Mass Meditations On 11/11/20 at 11:11am EST

mass meditation eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You!

Mass Meditations on 11/11/20 at 11:11am EST US/Canada. State the intent of the meditation, which this time is for fully activating the Ascension Timeline on Earth now. Bringing complete freedom to the planet. Find yourself in a relaxed state & position, breathe deeply, relax.

Begin visualizing the Great Central Sun, waves of light emanating from there, reaching & washing all of Earth. With each breath you take, see the light within your heart center expanding, so grand, enveloping the planet. No negative/low frequency timelines exist for Earth any longer, only 5D and above. With each breath, visualize you are infusing the 5D Earth reality with your soul’s light, and activating this reality in the NOW. Recite a few times: I, with Earth and humanity now exist in the 5th dimensional reality. So it is.

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  1. youguess53

    3 planets conjunctions in Capricorn at the time of writing [ 26/11/2020 19:22 PM GMT +8:00 ] :

    Saturn : 28ยฐ00′
    Jupiter : 25ยฐ16′
    Pluto : 23ยฐ09′

    How do you feel ? My feel : ‘ sigh ‘ ‘ pressured ‘ ‘ frustrated ‘ . During the past 10 months , I’ve achieved much fast learnings from various sources and gotten much pleasure thanks to the energy from galactic core & various star beings . I’m proud of myself . A little of them I shared consciously here in the other replies as you can read them . Why I got that ‘ sigh ‘ ‘ pressured ‘ ‘ frustrated ‘ feel ? Because since mid November , I’ve been kinda stucked at some point where I do not know how to evolve my consciousness further . No directions to go . Although there are some extraterrestrial channellings , very few of them can give me something new . I want to get something new , something I’ve never been aware of . If you know , please comment here ! My interest field : Spiritual Techniques [ like Sun Goku learned Instant Movement from Yardrats ] & Celestial Phenomenology & Highly Advanced Technology & Past Civilizations & Extraterrestrial Lives . Please be specific ! For example , if you know about types of sun , you can reply ‘ I know types of sun , some are dwarf , some are mid-sized , others are subgiants & giants . The differences are the speed of chemical reactions & luminosity , bla bla bla ‘ . ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ Look forward to it .

  2. youguess50

    KejRaj NESARA / GESARA will implement only the old paradigms get purged .In 2021 Saturn square Uranus will collapse everything [ Politics & Economics ] . So will have to wait for some time [ at least after 2021 ] .

    What to see what happened during Saturn square Uranus ? Check what happened in the world during 1929 — 1933 [ The Great Depression ] . Like I said in other replies , 2021 is the real challenges begin .

    Be ready .

    Remember the new will come only after the old is gone .

  3. youguess30

    Homo Sapiens , after living in 3rd dimensional / density life for 450,000 years , it’s time to graduate ! All starts with doing inner clean work . The intelligence , wisdom & high spirituality will give back to you only with a pure heart . The 4th dimensional life is just unfolding before your eyes ! Accept it !

  4. youguess26

    Saturn enters Aquarius in 17/12/2020 .

    It marks the Aquarius energy coming in .

    Now 15/11/2020 one month left .

    In cooperation with Aquarius energy ,

    Our beloved Mother Earth will and has to emanate her energy from grid core .

    Just like Son Goku transforms into Super Saiyan with a yellow aura ,

    Mother Earth will transform into Super Gaia with a blue aura .

    Mother Earth will have her first ring , blue ring if you look Mother Earth from outer space [ Saturn , or Zendar , a planet with 8th dimensional being living in , is the future of our Mother Earth with many fascinated and splendid rings ] .

    What does that mean to us ?

    The energy emanating from Mother Earth grid core will increase the pressure of our atmosphere and the gravity , her blue ring will filter out lower frequency energy and only allow equivalent or higher frequency energy coming in , comparing to the energy level from her grid core . One will feel the pressure , the pressure makes you feel like you are in swamp and hard to move if one doesn’t do inner clean work .

    Prepare yourselves ladies and gentleman .

    Prepare .

    It’s never been such a better time to emphasize the significance of doing inner clean work .

