Tips for Creating the New Earth

earth the one eraoflightdotcomBuilding the New Earth is a grassroots, community-driven affair. It starts firstly in the hearts of individuals who accept responsibility for themselves, then expands to include responsibility for family, then community.

It involves people coming together to make a difference. In many instances, the building of the New Earth bypasses authoritarian, self-serving control structures and quite simply gets the job done- by the people for the people.

The task of building the New Earth does not commence after ascension. It starts now. The current ascension phases of disclosure of our galactic family; accountability and arrests of deep state actors; and financial reform and reset will greatly accelerate the process upon their completion. However, the task of building New Earth is not predicated upon them.

I am providing here just a few brief suggestions for the immediately practical ways in which we can get started in doing our part to build New Earth, Nova Gaia. This list comes just off the top of my head and is by no means comprehensive. It is simply meant as a starting point as to what is possible right now.

The building of Nova Earth firstly requires a paradigm shift. It requires an upending of many of our structures and institutions which do not serve the people. This is the true pole shift, the righting of the inverted matrix.

Inverted matrix control structures have been put in place in every domain of human activity and those at the top, rather than the people. Building New Earth is essentially an exercise in putting power back in the hands of the people at the bottom of the structure. We look now at a few examples in some of these domains.

Banking and Finance

Move money away from the banks and into community-owned credit unions. Credit unions are non-profit organisations that are owned by its shareholders in contrast to banks which operate for profit. This has major implications which you can explore in this article by Forbes. In short, credit unions operate on the key principles of ascension.

Learn about and get involved in decentralised cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency began with Bitcoin as a decentralised form of digital money. It is fully peer-to-peer and is much more resistant to forgeries than traditional (fiat) currencies. There have been many offshoots since Bitcoin, but to date, Bitcoin remains the most popular. The main advantage of Bitcoin is the fact that it does not rely on banks. Once again, the premises upon which cryptocurrency is based are aligned with the key principles of ascension.


Support small, locally-owned businesses, farmers, and craftsmen. Boycott large, multinational corporations that engage in unfair, or illegal practices such as child labor.

Create or join communities that encourage barter, a mutual exchange of goods and services as opposed to an exchange of government-controlled currency. A great place to start may be the Free World Charter.


Start unschooling yourself and your children. Unschooling is a term used to denote learner-driven education, as opposed to the cookie-cutter, assembly-line approach to education taken by schools. See this great article by The Natural Child Project. Education in the new earth is all about individualism and personal interests. I am not necessarily suggesting here that you take your kids out of schools (although that is great if it is feasible for you). I am suggesting that you broaden your concept of education and teach that to your children.

Learn about and teach the important ‘subjects’. Be creative. Create your own courses, with exciting titles such as ‘How to Create the Life You Want’, and ‘How to Live in Love, Not Fear’. Hint, you can start by exploring the implications of quantum physics to consciousness.


Learn about and incorporate holistic health care modalities in your treatment plan. Many of these have been scientifically researched and their effects validated. Traditional allopathic medicine is generally symptomatic only and very rarely treats the root cause of the disease. Holistic approaches do and without any side effects. Greatist offers a referenced list of alternatively healing modalities that have been scientifically vetted.

Boycott genetically modified foods and eat organic as much as you can. There’s plenty of evidence that many chemicals used to grow food are dangerous (1), and the link between GMO’s and cancer remains inconclusive. Better to err on the side of caution in my opinion. If you think eating healthy is expensive, wait till you see the cost of cancer.


Engage in non-combative sport. Healthy competition is a good thing, but it often can degenerate into a battle of egos. The idea is to challenge yourself and grow past your own limits, not to outshine or demean another.
Support entertainment industries that promote positive messages through their productions and process. With Hollywood being exposed as a den of paedophilic parasites, be wary of supporting movies that encourage unacceptable or unlawful practices. Same for Netflix that has been accused of glorifying child sex in its movie Cuties.

These are just a few examples of how we can immediately get involved in the creation of the New Earth. I encourage you to take these practical steps, and share your own suggestions.