Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Your Energy

mira of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomGreetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am pleased to speak with you today, to lift your spirits, and to invite you to move more into being your galactic selves. Can you feel the connection?

As you continue to be displeased with what is occurring on your planet right now, you are reaching for the stars, for more of your true home. I assure you that this is where you are headed. You are going through a major ascension and transformation.

This can only occur with your help and your energy on the earth. It is why are you incarnated at this time. You are the light and your energy is needed. The Ascension process would not have progressed this much without you, for this we honor and we thank you! We are doing this together because this is what it takes. It takes brilliant light and brilliant minds and hearts to transform such darkness back into the light.

I can confirm that with all of my work with the ascension of many other planets, this one is the most dramatic and far-fetched that I have ever seen. There is much at stake. History is in the making. What happens on the earth affects all of creation and that’s why we are all here focusing with you on the earth.

My planetary system, the Pleiades, assists planets regularly who are ascending. We are indeed sorry there is such suffering, fear, deceit, lack, illness, treachery, and greed. The darkness has done much damage to the planet and to all of life. By heavenly decree, this can no longer be tolerated!

Soon you’ll begin to see the spoilers being returned to their spoil. Their energy is simply no longer allowed on the earth and they are aware of this fact. It is why they are behaving so poorly since they have never lost before so why should it happen now??? This should make you all more convinced that the light has taken reign and their defeat is imminent.

What you are experiencing now is the final battle between the light and the dark. Know that you are being looked after no matter what! You shall have everything that you need.

The ascension is progressing well. Please remain calm, balanced and centered. Trust the brilliance of the unfolding plan and know that all will be well.

I am Mira and I am sending you an abundance of life.

**Source **Channel: Valerie Donner

7 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiadian High Council: Your Energy”

  1. Roxana Dragomir

    Really thank you from the bottom of my heart for this message. It is much needed! ✨🙏🏻✨

  2. Vladimiro Di Vito

    Dear Mira,
    I really appreciate, Iam in very dark moment ,also I did so much for president Trump that i feel heartbroken. I cant wait to coming back .Iam in bed for my illness at 57 and I think enought is enought as you said. Also is clear that this earth and people dont care nothing about me and Icare only for my home with you guys honestly. With so much Love Vladimiro

  3. Z

    Dear Mira thank you for your uplifting short sweet messages,elegant simple just the way I love it. I don’t waste my time on time consuming long ones as there so much others to read. Good Life!