see from the outside in but the inside out. Like it or not, that’s how it works.

          1. kazar

            I guess you are seeking Happiness then. I was seeking Peace. and bring that to the Unpeaceful World. But I dont feel thats done by avoidance of the dimension I find myself serving in. And its a Judgement to to suggest that someone hasnt done Inner work because they are experience the fullness of why they are here including the “outside” which if you are so elevated is also the “inside” if there is no separation. No Judgement–different focus. Seek your Happiness, Im finding Peace

    2. Mary

      They told you from the beginning that it’s a Game They are playing at the expense of our lives our Loved ones and Our feelings

    3. Mary

      Don’t Dive deep into their words you’ll become suicidal. Masters of false promises and hopes

  5. Malissa Liburdi