Astrology Report for November 2020

astrology update eraoflightdotcom2020 has so far certainly been a year unlike any other; almost surreal and dreamlike, but with the waves of reality crashing in on the shoreline to the soul with vigour and determination. It’s almost like being here but not here at the same time – like seeing the waves crashing in, but not feeling the spray or feeling the energy of the waves. Yet, confusingly, being soaked through at the same time. It’s as though we are shifting between layers of consciousness, shedding detritus and releasing so much along the way.

We only have to switch on the news to be bombarded with chaos, uncertainty and pain. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with it all, sinking under the weight of struggle and feeling overcome with a sense of sorrow, fear or grief. Yet, at the same time, there is a sense of peace emerging as we each seek out ways to find more balance in this fractured world. This almost conundrum-like existence has proven exhausting for so many more sensitive souls as it’s like being aware of every single thought, feeling and movement that’s happening globally all at once; continually.

It’s therefore so important to try to find peace in every moment, to live without the clutter and distraction of modern living corroding and eroding our connection with the world and one another. Life is a rich kaleidoscope of change, shift and uncertainty, and if we become consumed with this, it can overwhelm us and leave us feeling disconnected, alone and vulnerable. Change happens whether we want it to or not, and life is rarely straightforward, so we need to learn to hone our resilience in order to ride the waves with more balance and poise.

There can by no denying that ‘straightforward’ is something many of us long for as life has been chaotic and anything but straightforward. Straightforward feels like the welcoming hug of a warm jumper on a chilly day, an opportunity to snuggle up and brace the cold more willingly. We want straightforward and simplicity, but life is often confusing, conflicting and complex, so we need to find ways to live with it rather than resist it. Thriving comes when we find strength from living consciously and accepting the ebb and flow. Acceptance doesn’t mean we have to love the changes we experience, nor does it mean we’re giving up, it simply shows a willingness to be present, in each and every moment, rather than trying to deny and resist the situations we find ourselves in.

As we continue to open up our hearts and souls to the bigger picture of life, we are bound to feel things more acutely. This can be a difficult and painful process as we can feel as though we are being torn apart by the myriad of thoughts and situations we experience.  However, intuitively we know we need to carry on as the only way forward is through. We cannot dodge or divert away from our evolution, and this is a powerful period of personal and global change. So, we need to find ways to nurture and nourish ourselves in order to build that resilience and to grow from the uncertainty.

Of course, this process isn’t helped as none of us truly know where we’re heading. We know we’re here and want to get to ‘there’, but the goalposts are constantly shifting so our sense of ‘there’ is continually changing. It’s important to trust the process though, as trust brings us a deeper peace, a sense of equilibrium and a capacity to live more consciously. We may feel pushed beyond our limits at times, but we each have the courage and strength to keep going. Even when we feel alone, we can remind ourselves that there are many other souls all reaching towards unity. If we feel isolated, disconnected, broken or alone, it’s important to acknowledge this, to reach out, to ask for help. There is true courage in being open and it’s an opportunity for growth and learning.

The chaos has awoken strength, inaction has been stirred into purpose and pain is being transformed into wisdom. It’s time to live with compassion and love as the lights of our souls shine ever more brightly. For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.

With love,



As you continue to re-affirm your true priorities and find a deeper clarity in terms of what you really want from life, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how much you need some breathing space. You have been keeping on keeping on for so long that you have almost forgotten the need to stop, replenish, refresh and refuel; you have been on fast forward, trying to be everything to everyone and you’ve forgotten about your own needs in the process. November looks set to be a month for inspired thought and creative vision as you start to contemplate a new pathway or direction to follow. Whilst the free-spirit in you longs to run free for the hills to live a more carefree existence, you know you need to find more balance so you aren’t bogged down in other people’s ‘stuff’ all the time so you still have the time and energy to fulfil your own dreams.

You seem ready now to explore unchartered terrain and shake up the very fabric of your life as nothing seems the same anymore. You have spent so long keeping on keeping on that this may feel slightly alien and even worrying, but intuitively you know that you are more than ready to shake up the apple cart. The inner log jam that’s been holding back your creative and intuitive flow is about to burst free, so you may feel a little hyper and eager to channel this into new ventures (and adventures). Try to take some deep breaths and pause before you charge ahead as it’s important that you step forward consciously and with clear intent. As this energy starts to surge and buzz within you, it may be hard to contain the effervescence, but this isn’t a force to control, it’s your spirit starting to dance…


As you continue to grow more aware of yourself, your life and your choices, there is a sense that you are beginning to realise just how out of balance you have been over recent weeks and months. Whilst you have still achieved a great deal, you have realised the personal cost of continually giving so much of yourself. Of course, the benefit of hindsight is useful, but you can’t change the past so it’s now time to learn from past choices in order to live a more informed present. Life is a learning curve and every choice (even the ones you perceive to be erroneous or ‘bad’) help you to grow, evolve and flourish. Whilst looking back helps you to make sense of past choices, it’s also important to look to where are you now as well so you don’t lose sight of the present moment.

