The Federation of Light: Decisions to Be Made

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomHello. Do you realize just how much you are Loved? My inbox and comments are overflowing and most of them declare undying KNOWING that you come from the Truth. That you are OF IT. A few very dodgy ones from those who have no strength and hope left. Many wondering where the announcement was. Many saying they don’t care if there is one or not, they still Love you. Many saying they simply wouldn’t be on the Planet if it were not for your messages. Such Love do the folk out there have for you. Naturally, I am apprehensive about this chat today … I spat the dummy big time on Wednesday and hit rock bottom (as you may have ‘felt’ by my unrestrained yelling and screaming at you). Yet, I have become stronger each day and KNOW IN MY HEART … no matter what misunderstandings and discrepancies may occur between our dimensional passing of thoughts back and forth … I AM IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL. I guess that is all I need to say as ‘my’ introduction in this very auspicious week. How is ‘yours’ going to flow?

We have been awaiting for you to take this quiet time with us when you were ready. Many thanks to you and your courage for doing so.

Welcome to Each One, who we understand is eager to hear that which we have to say.

You bet your sweet potatoes they are!

We will not back down on that which we said. We certainly do not ‘come up with these things’ in order to cajole and spread mis/dis information.

From where we … see it / feel it … we offer it. Should that which we offer not work out in the ‘assumed’ timeframe we offer, we do not swear and curse and fight and scream and fall apart.

Point taken. Thought about apologizing to you for my ‘outcry’ the other day, yet, decided I had every right to do so, due to the experience I was once again encountering.

We are not asking for an apology, Blossom. You made it quite clear how painful it was for your heart and all we wished to do was comfort you. For as we have said so many times, you cannot see the picture as we do.

Oh how differently … I /we all … would feel if we could. My husband, bless him, said to me ‘Think of all the people you have helped’. To which I replied … ‘Think of all the people I have disappointed’ … and there were many, yet, they still have faith and so few decided to jump ship. Which says a lot about who they are … and they are like this, it seems … because of YOUR Love and Light and HOPE that you have given them.

And this pleases us greatly, with all humility.

Have you not been replying in your emails ‘It is not over till the fat lady sings’?

Yes … Is she still stuffing her face?

We are aware of this expression, although we needed to make some inquiries, as once again, we were unsure if it was your humour or just exactly what it was!

I guess I am just going to have to ask … it would be ‘weak’ of me to avoid it. So, this announcement thing … is it still to come?

Yes … and when it does the penny will drop.

So will my jaw! So why give the timeframe because this is always ‘our Achilles heel’? I don’t feel I asked/forced you. I have considered so many things. If someone says something is about to happen, the natural response is to ask when. You could have said … ‘We are unsure or we cannot divulge that to you’.

Blossom … are the elections over?

No. They are an absolute mess, yet no decision made yet.

Then we would say there is still time ‘before’ the elections …  and we said also ‘It was necessary in order for decisions to be made’.

Ok. So, to clarify … you are saying it is still on the cards and still to come?

Very much so.

It could be about so many things. The country/our world is so torn … it is very disturbing. Heartbreaking, in fact … that humans have come to this when we should all be getting along. Loving and serving each other for the Highest Good of all. You are so right about Topsy Turvy, for it is completely upside down from how all our hearts long for it to be.

You say, Blossom, you are in for the long haul … we are honoured and excited to KNOW this. We KNOW too, millions of souls upon your Planet walk alongside you for they too feel the same. No matter how tired … how depleted … YOU/THEY … KNOW … as the BEINGS OF LIGHT that they are, that they may get angry upset and disheartened, yet, they cannot give up and will not give up.

That which lies ahead is to appear unbelievable … and yet, it shall be before your eyes.

There shall be much confusion.

Eh … how much more confused can we bunnies be?

Unfortunately, a lot more. Yet, one must remain in their Heart space.

No matter what is presented … keep saying over and over ‘I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM.’

We KNOW this is code and we KNOW this will give you strength and determination to see this through.

We would say once again … keep reiterating this to yourself no matter what. It will not/cannot let you down.

You are not yet in the thick of it … yet, it is not long.

So, by your accounts, we are still not in Phase Two as you said that would come after we are in the second lockdown. This lockdown stuff is so confusing also. Many, many are having to endure it … yet where I am, hardly a mask in sight. So, you are still saying ‘Global’ … meaning everywhere, are you?

We are. These preliminary confinements are to keep up the façade. Indeed, there is more to come.

