Intelligence Expert: Election Was A ‘Sophisticated Sting Operation’

the truth rising eraoflightdotcomAs a guest on InfoWars’ War Room with Owen Shroyer today, intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik declared that the 2020 election was set up by Trump’s people as a “sophisticated sting operation” to trap the Democrats and the Biden crime family in irrefutable criminal fraud.

Pieczenik is not working for the federal government, he explains, and what he describes leaves many questions and raises some doubts, such as the question of how such a large operation could have been kept secret from the Democrats all this time.

Intelligence Expert Claims 2020 Election Was A 'sophisticated Sting Operation' That Trapped The Democrats In Biggest Criminal Election Fraud In History

Nevertheless, if this is true, it means that Owen Shroyer, InfoWars and Steve Pieczenik just broke what is arguably the biggest news story in at least a century, dwarfing the significance of anything from the Washington Post and the Nixon administration.

Disclaimer: We have not yet been able to independent verify the claims you see below. We are merely reporting on what Dr. Pieczenik is saying, as these claims are newsworthy and incredibly important. We are in the process of investigating further.

Among the seemingly incredible claims made by Pieczenik include the following:

  • The ballots used in the election were printed by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Every legitimate ballot across America was watermarked with QFS blockchain encryption codes.
  • Trump was fully aware of the sting operation and is still allowing the Dems to dig themselves deeper into their election fraud.
  • The sophisticated sting operation was intended to catch and expose the massive vote fraud of the Democrats.
  • Everything you’re seeing right now with the ballot fraud was completely expected by Trump’s people.
  • “Thousands and thousands of National Guard [troops]” have been sent to 12 states right now, to assist in securing the legitimate ballots and throwing out the fake ballots printed up by Democrats as part of their fraud operation.
  • This sting will expose the entire Biden family and get them all convicted and sent to prison.
  • “We watermarked all the ballots with QFS blockchain,” and sent 20,000 or more National Guard troops to the ballot centers.
  • The few members of the media who were allowed to be read in on this operation were able to keep it secret all this time, and Pieczenik thanks them for doing so.
  • “This has been a set up by Trump for a long, long time,” he says. “This is our counter-coup against the Bidens.”
  • Arrests are coming right away. “As of tomorrow,” he says, and it will continue for a long time to come.
  • “This is the biggest sting operation” in the history of America.

See the interview on and here:

Do not forget that Joe Biden recently admitted, on camera, that the Democrats have, “the most extensive voter fraud organization” in the history of American politics. You can see him admitting this here:

Right there, Joe Biden openly admitted to the nationwide vote fraud, just as he also openly admitted to withholding a billion dollars from Ukraine in order to get prosecutors fired who were looking into the Burisma scandals that involved kickbacks to his son, Hunter.

Shockingly, Joe Biden thinks Democrats are so untouchable that he can publicly admit to almost any crime imaginable, including nationwide vote fraud.

In further researching this story, we came across another piece of this rumor which needs to be considered. It isn’t yet authenticated, and it might be nothing but rumor or speculation, but various online sources are claiming to have behind-the-scenes access to press releases that aren’t yet available to the public.

According to one rumor, shown below, DHS has secretly announced an “election audit sting” that claims “80% of the ballots have failed ballot integrity checks.”

As you read this, please note that we could not authenticate this document or its source, and we currently only place it in the “rumor” category. It might be disinformation thrown around the ‘net to cloud the election outcome and give patriots false hope:

Dhs Election Sting Rumor

Supporting the possibility of all this is a November, 2019 story from entitled, “DHS cyber agency invests in election auditing tool to secure 2020 elections.” This story, which was read by almost no one until now, explains:

The Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) cybersecurity agency announced Thursday it would partner with election officials and private sector groups to develop an election auditing tool that can be used to help ensure the accuracy of votes in 2020.

That sounds strikingly similar to what Steve Pieczenik is describing in his video interview with Owen Shroyer.

In related news, Trump addressed the nation earlier today and detailed some of the massive voting fraud that has so far been witnessed across the country:

The bottom line: If Pieczenik is correct, we are about to see the Dems completely destroyed and thrown in prison for a long, long time. Let’s hope he’s correct, because if this doesn’t pan out, a whole lot of patriots are going to be extremely angry at being misled about this “sting operation.”