‘Over giving’ isn’t a new concept for you as you’ve always had a tendency to give every last ounce of your energy in an attempt to be everything to everyone. This comes from a place of love and compassion, but there is also a sense of you measuring your own personal worth against how much you do for others. It’s important not to forget to be loving and compassionate to yourself as well as the true measure of self-worth comes from the relationship you have with yourself. You’re ready now to embrace a new way of living and being as you re-shape and re-define your life from the inside, out. Open up your heart and soul to the present moment, honour your own needs and stop giving yourself a hard time for not doing more, being more or achieving more. It’s time to start celebrating all that you are in the here and now. You’re a wonderful soul and it’s time to wholeheartedly believe this now…


As your sense of self continues to coalesce and become more whole, there is a sense that many different aspects of your life are finally making more sense to you. You have been scattered throughout space and time for so long, it’s unquestionably hard for you to make sense of the constant zig-zagging in your head, heart and soul. There are times when you feel uplifted and full of optimism, where the world is your oyster, but there are the times when you feel overwhelmed and discombobulated, trying to make sense of being human, feeling lost in the vastness of your mind. You are such a deep thinker, and often meander down pathways of existential pondering and philosophical contemplations, but there is often purpose and meaning to this meandering as it’s so important for you to try to understand why things are the way they are. Wanting to make more sense of your life is not too much to ask, but there is a risk that you can end up feeling even more lost and confused as the nature of your mind is without boundary and infinite; in essence, the more you look the more there is to look for.

November looks set to be a time for you to find ways to anchor yourself more consciously into the here and now as you begin to feel a deeper sense of peace with your busy mind. This isn’t something to ‘do’, as it’s a frame of mind and a state of being. Your powerful mind is a part of you so it’s not something to fix, it’s something to love and accept. So, it seems time to love and accept the many unanswered questions in your life; living with uncertainty takes courage, and it’s time to realise just how strong, courageous and vibrant you truly are…


As you continue to think about the aspects of your life that nourish you, as well as the things that deplete you, there is a sense that you often reach a stage of increased clarity only to find yourself feeling disorientated once again. It’s a bit like a moth being allured by the glow of a light, it’s draws close only to feel the heat, back off and then try again! It would be easy to judge the moth and feel it just needs to be sensible and learn but when is life ever that easy? So, when you find yourself repeating the same old patterns, ebbing and flowing with clarity and confusion (sometimes at the same time), rather than giving yourself a hard time, start showing yourself some more love and understanding.

It’s important to realise that you’re doing your best and despite your desire for perfection, intuitively you know that perfection sits on the horizon, next to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So, why not seek to find peace in the present moment? This isn’t about giving up on goals or dreams, nor is it accepting ‘second best’, it’s about finding joy in the here and now, and finding gratitude for what you have now rather than never feeling like you are enough, or you have enough. Acceptance takes courage and a willingness to turn to face the bigger picture of your life in order to live a more balance, joyful and enriching life. Life can be made richer by focusing on what you have, rather than on what you don’t. Feeling a sense of lack or an awareness of the gap between where you are, and where you dream to be, only leaves you focused on the gap. So, feel your feet on the ground, take a breath and breathe deeply into each and every moment…


November looks set to be a month of self-reflection and contemplation as you gaze more deeply into the depths of your soul. You are eager for some honest self-evaluation and genuine self-discovery as you reach down towards the purest threads of your true essence. For a long time now you have been treading water, maintaining the apple cart of your life, but you seem ready now to up-end the apples in order to re-connect more wholeheartedly with life. Keeping on keeping on doesn’t really suit a free-spirited soul like you as you need the room to dance freely throughout the dancefloor of life. Of course there are times when keeping on is essential, but there needs to be more to life for you in order for you to feel truly alive and connected. Journeying so deeply within takes a great deal of courage, but you seem ready to peel back the layers of clutter (things to do, people to see, places to go, to do lists to complete) in order to gain a stronger sense of your true priorities.

