Mother Earth: The Inspiration of Life

earth shining eraoflightdotcomDear friends,

I am the voice of Earth. I greet you all from deep within my heart, the center of this planet. You all are so dear to me, so cherished. You are welcome here on Earth. Reach out your hand to me, I am your partner. Together we enter into this dance of life.

Your light has taken the form of a body that was born and made out of me. I am the earthly elements that help you to take on that form and that nourish you. I myself am living consciousness. I am not dead, for with every step you take you can feel the flow of my life force beneath your feet. Feel my resilient, inexhaustible energy and allow it to nourish you. Let my bright, pure Earth energy flow up through your legs. My strength is both physical and ethereal. If you allow me to flow into you, not only will your body be strengthened, but also your mind.

I feed you with the inspiration you see everywhere in nature, the inspiration of life itself, which grows and blooms and goes its way without doubting itself. Have you ever heard of a flower that has doubts about her destiny to open and to show her gorgeous splendor to the world? Does the flower question whether it is free to feed itself from the soil of the Earth or to absorb the rain and sunshine? Have you ever heard of a flower that doubts if it may receive these things?

The flower receives more than just material nourishment. It also receives spiritual inspiration from the small ethereal creatures around it: the elves, the nymphs, the fairies that feed it, and encourage it, and praise it. What a joy, what an inspiration is present in nature! If you could see with my eyes, you would then see so much life and inspiration along every path in the forests that you would stand in wonder and let go of your despair.

There is so much love, vitality, and creativity on Earth. Connect with that life, with nature, and feel her presence in your body. You are also a flower of the Earth who may be nourished with everything it needs. Feel your roots go deep into the soil. Feel the power in your legs and how that power connects you with the Earth. Let yourself take root as does a tree – imagine that you are a tree. A mature, tall tree with a crown that juts high into the air and catches all there is – wind, rain, sunshine – and takes in all that comes to it in quiet acceptance and surrender. The seasons come and go, and the tree, in its essence, lives in everything that becomes part of it – in every moment. No more and no less.

Descend farther into the trunk and down into the roots of that tree. Go into the soil with your awareness and feel how the roots actually mirror a complete set of branches, but do so underground. Feel the life active there in the soil and the moisture. Feel the stability and strength of the roots and let go of the tension in your body. There is a root system in you that supports you. Your body is meant to carry you in this life, so trust that it can do so. Feel the natural rhythm of nature that you experience in the tree, and now feel that same rhythm in your own body and surrender to it. Imagine that everything you need at this moment is present in your life. You only need to open your eyes to it; to listen for the signals that come your way.

Let us now see what is going on in you and other people who experience themselves as highly sensitive. When you are overwhelmed by impressions from outside yourself that you cannot digest, you experience the burden of your sensitivity. And why is that? Because, at that moment, you are taking in too much of what does not belong to you. You do not have a good connection with your foundation: your trunk, your roots. You could say you have too many branches at the top of your tree, and that causes the things inside you to move and sway too much. You can compare these branches to the higher chakras in your body: the energies of your heart, your throat, the third eye in your head, and your crown chakra.

At this time, there is much talk about a transformation on Earth, as well as in the entire solar system in which you dwell. There is an increase in light and awareness, and it is as a wave that engulfs you. You knew this before you came to Earth in this life and you chose to be part of it. Indeed, you have been waiting for this event to happen for a very long time. As a soul, you are old and have lived many lives on Earth, and also on other planets and in other dimensions. There is a shift in consciousness currently taking place in this solar system and I, Earth, have participated in that shift.

So what does this shift mean? It means that all living beings on Earth are touched by an impulse, a call to awaken to a remembrance of who they are. You already sensed that impulse before you were born. You knew this was to be an opportunity to deeply incarnate on Earth and to bring clarity and balance to the old burdens you have brought from other lives – you did not come here as a clean slate. Burdens came with you when you were born, and in those burdens is pain: a feeling of being rejected or of not being understood. That pain originated from experiences you had earlier acquired on Earth. Pain has many layers and each chakra in your energy system has been touched by that old pain, which was triggered again in your youth in this life.

I want you to now go to where that pain is most deeply lodged, in the three lower chakras: the abdomen and root chakras. From your higher chakras, you can more easily connect with your innermost being – your soul’s light – because it is at this time that your soul’s light can be more easily touched and awakened. And this is also what you wanted to happen in your life: you had the desire for awakening, the longing to contribute to the change on Earth. But what you are not sufficiently aware of, at times, is the need to heal the pain that is especially lodged in the lower chakras, and to heal this pain with all the attention and, above all, the patience there is in you. Just focus your awareness on that part of your body: your stomach and abdomen, your pelvis and tailbone, and feel it as a whole. Let your breath descend into this part of your body, wherein is located the Home you need to come to.

I want to help you to experience a sense of security that you have missed, something that has not been available to you for a very long time. There is fear in you as a result of not being able to be yourself, of being different. Use your sensitivity to focus on that fear, and just be there with it. Ask yourself what you want to receive there: peace, relaxation, a feeling of security, a sense of belonging, the trust that you can unfold as does a flower? Do you want to be able to count on the natural powers of Earth, as well as of those of the Cosmos around you, to help and support you to be your natural self?

I want to make you aware of the change that lies before you, and that you are part of that change and can surrender to it. Many things will be arranged for you when you once again dare to surrender to a deep trust in me, Earth, and my creative forces. Surrender to it, and trust me and the light that currently flows through the Cosmos. It is time to stand up and to show your deepest inspiration to the world. The world needs you, and not the other way round. You do not need the world to be who you are; you are authentic and loving just as you are. Put your roots deep down into the Earth and dare to take care of yourself. Love yourself in those places where you are anxious, worried, or uncertain. Look more deeply into your own pain and surround it with your healing energy. And look to nature to help you, for by connecting with me, you can also experience my healing energy.

Finally, I would like to make you aware that there is also help around you from the spirit world, both of Heaven and Earth. You are used to looking to ascended teachers and angels, but see that there are also guides present here on Earth. Those etheric elves, nymphs, and fairies are also there for you. See if you can feel them around you, because they are there. There are heavenly and earthly guides present here, and they all are dancing around you. They want to share with you their knowledge of joy and ease and what can happen when you trust in life.

You human beings are accustomed to trying to control and plan from your head and with your will. You think you need to get “a grip” on things to somehow keep them from “falling apart”, but nothing could be farther from the truth. As you align with your deepest feelings and with your heart, and you reach out to the help around you, then life is very clear and easy, and you realize what it is all about: that you are here to flourish and prosper and shine, to do what profoundly feels right for you. You are here to nurture yourself and to become a shining light, a radiant flower that stimulates others by its sheer beauty and joy.

Giving and receiving are one when you dare to receive, and to trust, and to spread the light that belongs to you: the light that wants to flow on Earth at this time. Trust and feel the help around you. You can feel the energy of the elves in your legs,but do not expect any ponderous advice from them. They are frisky and happy and do not understand why you all have such a difficult time. When they want to tell you something, their advice is simple and direct. Give them your love and appreciation – a smile is enough. They desire to again feel connected with humanity. They want to interact with those of you who have a desire to interact with them.

I greet you all and thank you for coming.

**Channel: Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

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