    1. youguess28

      What are the benefits of having a second sun ? There are many . The most noticeable one is decrease sleeping hours . The ‘ Night ‘ , or ‘ Dark ‘ as we call it , is the spectrum ‘ black ‘ dominant . Human souls , as chemicals in essence , can not get the necessary chemical elements from ‘ Black ‘ Rays to do chemical reaction for providing energies for various activities like in the daytime . So during the ‘ Night ‘ , human souls choose to quiet physical body [ the process we call ‘ sleep ‘ ] and enter a little higher frequency realm [ the process we call ‘ dream ‘ ] to get the needed chemical elements to do chemical reaction . That’s why when you wake up in the morning , you feel recharged thanks to your souls .

      The 6th golden age , as prophecy told , is the changing for our night pattern from spectrum ‘ Black ‘ to spectrum ‘ red ‘ or ‘ red-ish orange ‘ or ‘ mixed red with orange ‘ or ‘ gold ‘ because of the 5D white magnetic light from galactic core mixing with light from brown dwarf Nibiru and Tekoma . We probably will not call it ‘ Night ‘ since but I think we call it ‘ Shadow ‘ [ ? ] . Anyhow the ‘ Shadow ‘ spectrum will provide necessary elements for human souls to do chemical reactions so no longer sleep is needed , but ‘ rest ‘ or ‘ snap ‘ when tired .

      1. youguess29

        So you will know that ‘ Nebula ‘ humans observed from the sky is just chemicals , so celestial bodies [ Planets and Stars ] inside will not encounter the ‘ Night ‘ as we do but only ‘ Shadow ‘ .

  5. youguess23

    This post is aimed to give KejRaj hope .

    We all know ourselves at a very challenging time . Some people live normal life , others are just waking up and stucked in what should do next while a very small portion of awakened are helping like you and me . I saw your wanting to help , but frustrated a little . You closed the comment section & founded a vote about posting political articles . Understandable and reasonable . But when we calm down , step back and think about a little , isn’t it the right attitude when so many celestial phases swirling your souls ? isn’t it a marker sign showing many more than ever before are just awaking ?

    It is you KejRaj , like parents , give people a place , a platform to show their real emotions .

    It is you KeiRaj , a light tower, spread the right information all around . People are borrowing articles and cite the URL in their article ending . You & Eraoflight are famous , quite famous in the spiritual communities .

    Are you feeling better ? ๐Ÿ˜„

    Life is holographic , political articles should be included as a category . You are also aware that people are flooding emotions only about Trump topics . You know how Trump behaves , he is unique in Political circles . His uniqueness brings about emotions from people . It is not your problems , not at all .

    Open the comment section .

    Post the political articles .


    1. john

      Dear KejRaj my wife and i visit your site every day and although we realise our light is inside of us it helps in these times to have a readable source of information especially when so much else out there is all lies and deceit, dont worry about a few unenlightened knowitalls wandering in, there is so much confusion in the outer world and this site is such a beacon of light, please keep all flowing regardless of topic so that we all may address truths and lies and learn more discernment, you do a wonderfull job here and we love you so much.

    2. youguess36

      KejRaj glad to see you noticed the hateful comments . This theme is from Orion , harsh attitude vs harsh attitude . Orion people transformed themselves eventually so here on earth it’s an unfinished job . When we participate then get out , introspect , things are getting hot . Think about Orion millions years ago . Why Orion people with pendulant nose choose fire against fire [ their government ] ? Because their government oppressed them first and survival instinct mode automatically works . This ancestry gene [ From Orion ] deeply rooted in the humanity consciousness within the spirit [ souls ] . It’s not bad to be honest . The lessons from Orion told one will see the flash of light only goes through the darkness [ the shedding blood , the harsh attitude ] . A rational attitude against harsh people will connive more harshness from people . So in such case , A hash attitude is badly needed . We are still in our infancy stage [ development ] , so please allow the hateful comments flowing the site , which gives the chance to observe . When election result is done deal , when you look back , you will find the meaning here . Of course , you can close the comment section to get the ‘ normal ‘ , but you’ll miss the learning opportunity . My sincere heart .

