Tim of Agartha: We Are to Unite

we are one love eraoflightHello all Sisters and Brothers on Earth’s surface. I’m Tim, living in Agartha, the inner world of the Earth. As you know, we live here in a different dimension than you do – for now. But the time when we can all meet unhindered is soon. The boundaries are blurred as your frequencies increase at an ever-increasing rate.

It is YOU who do it Dear Friends. More and more people are joining the already large working group at every moment. More and more of you are perceiving the telepathic contact / the wordless community between you. With this, you no longer need to meet physically or connect with the old-fashioned technology you use to communicate with each other.

It “hours” well. My contact does not like that I mix your languages… with “times”, I mean “fits well in time” in Swedish (smiles). Thus, you are very well prepared for a possible (smiling) new closure in your societies while the New Age enters.

Be at peace and be in joy! Let the strong energy of the coming full moon spread in your body and soul and give you the feeling of joy and fellowship. Fellowship with the Universe, fellowship with your ancestors, Mother Earth, your animals and your nature and of course with your fellow travelers on Gaia. And with us here in Agartha, not to forget.

Receive our Love, our healing and our joy. Take it into your hearts, dear earthlings, celebrate and be happy! Be happy that you are living in a physical body in this amazing time.

Light and Love through me, your brother Tim. See you soon and then we can dance and celebrate together. All the others here who also long for a reunion send their Most Loving Greetings.

Your brother Tim.

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

**Source **Channel: Kjerstin Sisilla