23 Replies to “Intelligence Expert: Election Was A ‘Sophisticated Sting Operation’”

  1. Helene

    You missed the paragraph that has proven how the watermarks got there. They were put on the paper that was sent to all the states and they were invisible. Not even Joe Biden knew.

    The watermarks are not fake.

    1. youguess24

      You are right . The watermarks are interdimensional [ invisible to human ] and contain certain chemicals to be used as an identify ID by Quantum Computers . No authentication and pass if no ID printed .

      Remember Q said ” All assets deployed ” ? This is one good example . There are more and expect more .

      All is good .

  2. darsdragons

    I checked with a friend who was in charge with running the Election Programs for our City & County. She verified the State orders the special forms from an authorized source, while the ballots are printed locally.

    People who kept their mail in ballots, since they went in person to vote, are using a gemstone viewer and finding watermarks on them.


    So there should be special machines to read these codes to validate a real ballot and throw out votes on one without these watermarks.

    So I guess there is still hope for this situation to be true…

  3. Linda

    States print their own ballots however this time they printed their ballots on the paper the DHS sent them! With the encrypted code! Brilliant!

  4. Novakane

    Trump is nothing like what you claim. Why do you think they hate him so much He is not compromised nor does he have any handlers. He has been ordained By prime source creator GOD to finish what he started 4 years ago with 4 more years. He is on his hero Journey. He said hi self he fights for America we are his priority. He’s not not a politician but one who is sent by GOD period! Don’t compare him to pass Rebulican presidents nor politicians because he is neither. He’s on a mission that’s why they fight him so hard because he fights For YOU and I so hard. This whole thing is a sting operation Trump knows all the deep states moves and countermoves. He’s dug then a whole and they have are are falling sweep deep into it like the deep state swamp creatures that they are. Him and his administration are playing chess and Have check mated the left and deep state ever since there is no move the deep state or left could make . Stay in faith this is all under control. Fraud is what we are seeing here playing out right in front of our faces. What fraud? Voter FRAUD. From who? The left the d’s the Deep state. And charges will be brought. Just wait for it .

    1. Divsy Pafe

      Indeed, this is the theme – exposing the deep state & Co; hence liberating us from bondage/control/etc. And making way for the speedy manifestation of the great awakening aka our ascension undertaking.

  5. darsdragons

    Okay, I decided, proof or not, I am going to focus on this situation, as my Reality. I see no other narrative that can bring back our faith in the Election Process and re-unite the people.

    If all the corrupt people are brought to justice, it will start to restore our faith in the process and send a message to others who are seeped in darkness, that Justice will prevail.

    Hopefully enough people will feel the same and we jump to this timeline.

  6. darsdragons

    I use to work in the IT industry. If you didn’t know already, most printers has an invisible code printed on the paper when used, which can be used to trace the document back to printers.

    Yes, normally the individual States print out the ballots, that is normally the one job of the Lt Gov of each state… but maybe this year was different? Also the Ballots looks like it is a special type of paper, maybe the States all have to get the special ballot paper from the Feds, so people can’t go printing up fake ballots? Maybe the Feds did imprint a secret code on this year’s blank ballot papers before sending them to the States?

    Need to hear from someone in the Elections Office of a State to find out what their procedures were on printing ballots.

    Just Food for Thought…

  7. Max

    Dear Tom

    May I ask you a question:

    How do you know that former Intelligence Office and intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik is story telling?

    Please let us know what you know. You must back this up with REAL evidence and what your sources are that confirm this.

    I look forward to your unambiguous and clear outline with evidence of what you say.

    There are people who are disinformation agents both in the mainstream media and on boards posting away. I am not saying you are one of them, Tom, but please let us all know why you think the way you do.

    I am asking questions to establish the REAL facts and the TRUTH. You pointing to REAL evidence and facts would help by naming your sources with links.

  8. Joel

    This site posts a lot of valuable reminders that every single person on earth is part of the same eternal self, and the future is about returning to perfect love and unity.

    I wish you wouldn’t post these divisive political messages which turn us against each other. This type of message is not truth, and it really distracts from the much greater message of unity. Republicans and Democrats, in their hearts, want the same things. The differences and conflict are based on lies and illusions. We should remind each other of that.

    Love sees the light inside every person. Love doesn’t seek to destroy anyone.

    Let’s be the change we want to see.

    Let’s be loving to each other.

    Even Democrats.