      1. youguess41

        ” Your comment is under moderation ”
        This is not proper .
        This is against the Law of Synchronicity , KejRaj . 4th dimensional and up require more responsiveness .

  6. Dr. Deb McNinch

    I was here at 11:11 on 11-11-2020 and participated in the meditation.
    So it is………….

  7. Tracy Hill

    I am so very excited and so very ready!
    11:11 Love and light to all…โ˜€๏ธ
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™

      1. youguess19

        KejRaj , the way you stated of cource works , but it works in general , not in specific . To reach the best potentials , one must add astrological meaning to the intent . I don’t want to make post longer , but the specific intent should look like similar to the following :

        ” As 11:11 midway to the Golden age , I , as Source Energy Being , invite the Great Central Sun & work with me . May your white magnetic light reveal the truth [ Capricorn is about ] ! May your glorious light amply the truth & justice [ Jupiter Pluto Conjunction ] ! May your colorful particle beams transform the anger [ Mars turns into direct ] into peace ! I , your son and daughter , will pray for America & people [ New moon in Capricorn ] ! Your Mighty , Your Love will lead us all to the 6th golden age [ Jupiter Saturn Grand Conjunction ] , where the peace , love & creation exist . “

        1. youguess20

          The 11:11 portal will open until Solstice .

          Solstice , Jupiter Saturn Grand Conjunction & Solar Flash will happen nearly same day .

          After that , we will have Saturn square Uranus in 2021 all year long .

          Saturn square Uranus means authority vs reform . All the old paradigm & obstacles will be cleared out for a new one .

          suffice to say year 2021 is the real show begins . What’s happening now is just a preview .

          Are you ready ?

          1. youguess22

            We will have a very warm winter . Now you can feel the temperature , warmer than the past several years . After solar flash , even though it’s aphelion , winter will become spring , you won’t see ice in the river , you won’t feel cold in the early morning . That’s how powerful the 5D magnetic light blasted from the galactic core is . And will last for the next 1000 years .

            Another thing , after solar flash , you will see Nibiru , a brown dwarf , a shared planet between our sun HELIOS and ANU , aka Sirius C , a dead sun . The White Magnetic 5D light blasted from Galactic Core will mix with the RED light from Nibiru , and will lighten our night sky for about 13 years [ I am not sure about the number , that is why I am waiting for the Pleiadian Light Force Transmission from Michael Love to tell me ] . Our night sky will be red , or red -ish orange , or mixed red with orange .

            But Nibiru will finally leave , there will be another brown dwarf call Tekoma , a Uranus sized SUN docked behind the Jupiter , replace Nibiru and shine its orange color , so at that time , our night will be twilight .

            Before Nibiru leaves , I am not sure whether we can see Nibiru in the daytime [ I am not sure about which direction will Nibiru choose to leave , not sure about the distance from the earth , also red rays are so invisible during the daytime , hopefully Pleiadian Light Force Transmission from Michael Love can tell about those things & other things about Nibiru which I am not aware of ] , but I am so sure that we can see Tekoma in the daytime as a second sun , because It will dock between Venus and Earth , more close to Venus .

            You must treat Ascension seriously now , because things above will severely affect your ethereal body . If one did not do inner clean work , the light particles will hit your body , you will feel painful , some may experience sunburn , or much worsely , death .

            Please get ready ASAP !!!

        2. The๐ŸŒˆNOW๐ŸŒˆTeam

          Look Into Any Mirror…

          Speak… Feel

          M*Y*O*U*R HEART


          KNOW THIS
          ALL THAT IS
          ๐ŸŒˆ NOW ๐ŸŒˆ

          QUANTUM ๐Ÿ’— LOVE

          ๐ŸŒˆ NOW ๐ŸŒˆ

          YES YES YES ๐Ÿ’œ
          QUANTUM ๐Ÿ’— LOVE
          QUANTUM ๐Ÿ’š BALANCE
          ๐ŸŒˆ NOW ๐ŸŒˆ

          ALL IS WELL
          ALL IS NOW

          Thank ๐Ÿ’œ You LOVE

  8. sea

    Thank Q for the visuals Kejraj!! Been saying that phrase for a few days and it lifts the Spirit โ˜€๏ธ