What do you truly want? What makes your heart sing? These are questions that have the potential to re-shape your life from the inside, out. It unquestionably takes courage, strength and determination to embrace your destiny, but anything less feels somewhat empty and hollow to you. It’s important to remember that this is a soul-level shift and whilst the revelations may lead you to making some big changes to your everyday life, this is a time for revelation more than action. So, bide your time, seek out clarity and enjoy the excitement of stepping into new terrain. As the whispers of anticipation start to rise up within you, intuitively you know it’s time to find a new way of living and being that enriches your life on every level…


As you continue to reshape your connection to life, there is a sense that you are beginning to feel a more wholehearted appreciation of the concept of going with the flow. Not easy for a thinker like you as you know that life is such a complex and complicated business of choices, decisions, thoughts, change and uncertainty. Yet, at a deeper level you are longing for a more peaceful journey through life, a chance to think a little less and be still in the moment a little more. Sometimes the whirring and churning of your head can become very distracting, leaving you disconnected from your true self. As a result, you can sometimes feel as though you are on the outside looking in on your life as the internal noise of your head pushes your spiritual consciousness away. Of course, your busy head is a part of who you are and whilst it can sometimes overtake the rest of you, it is still a part of you.

It’s therefore important to honour and acknowledge all aspects of yourself and stop resisting the parts you feel ‘could do better’. To deny any aspect of your nature is to deny yourself the opportunity to live wholeheartedly. To accept aspects you are not fond of doesn’t mean you can’t change or evolve, it’s simply a willingness to acknowledge your ‘base line’ as without a foundation how can you build? You are a bright, intuitive and wise soul, and you have discovered the wisdom that can be found in the complexity of life, yet you have also touched on the peace to be found in the stillness as well. So it seems that balance is the name of the game throughout November as you seek out ways surrender to your true nature and find joy in the complexity of life…


Your quest for some breathing space continues in earnest throughout November as you make a conscious effort to weave some peace into each and every day. You have been on fast forward for far too long now and every level of your being needs some stillness, quiet and breathing space. As you continue to untangle the many tangles in your life, you are beginning to realise just how tied up in knots you have become when it comes to trying to be the person you feel you ought to be. For every person in your life, you try to be the person you think they need you to be, so this can mean you are presenting multiple different fronts at any one moment in time which is not only exhausting but confusing as well.

Yet, there is a more serious point here as whilst your intentions are genuine and heartfelt, and your compassion flows so strongly, this drives you to want to be everything to everyone. Unless you pause, re-centre and re-balance then you’re finely honed scales run the risk of snapping. Now, this wouldn’t be the first time, but as you can already sense the need to re-balance, wouldn’t it be wiser to act now rather than to wait until the inevitable happens? Whilst your intentions are altruistic and you simply want to make a positive difference, you really must think about your own needs. This isn’t selfish or self-focused, it’s essential for your own well-being. There is a saying that you cannot give from an empty vessel – you have mastered the art of over-giving and not only is the vessel often empty, but you have taken to using the vessel itself for parts to keep you going! You often push yourself too hard and you need to stop and let go a little. It’s time to PAUSE. Breathe. Re-set…


As you continue to take a closer look as to why you do the things you do, there is a sense that you are beginning to gain a stronger awareness between the aspects of your life that nurture you and the ones that don’t. This is unlikely to be a surprising revelation for you as you intuitively already know what nourishes and what depletes (or who), but sometimes you have to step back a little in order to gain an understanding in order to know what you need to do about it. It’s a bit like not seeing the woods for the trees. When your life drifts off course or you feel out of balance, the landscape of your soul shifts to dull tones and greys, but when you live more intuitively, the colours become vibrant and effervescent.

In many ways this is a like a colour-coding system for your soul, and it’s a precious gift that you should treasure as it’s your very own built-in personal navigation system. Yet, the landscape of your soul is a complex place as it’s infinite, mysterious and much of it is tucked away in the recesses of your awareness, so it’s not always easy for you to follow the colour code guide and it’s certainly not paint by numbers! It can be frustrating that nothing in life is straightforward, but you also know that it doesn’t have to be difficult as it all boils down to how much you are prepared to ‘let go and let flow’ and let your intuition lead the way. It’s time to contemplate the true meaning of ‘letting go’; you already know it’s not giving up, but you also need to realise that it’s not a passive force, it’s empowering, life-affirming and enriching. It takes courage to ‘let go and let flow’ and you have this in abundance…


‘Less is more’ continues to take centre stage in your life as you seek out ways to introduce more simplicity into your life. Whilst you are a world-class multi-tasker, you seem weary of the constant juggling and continual stimulation. Your soul longs for some respite and peace; an opportunity to breathe deeply for a while and savour your breath rather than trying to juggle a massive ‘to do’ list and a very busy brain. Although you thrive on having things to do, people to see and places to go, there are moments when you just want it all to stop for a while so you can have some ‘you time’ to reset and rebalance. Finding some peace seems even more important in November as it looks set to be a time for re-evaluating and re-defining your true priorities in life. It’s time to ask yourself what you truly want and what makes you happy? What makes your heart sing and your soul fizz with joy?