Questions. Questions. Questions! Yet Truly, I feel I need to ‘man up’ as they say .. or perhaps ‘woman up’ … and just stop needing to know. Which sure is hard … and just keep holding that sword of Light up to the skies … which is what we came to do.

That is a perfectly formed thought, Blossom.

Yet, down here … this need to know is exasperating! It is like walking around in no man’s land. A kind of limbo, every day waiting for … something.

In all Truth, would you not say that your Planet is far from sitting around in lazy, hazy summer days.

Of course. Big stuff … enormous stuff is presenting. Yet, unless you were down here, perhaps this waiting may not be understood by you?

What are you waiting for? For it is happening, Blossom. IT IS ALL HAPPENING RIGHT NOW.

We have spoken to you of these times … The Game has to play out and it is doing so.

I know. I know you have … and here I am still trying to get to the bottom of things, instead of accepting and going with my heart and TRUSTING. Now hasn’t THAT been a BIG WORD on my mind this week!

Blossom and Each One whom we deeply LOVE and TRUST … we are asking that if you find it discordant to Trust in all that we say … then follow that which YOUR HEART … WHICH YOUR THOUGHTS … ARE TELLING YOU.

TRUST YOURSELVES and if that which we offer does not blend in with your thoughts … that is ok! As we have said, we are not here to win points. We are here to share with you our KNOWING on this Divine Plan and if it does not resonate, then take a pathway that does.

The conclusion I came to when peeling myself from the depths, was that without question, you have served thousands upon thousands in awakening. If they choose to go elsewhere and Lord alone knows, there are enough ‘elsewhere’s’ to go … that’s absolutely fine. You are too precious to me and to so many.

Let us ask you this, if we may?

You can try!! Gulp!

That which we offer …

Yes …

Do you consider worthy enough to …

To what? You seem to be having trouble bringing it through.

We are having trouble …

Why am I filling up?  In an odd way, I am picking up that if you had eyes, you would be doing so too.

Because our Love for you and Each One is … in this moment of time … overwhelming.

Or maybe Guys … you are feeling OUR LOVE FOR YOU and finding it overwhelming. Now there’s a switch … and would show you just how much Love there is for this that you do. I am having a little moment myself here! Yet, please do complete the question. ‘That which we offer, Do you consider worthy enough to … What?

To continue on.

I have already said I am in for the long haul.

Yet, we needed to ask Blossom. We need to know through asking … if after all you have been through, you choose to remain speaking with us in this way?

I think I know what you are getting at. I think I know why I am so emotional as we speak … because during the week I was Truly ready to resign!

Indeed you were … and so it is necessary to ask OFFICIALLY if you wish to continue and to receive an OFFICIAL answer.

Really? Well, I humbly accept to continue this appointment in honour and Truth yet, unsure as to why it must be so ‘official.’?

Because although it may feel to you sometimes, that you ‘just do what you do’ it goes far deeper than that, Blossom Goodchild.

When you same my name like that, it somehow pounds right through me.

So, for our records and that within the Divine plan … we are officially back in business?

We are. Where’s my contract and can we discuss a salary! Guys … considering the trepidation I felt over the last few days,  this has all gone very smoothly and to be honest,  without any great revelations. All very much ‘as normal.’ I was expecting it, and probably, so were many, to be very different.

We know you were … and depending on your ‘emotions’ … so were we.

As you began to climb back on board our spirits breathed a sigh of relief. You were being carefully and gently monitored and for a time there … things were not going in our favour.

You can say that again. It is a rare occasion in my lifetime to ‘lose it’ as I did … and all confusion and anger aimed right up there to the skies … at you!

We were very much aware of that. Yet, as you picked yourself up … as your Light flickered back and forth, we were ‘abuzz’ with the news that you were ‘on the up’ … and much joy … so much joy, was exchanged KNOWING we had not lost you. For that would never do.

WOW … I feel a little embarrassed about all aspects of that last paragraph! We are all battered and bruised during these exceptionally difficult times. Yet … the strength … OUR INNER STRENGTH continues to fight back when we think we can take no more. Indeed chaps … those of us down here ARE THE STRONGEST OF THE STRONG.

And you see now, why you need to be.

And that we need to strengthen our Truth … so much is to be revealed.

Send your Love out, not to just those in the Higher positions to bring the ship safely to shore, yet, send the LOVE LIGHT AND TRUTH THAT YOU ARE … TO THE WHOLE … TO ALL THAT IS.

