You Are Not Your Problem

lightworker eraoflightdotcomWe all live in our problems far too often. How often have you complained that you don’t have enough money, you’re sick, depressed, tired, sad, or otherwise not okay? The truth is you have never been not okay. It is impossible to be not okay. Most, however, have never even considered this concept. You can have a cold, feel depressed, and have money problems, but you are always okay.

When you begin to discern and recognize the difference between I am okay and I happen to have a problem with money, emotions, or body, then you have the power to change and rearrange your circumstances. When you identify with and match the problem, intensify it, worry about it, and let it run through your body, you and the problem are in the same uncomfortable space. You can never solve the problem while in the middle of it. You have no power to adjust your circumstance when you are revved up, engulfed in, and overwhelmed by it. Once you understand that you cannot be not okay, you are no longer a victim to the situation. From this new awareness, your problem becomes a circumstance, and you now have the necessary room to consider new and different potential solutions. You are okay, AND you are surrounded by a mess. You are not the mess.

When you find yourself in a high intensity drama, it’s time to congratulate yourself, not beat yourself up. Most people go about their lives never noticing how their noise and drama affect them, their environment, and others. Noticing your own noise is a big deal, and it’s a rich moment for you to leverage and observe both your reaction as well as your energy. Very few of us can easily move out of an emotionally charged mood while stuck in the middle of it. But as you become conscious of the thoughts, habits, and emotions anchored in your unconsciousness, the shift from being unconscious to becoming conscious happens more quickly. Here are a few actions you can take if you discover that you are indeed in the middle of an overwhelming situation:

• Disengage. Take a break, a nap, or a walk. Remove yourself physically from the situation until you regain your balance and alignment. If it’s inconvenient to leave where you are, you can regain your balance by simply going to the company restroom and taking a seat there. Or push your chair away from your desk, and turn it so you create a bit of distance between you and the situation.
• Close your eyes. Check in with your Grounding Cord. Cut it off and put down a new one. Give it the command magnetically to attract to it any out-of-balance energy, or attitude that is in your experience now.
• Notice the emotions and sensations pulsing through your mind and body. With your imaginary hand, grab a bit of what is racing by and throw it down your Grounding Cord.
• Use the Rose tool for making separations from each of the other people involved.
• Intentionally think about or remember something that feels better. Choose something that has absolutely nothing to do with the current predicament. When you change your thought, your mood, energy and situation also change.
• Remind yourself that you are always okay, even if you make an “Oops!” now and again. You are not this problem.
• Once you find your balance again, you can use the skill of discernment to identify what part of this problem you can do something about, and what is not yours to deal with.
With the tools you have been given in this book, you have the capacity not only to rearrange your circumstances, but also to remember, empower, and align yourself. You can experience this crazy transition into the fifth-dimensional awareness with ease and amusement.

This is an excerpt from the book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away? by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

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