Each of these are important questions as having a clear sense of the answers gives you a firm foundation upon which to build upon. Knowing what you truly want shapes your goals and defines your dreams, it helps you to balance your time better and it is the force that guides your intuition and sense of self. Knowing what you truly want gives you a sense of purpose and helps you to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the things/people that nourish you and the one’s that drain you. In short, the clearer you are in terms of what makes your heart sing or sets your soul on fire, the more you can channel your formidable energy towards moving your life from here to wherever it is you want to be. Just remember: Less is more…


November looks set to be a month where you start to shape, cultivate and evolve your own definition of happiness and how to live a more contented life. You have long been sceptical of the ‘always look on the bright side’ philosophy of life as you see yourself as more of a realist, preferring to acknowledge the challenges head on. Yet you also know that by simply focusing on everything that isn’t right doesn’t help make you feel any better, it just leaves you feeling emersed in the nitty-gritty, gnarly side of life. You are beginning to take a far broader, bigger picture, perspective when it comes to happiness; you know that happiness isn’t a default setting that emerges once you’ve fixed everything that’s ‘wrong’ and you also know that it’s a force that needs to be cultivated and grown in its own right.

You have had more than your fair share of ups and downs over recent months and whilst this has often pushed you to your perceived limits, you have discovered your resilience, strength and courage. Whilst in many ways you would prefer a life where you didn’t need to be resilient or courageous, you can also see the gifts that this has brought you as you are now wiser and more willing to open up your heart and soul towards happiness. Of course, the more sceptical side of you prefers to err on the side of caution as there’s a safety in caution as opening up to happiness is a risk as nothing is permanent in life. Yet, to live in caution is to live a half-life and you are more than ready to let go a little in order to take a chance on happiness. After all, unless you open the door, how can you let happiness in…


As you continue to breathe more consciously and wholeheartedly into life, your creativity and imagination are finding new avenues of expression. You are beginning to realise how stifled and muted your energy has been over recent weeks and months (even years) as you have been focusing so hard on trying to be the person you believe you need to be. Everyone has aspirations and a sense of what’s right, but you take this further as your awareness knows no bounds. It’s as though you metamorphose into different versions of yourself when around different people and this takes a phenomenal amount of energy to maintain. Now this isn’t in any way subversive, it’s simply your way of trying to make everyone happy as your empathic compassion makes you feel everything so very deeply. This is certainly a skill you’ve mastered, and you clearly do make others happy, the biggest question though is are you making yourself happy? Is the energy it takes to maintain this monumental juggling act nourishing you or depleting you?

Trying to be everything to everyone shows the richness of your compassion and generosity, but there comes a time where it’s important to think about the bigger picture of your life. It’s also time to think about another possibility. Could it be that by being everything to yourself instead that you will not only feed your own heart and soul, but you will also become so much more to everyone else as well? You are a shining light and a beautiful soul, maybe it’s time to believe that you don’t have to shape-shift to people please, you can be yourself and be perfectly magnificent at doing it. In many ways this is a question of self-belief and of knowing that by being true to yourself that your creativity can flow freely, and your inner light will illuminate the world…


As you continue to seek out peace and stillness amongst the busy-ness of your life, there is a sense that the usually vibrant kaleidoscope of colours of your life have taken on a more muted and subdued tone recently. You can sense that something is missing but you’re not quite sure what, it’s akin to those moments when you feel like you’ve forgotten something, and it niggles away at your consciousness until you remember what it is which only usually happens once you’ve stopped thinking about it! In many ways this is the same, as it seems the less you focus on what’s wrong, the more you will see the bigger picture and intuitively find ways to create change. Of course, this isn’t quite as easy as it may sound as the dulling of the shine on the colours of your life has been a gradual process; so gradual that you haven’t really noticed it happening.

You’ve been caught up at the centre of the maelstrom of your life and the energy has been swirling vigorously on the many different levels of your soul. Although you intuitively know that the maelstrom of energies is also your biggest gift as it’s the source of your creativity, spirituality and innovation, there are times when it can knock you off your feet with its force and tenacity. Learning how to live more consciously with this internal force is important as it’s the source of your power and wisdom; this comes from acknowledging the need for you to honour your own needs more. You may often feel overwhelmed with the swirling energies within you and unable to say no when it comes to those around you, but it’s time to realise that you are at the helm of the ship of your life and you need to establish some new ground rules…

**Source **By Sarah Jane grace