Your Planet … in its presentation of ‘small’ … has all eyes upon it.

This transformation is well underway … There is no turning back.

Who would want to?

Again, we finish with … GODSPEED.

Well, I breathe an almighty sigh of relief that this has been accomplished today. My Love for you remains as always … deep within my heart. Although you may have questioned that midweek! Okey-dokey. Cheer ho for now. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I am.

**Source **Channel: Blossom Goodchild

40 Replies to “The Federation of Light: Decisions to Be Made”

  1. James

    Anyone who believes that a criminal like biden should be our President does not belong on this website as they are either wanting socialism or are still completely asleep. Please take your stupid and ignorant comments and go continue being brainwashed and hypnotized by the lying lame stream media. Biden will NEVER serve as our President.
    Trust the plan.

  2. Douglas A James

    Brenda the media promotes the pandemic. The media promotes lockdowns. The media promotes masks. The media promotes the mandatory vaccine. Now which candidate does the media support?

    Is the media of the Light?

  3. Gordon

    Why all the 3D duality? You can not keep a high vibration in this state. Our job, as light workers, is to hold a high vibration for those who can’t. We can’t do that if we can’t accept the differences in our perspectives.


    1. Mike

      I so agree Gordon and honestly I am “stunned” that obviously the majority doesn´t seem to think that that´s an “issue at all”… even those well meaning “red flag” articles that came on recently “alerting” on how very important it has gotten to handle “TRUTH” “with more care” have been missunderstood “because” “Can´t be of the light” if there are vibrations of “fear”… (HOW ELSE would you “warn” those that can´t be contacted “DIRECTLY” yet?)

      On the other hand “just following GOOD MANNERS” would have been enough to stay “on the safe side”… strangestrange people…

      1. kazar

        Mike thats pretty Naive Who on this planet doesnt have some portion of vibrations of fear, however small. You??? Are you FEARLESS. oR HAS THE RIGHT BUTTON NOT BEEN PUSHED OR EXPOSED. That doesnt mean you cant put your fear to rest and act from the Light. Thats called COURAGE!!! Your statement is without real insight and is judgemental towards a whole planet of people. Screw your Good Manners and stop judging others that are really Searching for Insight and questioning. Its only the dark that is invested in trying to stop that process. You and Gordon are cut from the same cloth here. It might be one thing to try and accept differences in perspectives but when you find one is satanic, evil and controlling, why would One ever accept that sort of difference. Its like you dont really understand whats on the line here. And yes everyone is actually going to have to choose their next move here., not just accept differences. Believing that you are acting in a benevelant manner does not make it so if you are misleading others.

  4. youguess16

    @Brenda L Kuder Hello Criminal Joe supporter . The leakings from Hunter Biden laptop , the reaction from Joe Biden , Ukraine & China , tell us all . What do you think ? Joe Biden even has no courage to fight back during campaign . He is coward . Why no courage ? Why so coward ? Because he DID !

  5. Cosmic Ambassador

    So many ignorant people here instead of making stupid comments do your research properly before saying anything.The election was a complete fraud and this was part of the plan to expose the cabal directly to the masses so trump has won the election and Biden and his cabal friends will be going to jail very soon so the coming days will be anything but boring.Yes there will be a big announcement in the coming days so blossom is not telling lies I know that for a fact because I’m getting similar Intel from my galactic sources.

    1. Brenda L Kuder

      There is not evidence of fraud whatsoever. Biden has won by over 5 million votes. Not even close.

    1. youguess13

      Nah you will shock then cry for the next couple of days because the irrefutable evidences showing corruption & treason of Biden families . The Court will tell .

      1. Brenda L Kuder

        Trump does not have a leg to stand on. The only case he won was one allowing people to stand a little closer at the poles.

  6. Douglas A James

    Scott: you follow era of light and believe the mainstream media? You believe the pandemic where nobody you know has died? You believe in lockdowns masks and vaccine?
    Trump 30000 lies? What are you talking about? Shocked you want Biden a pedophile shown on camera touching children and smelling their hair. Hunter paid 86k per mo on Burisma Board while Joe was vp appropriating foreign aid to Ukraine.
    Russian collusion? You want the NWO? Trump told us media is fake evidently Scott you want to remain programmed.

