Ashtar: New Developments for Humanity Rolling Forward Now

ashtar command eraoflightdotcomHello beloveds it is i Lord Ashtar coming through this channeler again today for a new message for all of you. I wanted to tell you about new developments that have coming out and are rolling out for all of humanity to help you actually to move you forward. There’s been energies that are coming from another solar system that are coming from very far away, these energies are coming.

We’re going to say they’re divine in origin and they’re also being rolled out at you by very high galactic beings of light as well who feel that there is so much chaos and so much mistruth on your planet that a lot of you don’t know if the truth you’re feeling is what you’re feeling from your gut or if the truth that you’re feeling is something that’s been pushed into your energy field as it’s actually someone else’s truth that you have taken on.

With all these mistruths and lies that are going on out there on your planet and plane with all this fear agenda pushing out at you, these lies and mistruths, they carry an energetic vibration, we’re going to call it an energetic sequencing with them.

They are all going not only vocally but they’re going energetically out into all of your energy fields and they’re mixing with all your truths, we’re going to say, so it’s very hard for people to decipher what they’re hearing if it is the truth, if it has been made up, who is telling the truth.

We want you to be able to actually feel the truth in your heart and your soul. We want you to be able to know what your truth is also because when you know what your truth about you is you can not only see the truth more, you can hear the truth and you can feel them what resonates with you as truth and what resonates with you as mistruths.

This energy is coming in just for that purpose to help all of you use your discernment on what is actually the truth and what isn’t and it’s also coming in to help widen and open even further your throat chakra, it’s here and it’s going to go out very wide.

That you can really speak your truth and in speaking your truth you’re gonna know and see what is the truth out on the planet. It is crucial and critical right now that you really be able to pick through the lies and the mistruths and all the fear-based agenda that’s rolling at you and find what resonates with you as the truth.

This is going to be a tricky one. You’re going to have to really listen to what’s out there and you’re going to have to feel more with your heart, you’re going to have to feel more with your intuition and that part of you, your higher power that’s aligning with to know what’s really true.

They’re filling and flooding all the social medias everything that is coming at you, we’re going to say a lot of it is lies, a lot of it is propaganda, a lot of it you’re being told so that you stay in fear, so that they can continue that control mechanism, they can continue manipulating, dominating and trying to push all of you back down.

For they have lost the control, they’re trying desperately and they’re going to try with very extreme measures we’re afraid. Some of these measures are going to be actually quite frightening for all of you.

This energy is coming in, we’re going to call it galactic energy and we’re going to call it universal energy as well, it’s coming in for all of you to help you decipher what is the truth and to help you with your truth, to speak your truth and to align actually with your higher power align more at the base of your soul for your soul’s journey going forward now.

These galactic energies as light is coming through now, it’s going to keep coming through for the next seven or eight days and you’re going to feel out of your bodies, you’re going to feel a little light-headed perhaps, you’re going to feel like you cannot ground yourself.

We’re going to ask you to go out onto the beach, the sand, the dirt, the grass wherever you are that’s outside take your shoes off, ground into mother earth, stand there, ask mother earth to take and ground the energies in your system and she’ll push back up energy at you to really ground you. This channeler does it every day. She talks with mother earth. They transfer energies back and forth. Mother earth takes off the excess and then she takes the energy from mother earth.

It’s important that you all ground in now and it’s important that you really start to think about what the truth is. Your truth what you’re hearing is a truth, what you’re seeing is a truth because when you can really discern what is the truth and what isn’t, it’s going to really shift your perception of things and it’s going to actually help shift your reality, it’s going to shift the consciousness of the collective of that of humanity as you shift yours.

Something to think about. These energies are going to be hitting very soon. They are needed for all of you on this planet as we realize there’s too much mistruths out there, there’s too many people that are telling you very dark agenda that they’re telling you things that are not true so they can they can push out their very dark agenda onto all of you.

Something to think about, something to really look and listen and see who’s telling the truth and who isn’t. Use your discernment, use your judgment, is it someone else’s truth they’ve pushed on to me, into my energy field or is it mine?

When you can really separate the two, you’re going to be going forward very quickly.

This is a tricky one to do but this is needed as there’s too much on your planet right now flying at you. It has a very dark agenda behind it.

I Lord Ashtar just ask that you think about what is the truth and what you hold as truth and what isn’t the truth.

I look forward to bringing many more messages through this channeler, i’m sending you such love, i’m sending you such light and blessings.


Thank you Lord Ashtar, something to think about especially for all of us in the United States with the election coming upon us, to really figure out what is truth, but a good thing for all of us to do right now as there is a lot of dark agenda flying out there.

I hope this message resonates with you. I look forward to bringing through many more messages to help all of you on your ascension. I’m sending you such love, I’m sending you such light and blessings

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