    1. sea

      If you are feeling divided by these posts it’s likely that there is a part of you that feels divided, separate. I read them and do not feel that way at all but see information with which I get to make up my own mind about and I AM grateful for them all. It’s ALL good ☀️Yes, even the Dems or especially the Dems as they are serving a highly valuable purpose in the Great Awakening for humanity. At the soul level, they are even to be thanked for agreeing to take the fall so ALL can see.

      1. Ragnargreybeard

        Yes I see the Dems and pedophiles like Joe Biden are serving a purpose, but does that mean we can’t give them the punishment they deserve?

        1. sea

          Rag – no, absolutely not! If they are a danger to others especially children then they must be removed but we do so without ‘gloating’. In learning to appreciate others choices in life, this…

          would you rather be the innocent one who takes 1000 beatings or be the one to beat the innocent one, even once?

          The choice for me was to be ‘beaten’ because my soul would die the other way around. So, you could say I chose the easier life. At the soul level, we are all just players on a stage playing out our parts so we can all learn and grow. we serve each other as we have all been, in one lifetime or another both the beaten and the beater. Remember that Source Energy is EVERY thing, not just the ‘beautiful’.

          The Arcturians say that if we lift others up through forgiveness, it lifts us up but if we blame and carry anger, it holds us down and we’re here to RISE so the choice to not only forgive but to give thanks to those who agreed to be the ones that others despise, seems…like the next natural step toward ascension. It’s not easy being mean 🤷‍♂️

        2. youguess15

          It is not we giving them punishment , but they themselves receiving the feedback from their doings . As souls , when incarnated in the physical body , they sometimes forget that the universe is balanced , they sometimes forget the law that the force you push to others will push back to yourself . Like Tai Chi . You are aware that Dems and pedophiles are doing the hurtful ‘ extremes ‘ , it is the FEELING that awakes people , the FEELING that ignites the fire of compassion from hearts . That is their purpose . Our universe has another important law : Cause & Effect . What souls do generate FEELING , the FEELING they hurt others will be pushed back to them and kept in their cellular memories . This FEELING is what you call ” the punishment ” , or ” Karma ” . ” The punishment ” they have to deal with after souls out of body . Compared to this , death is too weak to the FEELING . All the darkness will have to deal with karma or the ” the punishment ” to ascend . So it is always true that be kind to each other .

  9. Tom

    Yes Douglas the states print their ballots
    Steve is another story teller with his crazy stories.
    Do I think the Democrats are pure no do I see the Republicans pure no. Any person that has been in congress for more then 8 years is controlled by the special interests groups. They have been wined and dined and sold their soul to the special interests group.
    And Trump is right their with them he is not all what the crazy right Republicans tell you he is. Trump knows he looses this election he faces big problems
    And at the same time Joe is not pure the American public has given their power away years ago when they let the supreme court decide Bush / Gore case for President. Today the powers to be have the D fighting the R and that is what they want because at the end of the day they still control the country !!!!

    1. Steven

      Tom, actually the massive fraud being documented and exposed along with signed affidavits, i.e. the shady Dominion software flipping votes from Rep to Demo, hundreds of thousands of ballots flooding in with only Biden check offs, the list goes on… seems to be developing credibility for Pieczenics’ story.

  10. youguess10

    Meanwhile in China , the China Communist Party [ CCP ] are so eager to tell their citizens Joe Biden won the election . Why ? Because CCP had bribed certain [D]emcrates [ like Criminal Joe Biden ] in exchange for Company IPO furthermore laundering money in Washington & California . CCP and [D]emocratic Party are so upset because they know if Joe Biden loses , no money anymore , no power anymore . We are going to see the falling of them . It is far more interesting than the TV series from CBS .

    1. youguess25

      Trump declared National Emergency .
      Pompeo told publicly that TaiWan has not been a part of China .


      Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry congratulated Joe Biden .

      What does that tell ?

      CCP has been watching the election but been doubting to congratulate Criminal Joe until yesterday Trump & Pompeo gave the final push and cut the retreat !

      CCP , another Cabal in the world !

      Thank you for your answer , YOUGUESS10 !

  11. Douglas A James

    I want to believe this but arent ballots printed and sent by each State? Did DHS really send out the absentee ballots???

    1. Barney

      Every state prints their own ballots.The DHS did not print ballots. Those watermarks will be shown to be fake.