  7. Tammy

    The plan makes so much sense now! It had to be this way to show the truth of our dark, corrupted election system, political system and media collusion. Many know this exists and many do not and need to see for themselves. Unraveling the lies from the truth
    publicly and legally will expose the corruption for the World to see. The Truth shall prevail and the truthfully elected candidate by the American people shall prevail and shall not be denied. Faith in the light is critical now. We will finally be free of the deception. Those that gloat do not demonstrate love but only a need to be right and cannot conceive that they support the dark. Perhaps when this is seen and the shock subsides, we can unite and get to work restoring our World to Nova Earth.

  8. Metatron Archangel

    As always, nothing concrete, always wait, hang in there, oh we can’t intervene, oh we can’t show ourselves because of galactic code xyz.

    Even bad sci-fi movies are better than this. Somebody needs to save Blossom from these evil beings that enslaved her mind. She is openly giving her consent, so they abuse her.

    So sad… and for the election, regardless of the result, Trump is in office until January 20, 2021.

    And he will be the last President of USA as foretold.

    Get your popcorn 🍿 and enjoy the show…

    1. youguess14

      So sad for you . You are a shame . You are just abusing Archangel Metatron as a mask to spread your narrative opinions . An Archangel see the bigger picture , you don’t . I suggest you changing your nick else you are dirtying Archangel Metatron fame .

  9. Juanita Jackson

    Thank you. Of course I am worthy I do love all no hard feelings now those who keep taking from me needs to stop I am telling you to get that piece of crap named TH leaching off my child and my home that all he/she does is smoke pot and my child does with this idiot she has fallen far enough and if no one will intervene because of her free will but yet it’s ok for these fuckers to come into someone’s free will by force or being trick and destroy their lives that’s ok But you can’t intervene without permission to save a soul Then I will take care of it my way. Enough is Enough.

  10. Scott

    The Elections are officially over. FYI President Joe Biden will be the 46th President. Over 74 Million US citizens FIRED Donald Trump for doing such a awful job as President. Tired of his 30,000 plus Lies while in office. Love, Peace and Truth have won!!!!!

    1. youguess12

      The election is far from over .

      A criminal [ Joe Biden ] can not rule the White House .

      Trump denied the Joe Biden personal claims & charged him .

      Need to wait for the evidence & updates .

      More are coming . We will see .

      1. Brenda L Kuder

        Trump is a crook and a con man. He is in deep do do when he is kicked out of the white house.

    2. Daedalus

      Everytime I see “Love , Peace and Truth” coming from mouths of naive puppets I see it as a John Nada from “They Live” with glasses on : “Murders, Hatred and Pedophilia”.

      This is exactly for what you stand by supporting “them”.

    3. America's last stand!

      Burn 1000 + years in the hot waters of Hell.

      Trump wins 2020 easy. 2020 TRUMP at 72% Satan demonic Son no borders, no walls no USA at all.26%. 2016 was Trump at 69% Satan’s Daughter 26%. Romney won in 2012 with 12 mil. not counted + 9mil.+ flipped, +dead and illegals added. 2016 had 3.5 mil. age 105 over 99% Dems.. Go back and charge Dems vote fraud, 10 years jail, $100,000 fine per count. Dems Scorecard software skimming/vote flip programs steal 90% of elections for Dems.
      Galactics/Devine offense now!
      Chinese Communist celebrating Dems partners win. Over 1 mil. Chinese military/ most in United Nations uniforms at Canadian globalist border at off islands. Burn path, small plane lazers on nose, for Chinese military to invade USA. Thousands of Chinese ocean containers all over USA outside cities.

      New York Patriots police trained( on live radio) foreign men invaders so they got feel of local uSA cities.
      Today, General Flyn $50 bil. 5000 Delta force/Seals/Rangers quality trained patriots mass suicide out traitors, top 1000 to start, 1995 OKL to now, 10 mil to 30 mil. patriots on trained Galactics suicide enemy out. 22 Galactics/Devine come in offense.

  11. flazak

    It seems to be, IMHO, coming down to who has the loudest voice. Well I know who that is. Anyway, other voices are very loud and will make noises, if a noise incites violence you don’t listen to it and dissuade those who might fall for it. Violence, anger etc is not desired or required. Contain it and release it in other ways, see the positives don’t immerse yourself in the negatives unless when in the negative you can find the opposing positive, while burying your head in the sand is not a good idea, its OK to take a break from it all from time to time.

  12. Johnny

    For a while I thought this is the time that I’m being left in the 3D world while the 5D world separates. In those circumstances is is hard to love your gaoler, the Riddler as he slams the door shut.